Friday, July 26, 2013


...and help us to start liking the word, "Chastity!" 

Something to think about:  Christians will do well then to turn to Saint Joseph. In fact on 19th of March 1905, he, after announcing that the punishments will be increased because no notice was taken of the warnings of Our Lady at LaSalette, added."Ah! I am invoked very little... And yet, I come immediately after Jesus and Mary, who take pleasure in keeping their treasures at my disposition... And note well I have more pleasure in granting your request than you have of having them granted... Why? Yes, why do you invoke me so little?..." (Saint Joseph speaking to Marie-Julie Jahenny, The Breton Stigmatist (1850 - 1941) by Marquis de la Franquerie (1977) ) 

I don't know if you are as frustrated as I am about saving souls who don't seem to want to be saved, frustrated that the word "Chastity" is almost a dirty word, a word sneered at and intentionally crushed under the heels of pride and self-indulgence. It  dawned on me that Saint Joseph is the key to everything we want, including world peace. Let us turn to him as the world around us turns to everything immoral. Please turn to Saint Joseph when you are faced with those insults to purity and promptly ask him for abundant grace for ourselves and everyone else. God, Our Almighty Father has given Saint Joseph that special commission.  

From the inferences of Our Lady of America, also, it seems  that Saint Joseph has been given special graces to spread, especially in the restoration of Holy Chastity. Those of us who are seeking to help God to save as many souls as possible before the Chastisements come should take note, I think. The Father intends to honor Saint Joseph by giving him this vital charism in the final times. 
When Our Lady first appeared to Sister Mary Ephrem (Mildred Neuzil) in the 1950s how could anyone of us guess what would happen in the coming sixty years. Perhaps if we had taken her word and acted on it, the world would not have gone so far in the direction of immorality, depravity, intellectual pride, etc. Many authors on religious subjects have said that the stepping off point was the availability and wide use of contraceptives. From there, the Chastity of our race was doomed.

I remember well, being a teenager in the 50s, a friend of my mother sitting with me in the local city park one summer, explaining why contraceptives was going to make life much easier for her and other women. Do I need to tell you what she said? Of course it seemed good to her not to have to worry about getting pregnant all the time. She hadn't noticed how the discipline in her sexual relationship with her husband had made both of them better people, brought grace of self sacrifice into their family, and passed grace onto her children. She was ready to give up discipline in exchange for relief.  Oh Woe!

Love, Jeanne