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She came as a white silhouette on the hill of Crnica,
June 24, 1981

(June 24-29, 1981)

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24TH 1981: A silent and distant apparition of the white silhouette on the hill of Crnica; the first time in the afternoon, the second time, towards 6:00 p.m.

THURSDAY, JUNE 25TH 1981: The date of the first apparition for the group of six seers, who see the Gospa nearby on the hill: "Praised be Jesus!" (DV.1).

Ivanka:"Where is my mother?" (Her mother had died two months previously.) "She is happy. She is with me." (A variation on this wording is) "She is your angel in heaven." (Lj.15).

The seers: "Will you return tomorrow?"

The apparition acquiesces with a nod of the head.

Mirjana: "No one will believe us. They will say that we are crazy. Give us a sign!"

The apparition responds only with a smile. Mirjana believed she had received a sign. Her watch had changed time during the apparition. (Bu 24; D4; K21).

"Goodbye, my angels." (BU.24).

"Go in the peace of God." (DV.1).

FRIDAY, JUNE 26TH 1981: In the presence of a crowd of 2,000 to 3,000 people, drawn there by the luminary signs coming from the hill of the apparitions, Vicka sprinkles the apparition with holy water and says: "If you are the Gospa, stay with us, if not, go away."
The apparition only smiles.

Ivanka:"Why have you come here? What do you desire? I have come because there are many true believers here. I wish to be with you to convert and to reconcile the whole world." (According to others: "To convert all of you.") (K.26).

Ivanka:"Did my mother say anything?"

"Obey your grandmother and help her because she is old." (K.26; Lj.16; BU.28).

Mirjana: "How is my grandfather?" (He had recently died.) "He is well." (K.26).

The seers on a request from the crowd: "Give us a sign which will prove your presence."

"Blessed are those who have not seen and who believe." (L.2,24).

Mirjana:"Who are you?"

"I am the Most Blessed Virgin Mary." (L.1, 37).

"Why are you appearing to us? We are not better than others."

"I do not necessarily choose the best."

"Will you come back?"

"Yes, to the same place as yesterday." (L.2, 25).

On returning to the village after the apparition, Maria sees the Virgin again, in tears, near a cross with rainbow colors: "Peace, Peace, Peace! Be reconciled! Only Peace." (D.7). "Make your peace with God and among yourselves. For that, it is necessary to believe, to pray, to fast, and to go to confession." (F.2, 126; D.5).

SATURDAY, JUNE 27TH 1981: "Praised be Jesus!"

Jakov:"What do you expect of our Franciscans?"

"Have them persevere in the faith and protect the faith of others." (DV.1).

Jakov and Mirjana:"Leave us a sign because the people treat us as liars."

"My angels, do not be afraid of injustice. It has always existed." (L.2,33).

The seers: "How must we pray?"

SUNDAY, JUNE 28TH 1981: The seers: "What do you wish?"

"That people believe and persevere in the faith."

Vicka:"What do you expect from the priests?"

"That they remain strong in the faith and that they help you."

"Why don't you appear to everyone in church?"

"Blessed are they who believe without having seen."

"Will you come back?"

"Yes, to the same place."

"Do you prefer prayer or singing?"

"Both, pray and sing."

Vicka:"What do you wish from the crowd which has gathered here?"

This question remained without any response except for a glance of love, with a smile, said the seers.

Here the Virgin disappeared. The visionaries prayed so that she might return because she had not said, "Goodbye, my angels."

During their song, "You Are All Beautiful," she reappears. Vicka: "Dear Gospa, what do you expect of this people?" She repeated the question three times and finally was given this answer: That those who do not see believe as those who see.

Vicka:"Will you leave us a sign so that people believe that we are not liars nor comedians?"

No other response, only a smile.

"Go in the peace of God, " she said, as she disappeared.

(The responses for the 28th of June were taken on the tape recorder of Grgo Kozina.) (L.2,37-38).

MONDAY, JUNE 29TH 1981: The seers: "Dear Gospa, are you happy to see so many people here today?"

More than happy ("She smiles," writes Vicka).

"How long will you stay with us?"

"As long as you will want me to, my angels."

"What do you expect of the people who have come in spite of the brambles and the heat?"

"There is only one God, one faith. Let the people believe firmly and do not fear anything."

"What do you expect of us?"

"That you have a solid faith and that you maintain confidence."

"Will we know how to endure persecutions which will come to us because of you?" "You will be able to, my angels. Do not fear. You will be able to endure everything. You must believe and have confidence in me."

Here Vicka writes a question from Dr. Darinka Glamuzina: "May I touch Our Lady?" She gives this response:

"There have always been doubting Thomases, but she can approach."

Vicka shows her where to stretch out her hand. Darinka tries to touch her. The Gospa disappears, then reappears in her light. (L2,33).

The parents of a three-year-old child, Daniel Setka, who had suffered from septicemia since the fourth day of his birth, asked the seers to intercede for the handicapped child. "Dear Gospa, is little Daniel going to speak some day? Cure him so that they all will believe us. These people love you very much, dear Gospa. Perform a miracle ... It is watching... it ... Dear Gospa, say something."

They repeated this petition and conveyed the response: "Have them believe strongly in his cure. Go in the peace of God." (L.2, 42-43).

(June 30, 1981 To December 31, 1981)

During this period, the Gospa appeared where the seers (who were being tracked down), discreetly awaited her, away from the patrols of the police.

TUESDAY, JUNE 30TH 1981: Apparition at Cerno. (L.2,40-41).

Mirjana: "Are you angry that we were not on the hill?"

"That doesn't matter."

"Would you be angry if we would not return any longer to the hill, but we would wait in the church?"

"Always at the same time. Go in the peace of God." (L.2,50).

On that day, Mirjana thought that she understood that the Gospa would return for three more days, until Friday. But it was only her interpretation.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 1ST 1981: Apparition in the van (L.2,56: no words were reported).

THURSDAY, JULY 2ND 1981: Jakov: "Dear Gospa, leave us a sign."

The Virgin seemed to acquiesce with a nod: "Goodbye, my dear angels." (L.2,60).

The apparitions from the 3rd to the 20th of July, 1981, have left few traces, almost uniquely the diary of Vicka (July 21-29, Aug. 22-Sept. 6, Oct. 10-Dec. 24), and the parish Chronicle (which begins Aug. 10, 1981).

FRIDAY, JULY 3RD 1981: Apparition at the rectory. No message was preserved.

SATURDAY, JULY 4TH 1981: The seers believe the apparitions had ended, but the Gospa appeared to each one of them separately, where he or she was. No message was preserved.

TUESDAY, JULY 21ST 1981: (27th apparition, according to Vicka's diary). Just like every day, we spoke with the Gospa. At 6:30 when she arrived, she greeted us: "Praised be Jesus!"
Then we asked her if she would give us a sign. She said yes. Then we asked her how longer still would she come to visit us. The Blessed Virgin responded: "My sweet angels, even if I were to leave the sign, many people will not believe. Many people will only come here and bow down. But people must be converted and do penance."

Then we questioned her on the subject of the sick. For some, the Gospa said that they would be cured only if their faith was strong; and for others, no. Then she prepared to depart. Upon leaving, she said to us: "Go in the peace of God. " (DV.1,2).

WEDNESDAY, JULY 22ND 1981: (28th apparition, 6:30, according to Vicka's diary). (DV.1,2).

On arriving she said: "Praise be Jesus Christ."

All of us questioned her on the subject of some sick people who had been recommended to us. Then we prayed with the Blessed Virgin. She only said the Our Father and Glory Be, and during the time that we said the Hail Mary, she was silent. The Gospa told us that: "A good many people have been converted and among them some had not gone to Confession in 45 years, and now, they are going to Confession."

Then she said: "Go in the peace of God."

She began to depart and, while she was departing, a cross appeared in the sky.

THURSDAY, JULY 23RD 1981: (29th apparition, according to Vicka's diary.) (DV.1,2).

Vicka only mentions the greeting from Our Lady: "Praised be Jesus Christ."

FRIDAY, JULY 24TH 1981: (30th apparition, 6:30, according to Vicka's diary). (DV.1,2).

Today, also, we went to the place of the apparitions about 6:20, and while praying and singing, we waited for the Blessed Virgin. At exactly 6:30 we saw the light which slowly approached. Then we saw the Blessed Virgin and heard her customary greeting. To our questions, relative to the majority of the sick, the Gospa answered quickly: "Without faith, nothing is possible. All those who will believe firmly will be cured."

SATURDAY, JULY 25TH 1981: (31st apparition, according to Vicka's diary). (DV.1,2).

After the usual questions on the subject of the ill, the Gospa responded: "God, help us all!"

MONDAY, JULY 27TH 1981: (33rd apparition, at 6:30, according to Vicka's diary). (DV.1,3).

Only four of us came because they put pressure on Ivica, Ivanka and Mirjana to go to Sarajevo. At 6:30 exactly, the Gospa appeared. Vicka asked her about certain sick people, took some objects which had been given to her by some people, and approached Our Lady so that she could bless them. The Gospa made the Sign of the Cross and said: "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

Then we questioned her on the subject of the sign, and the Gospa answered: "Await, it will not be for long. If I will leave you a sign, I will still appear to you."

Vicka asked if we would be able to see her again one more time this evening on the hill. The Gospa agreed and said: "I will come at 11:15 p. m. Go in the peace of God."

Jesus had long hair, brown eyes, and a beard. We only saw His head. (We transpose this phrase which came before the word of Mary.) She said that we prayed and sang beautifully:
It is beautiful to listen to you. Continue in this manner."

In conclusion she said: "Don't be afraid for Jozo." (The pastor who had been threatened by the police).

WEDNESDAY, JULY 29TH 1981: (35th apparition, 6:30, according to Vicka's diary). (DV.1,3).

Today we waited for the Blessed Virgin in Vicka's room. At exactly 6:30, the Gospa came and greeted us: "Praised be Jesus!"

Jakov was the first to question her on the subject of a person who was ill. The Blessed Virgin said: "She will be cured. She must believe firmly."

Vicka asked why she had not come yesterday. The Blessed Mother said something, smiled, but no one heard it. Then Maria and Jakov asked her about certain sick people. We then took some articles and all four approached the Gospa so that she would bless them. When we were doing this, our hands became very cold.

Jakov asked if we could embrace her. The Blessed Virgin said that we should approach and embrace her. Then we asked her to leave us the sign. She said: "Yes." Then: "Go in the peace of God." And she began to disappear. On the ceiling the Cross and the Heart were visible. The cross, the heart and the sun are mentioned by Vicka in her diary, in later apparitions. (Aug. 22, 27, 30 and 31, Sept. I and Nov. 22, 1981, as well as on Feb. 6 and Mar. 12, 1982). In church we saw the Blessed Virgin a second time toward eight o'clock in the choir loft. While we were praying, the Blessed Virgin prayed with us. (DV.1, 3).

THURSDAY, JULY 30TH 1981: We did not go to the hill. (DV.1, 4). (Vicka's diary contains no more observations until August 22nd.)

Carry out well your responsibilities and what the Church asks you to do. (BL.307).

SUNDAY, AUGUST 2ND 1981: Maria sees the Virgin in her room: "All of you together go to the meadow at Gumno. A great battle is about to take place. A battle between my Son and Satan. Human souls are at stake."

The seers, accompanied by some 40 people, went to the praire of Gumno, 200 meters from Vicka's house. Everyone here may touch me. (D). After many people had touched her, a black stain appeared on the dress of the Virgin. Maria cried. Marinko, invited the people who were present to go to Confession.

THE BEGINNING OF AUGUST 1981: "What do you wish that we do later?"

I would like for you to become priests and religious, but only if you, yourselves, would want it. It is up to you to decide. (L.2, 83).

THURSDAY, AUGUST 6TH 1981: (FEAST OF THE TRANSFIGURATION) "I am the Queen of Peace." (L.1, 75).

FRIDAY, AUGUST 7TH 1981: "On Mt. Krizevac, at two o'clock in the morning: "That one do penance for sins." (L.2, 76).

SATURDAY, AUGUST 8TH 1981: "Do penance! Strengthen your faith through prayer and the sacraments." (D.).

MONDAY, AUGUST 17TH 1981: "Do not be afraid. I wish that you would be filled with joy and that the joy could be seen on your faces. I will protect Father Jozo." (The latter was the pastor of the parish at Medjugorje who was imprisoned). (BL.338).

SATURDAY, AUGUST 22ND 1981: "Father Jozo has nothing to fear. All that will pass." (DV.1, ).
SUNDAY, AUGUST 23RD 1981: "Praised be Jesus! I have been with Ivica until now." (This diminutive refers sometimes to Ivan, sometimes to Ivanka. Here, the context does not permit one to be more specific). "Pray, my angels, for this people. My children, I give you strength. I will give you some of it always. When you need me, call me. (DV.1, 4).

MONDAY, AUGUST 24TH 1981: In her diary, for the date of August 25th, Vicka writes: "Yesterday, Monday the 24th at 10:45, Mirjana and I were at Ivan's house. We heard an uproar and we went out running. Outside, everybody was looking at the cross on Krizevac. At the spot of the cross, Mirjana, Jakov, Ivan and I saw the Blessed Virgin, and the people saw something like her statue which began then to disappear, and the cross appeared again. Over the entire sky one saw, written in letters of gold, MIR: "PEACE."

TUESDAY, AUGUST 25TH, 1981: (DV. 1, 4) A little after the Virgin prayed for peace, a large inscription appeared on top of Krizevac. The word "Peace" (MIR in Croatian). The inscription was seen by the pastor and many persons of the village. There is written testimony by those who saw the inscription. The seers affirmed that the Blessed Virgin Mary promised that there would still be many other signs as forerunners at Medjugorje, and in other parts of the world, before the great sign. (K58, which observes the event one evening in July 1981).

TUESDAY, AUGUST 25TH 1981: Some persons who were present said ... to request of the Blessed Virgin the permission to touch her. The Gospa said: "It is not necessary to touch me. Many are those who do not feel anything when they touch me." (DV.1, 4). She also said that, among those present, there was a spy (no other clarification was given on this point). "On the matter of the sign, you do not have to become impatient for the day will come." (DV.1, 4).

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26TH 1981: Today, for the first time, we waited for the Blessed Virgin at the home of Zdenka Ivankovic. There were five of us, because Ivanka had not yet returned. The Blessed Virgin appeared and said: "Praised be Jesus." She said that tomorrow the people did not have to come, and thus we would be by ourselves. Then also: "Do not give advice to anyone. I know what you feel and that will pass, also." (DV.1,4).

THURSDAY, AUGUST 27TH 1981: Maria and I came to Jakov's house today about six o'clock. We helped Jakov's mother to prepare supper. At six o'clock the Blessed Virgin came toward us. I was outside when the Blessed Virgin Mary came. She said that they should not have to make one suffer so. We asked her with respect to the sign, and she said: "Very soon, I promise you." We commended certain sick people to the Holy Virgin. She stayed with us for 15 minutes. Then we left for the home of Marinko Ivankovic in order to wait for the Blessed Virgin there. She came at 6:30. She told Ivan (Dragicevic): "Be strong and courageous." She left, and the cross, the heart and the sun appeared. (DV. 1, 5).
FRIDAY, AUGUST 28TH 1981: At the hour of the apparitions, the seers wait in the room of Father Jozo, who is in prison. The Virgin does not appear. It is the second time that this has happened. They go to church and pray. She appears to them: "I was with Father Jozo. That is why I did not come. Do not trouble yourselves if I do not come. It suffices then to pray." (DV.1, 5). Today, Ivan entered the seminary of Visoko: "You are very tired. Rest, so that you can find strength. Go in the peace of God. Goodbye." ("Adieu": Ivan's Journal).

SATURDAY, AUGUST 29TH 1981: Jakov: "Are you also appearing to Ivan in the seminary?"

"Yes, just like to you."

"How is Ivan Ivankovic?" (son of Pero, and cousin of Vicka, one of the four men at Bijakovici who bear this name. He had been arrested by the police August 12th, on the hill of the apparitions, and imprisoned.)

"He is well. He is enduring everything. All that will pass. Father Jozo sends you greetings." (DV.1).

"What is the news from our village?"

"My angels, you are doing your penance well."

"Will you help us in our studies?"

"God's help manifests itself everywhere. Go in the peace of God with the blessing of Jesus and mine. Goodbye." (Ivan's Journal: C76).

Ivanka: "Will you leave us a sign soon?"

"Again, a little patience." (DV.1).

SUNDAY, AUGUST 30TH 1981: At 6:20, we began to pray at the home of Marinko Ivankovic. The Virgin arrived and said: "Praised be Jesus!"

Vicka asked the Virgin: ""People say that since they locked up Father Jozo in his cell, the doors unlocked by themselves. Is that true?"

"It is true, but no one believes it."

Ivanka: "How is Mirjana? What are her feelings?"

"Mirjana is sad because she is all alone. I will show her to you."

Suddenly, we saw Mirjana's face. She was crying.

"Dear Gospa, there are some young people who betray our faith."

"Yes, there are many."

She mentions some names.

Vicka asks the Virgin concerning a woman who wanted to leave her husband because he was making her suffer. "Let her remain close to him and accept her suffering. Jesus, Himself, also suffered."

On the matter of a sick young boy: "He is suffering from a very grave illness. Let his parents firmly believe, do penance, then the little boy will be cured."

Jakov asks her about the sign:

"Again, a little patience." (DV.1, 6).

Ivan, who had been several days without an apparition: "How will I do in this seminary?"

"Be without fear. I am close to you everywhere and at all times." (L.2, 84).

Ivan's diary: "Are the people pious in our village?"

"Your village has become the most fervent parish in Hercegovina. A large number of people distinguish themselves through their piety and their faith." (c.77).

END OF AUGUST 1981: "Which is the best fasting?"

"A fasting on bread and water." "I am the Queen of Peace." (L.1, 98 and 187; MM6).

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1ST 1981: "Will there be a Mass on Mt. Krizevac?"

"Yes, my angels."

Jakov: "Are the police setting up a trap around the church?"

"There's nothing at all. Have the people pray and remain in church as long as possible. Go in the peace of God."

The cross, the heart, and the sun appeared. (DV.1, 6).

Ivan's diary: "I prayed with her so that Jesus might help me in my vocation. Then we recited the rosary. The Gospa smiled with kindness."

"Do not be afraid. I am close to you and I watch over you." (c.77).

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2ND 1981: Concerning the young man who hanged himself: Vicka: "Why did he do that?"

"Satan took hold of him. This young man should not have done that. The Devil tries to reign over the people. He takes everything into his hands, but the force of God is more powerful, and God will conquer." (DV.1, 6).

Ivan's diary: "How will things go for Anton, Dario, Miljenko, my friends in the seminary, and for me?"

"You are, and you will always be my children. You have followed the path of Jesus. No one will stop you from propagating the faith in Jesus. One must believe strongly." (C.78).

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3RD 1981: Jakov: "When will the sign which was announced come?"

"Again, a little patience." (DV.1, 6).

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4TH 1981: Ivanka and Maria: "We will not be at home except on Saturdays and Sundays. The other days we will be far away in school. What must we do?"

"It is enough for you to pray. Come here Saturdays and Sundays. I will appear to all of you." (DV.1, 6).

To Ivan in the seminary: "The sign will be given at the end of the apparitions."

Ivan: "When will that be?"

"You are impatient, my angel. Go in the peace of God." (L.2, 84).

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5TH 1981: Ivan's diary: "I was praying in the chapel. The Gospa came when I was reciting the Our Father."

"Praise be Jesus and Mary." (The Virgin was using a salutation of pious people in Croatia, probably with the desire to revive it.) "Go in the peace of God, my angel. May the blessing of God accompany you. Amen. Goodbye." (C.79).

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6TH 1981: Ivan's diary: "I was praying in the chapel. Suddenly there was a great light."

"Pray especially on Sunday, so that the great sign, the gift of God may come. Pray with fervor and a constancy so that God may have mercy on His great children. Go in peace, my angel. May the blessing of God accompany you. Amen. Goodbye." (C.79).

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 7TH 1981: Ivan's diary: "Be converted all of you who are still there. The sign will come when you will be converted." (C.79).

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8TH 1981 (FEAST OF THE NATIVITY OF THE VIRGIN): Ivan's diary: "I ask you only to pray with fervor. Prayer must become a part of your daily life, to permit the true faith to take roots." (C.79).

Jakov wishes the Blessed Virgin a happy birthday.

She answers: "It is for me a beautiful day. With respect to you, persevere in the faith and in prayer." (CP.7).

"Do not be afraid. Remain in joy. It is my desire. Let joy appear on your faces. I will continue to protect Father Jozo." (CP.8).

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH 1981: "Ivan's diary: "We prayed a lot. Prayers filled with joy and love, prayers of the heart."

Then she says: "Go in the peace of God, my angel. Amen. Goodbye." (C.80).

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH 1981: Ivan's diary: "The students in the seminary prayed the rosary after they had gone to Confession." The Virgin came near the image of Jesus and said: "There is your Father, my angel.

Go in the peace of God, my angels." (C.80). Christ is our Brother, but in a sense, our Father: Formula used by some of the most renown mystics. In an apparition to Gemma Galgani, Jesus said, I am your Father. Your Mother, here she is. And He pointed out to her the Blessed Virgin. (J.F. Villepelée, "Vie de G. Galgani.'').

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14TH 1981: To Vicka: "Stay here so that Jakov will not be alone. Persevere (both of you) with patience. You will be rewarded." She also told her that she had scolded Mirjana and Ivanka for a behavior which was not detailed. (CP.10).

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15TH 1981: "If this people is not converted very soon, bad things will happen to them." (CP.10).

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16TH 1981: "The militia will not stay here a long time. I will leave the sign. Be patient still. Don't pray for yourselves. You have been rewarded. Pray for others." (CP.11).

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH 1981: Concerning a sick person: "He will die very soon." Then the Blessed Virgin encouraged the children: "Persevere and you will be rewarded." (CP.11)

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH 1981: To Vicka and Jakov: "Do not relax in your prayers. I ask both of you to fast for a week on bread and water." (Bl. 190).

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30TH 1981: "Don't ask useless questions dictated by curiosity. The most important thing is to pray, my angels." (CP.12)

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1ST 1981: Written questions asked of the seers: "Are all religions good?"
"All religions are similar before God. God rules over them just like a sovereign over his kingdom. In the world, all religions are not the same because people have not complied with the commandments of God. They reject and disparage them." (On this ambiguous response see annex 2.)

"Are all churches the same?"

In some, one prays to God more. In others, less. That depends on the priests who motivate others to pray. That also depends on the power which they have."

"Why are there so many apparitions which repeat themselves so many times? Why does the Blessed Virgin appear to children who do not follow the way of God?"

"I appear to you often and in every place. To others, I appear from time to time and briefly. They do not follow yet, completely the way of God. They are not aware of the gift which He has made them. That, no one deserves. With time, they also will come to follow the right way." (CP.14).

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6TH 1981: "The evening Mass must definitely be kept. The Mass of the sick must be celebrated on a specific day at a time which is most convenient. Father Tomislav must begin with the prayer group. It is very necessary. Have Father Tomislav pray with fervor." (CP.16).

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7TH 1981: The seers: "Is there, outside of Jesus, other intermediaries between God and man, and what is their role?"

"There is only one mediator between God and man, and it is Jesus Christ."

On the request from Father Tomislav: "Should we found here a community just like that of Saint Francis of Assisi?"

"God has chosen Saint Francis as His elected one. It would be good to imitate his life. In the meantime, we must realize what God orders us to do." (CP.16).

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8TH 1981: Maria humbly reports that the Gospa had scolded her for having stayed (during Mass) with her school mates of religious instruction, who asked her about the apparitions: "You would have done better to attend Mass rather than to satisfy human curiosity." (CP.17).

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10TH 1981: "It is up to you to pray and to persevere. I have made promises to you; also be without anxiety." (DV.2).

"Faith will not know how to be alive without prayer." (B1.137).

"Pray more." (CP.17).

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11TH 1981: The Virgin answers, as usual, questions on the subject of people who are sick or who have disappeared: "Tomo Lovic (an old man) is dead." (CP.17).

MONDAY, OCTOBER 12TH 1981: "Where are the Kingdom of God and of paradise?"

"In Heaven."

"Are you the Mother of God?"

"I am the Mother of God and the Queen of Peace."

"Did you go to Heaven before or after death?"

"I went to Heaven before death."

"When will you leave us the sign?"

"I will not yet leave the sign. I shall continue to appear. Father Jozo sends you greetings. He is experiencing difficulties, but he will resist, because he knows why he is suffering." (CP. 18: DV.2, 10).

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17TH 1981: Questioned on the subject of the visible sign, Our Lady responds:

"It is mine to realize the promise. With respect to the faithful, have them pray and believe firmly."

MONDAY, OCTOBER 19TH 1981: "Pray for Fr. Jozo and fast tomorrow on bread and water. Then you will fast for a whole week on bread and water. Pray, my angels. Now I will show you Fr. Jozo." (CP 20).

The seers have a vision of Fr. Jozo in prison. He tells them not to be afraid for him, that everything was well.

With respect to Marinko who protected the visionaries: There are a few similar faithful. He is made a sufficient number of sacrifices for Jozo. He underwent many torments and sufferings. Continue, and do not let anyone take the faith away from you.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20TH 1981: Vicka: "Dear Gospa, have mercy on Fr. Jozo tomorrow during the trial. Paralyze someone; strike someone on the head. I know it is a sin to speak so, but what can we do?"

The Gospa smiles at my words, then she sings: "Jesus Christ, in Your Name." When we finished the song, (with the Gospa) she tells us: "Go in the peace of God." Then she leaves. (DV.2, 13; CP. 20).

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21ST 1981: With respect to Fr. Jozo who is awaiting sentence from the court:

Vicka: "Dear Gospa, I know that you do not have the spirit of vengeance, but try nevertheless to bring certain people to reason, so that they might judge impartially."

"Jozo looks well and he greets you warmly. Do not fear for Jozo. He is a saint, I have already told you." (CP. 21).

"Will Jozo be condemned?"

"Sentence will not be pronounced this evening. Do not be afraid, he will not be condemned to a severe punishment. Pray only, because Jozo asks from your prayer and perseverance. Do not be afraid because I am with you." (DV. 2, 14).

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22ND 1981: "Jozo has been sentenced. Let us go to church to pray."

"We were sad because of Jozo."

"You should rejoice!" (DV. 2, 14; CP 21).

"Is the whiteness of the cross a supernatural phenomenon?"

"Yes, I confirm it." (DV. 2, 15; CP. 21).

After many people saw the cross on Mt. Krizevac transform itself into a light, then into a silhouette of the Virgin: "All of these signs are designed to strengthen your faith until I leave you the visible and permanent sign." (F2, 155).

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25TH 1981: Three girls from Citluk, returning home after Mass, suddenly see a great light from which fifteen silhouettes, dressed in Franciscan frock, are apparent. They go down on their knees, pray and cry. The Blessed Virgin was questioned on this subject: "It was a supernatural phenomenon. I was among the saints." (CP. 23).

MONDAY, OCTOBER 26TH 1981: The Blessed Virgin appeared smiling: "Praise be Jesus. You are not to ask me any more questions on the subject of the sign. Do not be afraid, it will surely appear. I carry out my promises. As far as you are concerned, pray, persevere in prayer." (DV. 2, 16: CP. 23-24).

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28TH 1981: "Were you there at Krizevac yesterday for half an hour?"

"Yes, didn't you see me?" (DV. 1, 17; CP. 251).

Several hundred people saw, at the site of the first apparition, a fire which burned without burning up anything. In the evening, the Virgin tells the seers: "The fire seen by the faithful was of a supernatural character. It is one of the signs; a forerunner of the great sign." (CP. 25).

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29TH 1981: "You, my angels, be on your guard. There is enough mendacious news which people are spreading. Of course, I will show you my mercy. Be a little patient. Pray!" (DV. 2, 17).

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30TH 1981: "Praise be Jesus!"
Jakov and Vicka: "What was there in the sealed envelope which they showed us at city hall?" (Someone had told them that he would believe in the apparitions, if they would read what was in the sealed envelope.)

"Do not respond anything. It is a bad trick which they are playing on you. They have already given so much false news. Do not believe them. Continue to pray and to suffer! I will make the power of love appear." (CP 25-26; DV. 2, 18).

"Should one celebrate Christmas Mass in the evening or at Midnight?"

"Have them celebrate it at midnight." (CP. 25).

To the seers: "Pray! Go in the peace of God!" (DV2, 17).

To Ivanka: "Pray more. The others are praying and suffering more than you."

To the seers: "Tell the young people not to allow themselves to be distracted from the true way. Let them remain faithful to their religion." (CP 26).

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31ST 1981: Two versions:

1. Vicka's diary: (D. 1, 17).

Mirjana arrives from Sarajevo, where she is studying at a professional school, and where she has had daily apparitions. Vicka reports: "The Gospa advises as an attentive mother would. She tells Mirjana twice that she must distrust, which persons to avoid, how to conduct herself with those who reproach her and insult God. She also tells her to break a relationship with a girl who wanted to get her into drugs ( ... ), and; not to quarrel with anyone, to answer a point when it is useful, or to remain silent and go on her way when that is better. She tells her also that Father Jozo will not spend more than four years in prison. She was happy because all five of us were together. On the question of Danny Ljolje, the Gospa said: 'There is a lot of deception and erroneous information.' Then she shows us a part of paradise; indescribable beauty; many people, particularly children. We were afraid. The Blessed Virgin tells us not to be afraid. All those who are faithful to God will have that." (DV. 2, 17).

2. Parish Chronicle: (CP. 26-27) T. Vlasic summarizes the advice given to Mirjana in this manner: "The Blessed Virgin advises her, as an attentive and good mother. She also shows her what she should pay attention to, which persons to avoid, how to handle those who provoke and offend God. The Blessed Virgin advised her to sever all types of relationships with a young girl who intended to get her into drugs. Then she put her on guard against other dangers. She told her not to argue with people and to answer calmly, and when she sees that serves no purpose, to keep quiet and continue on her way. Often she would motivate her to prayer and to perseverance. She also tells her that Father Jozo would not have more than four years in prison. The Blessed Mother shows a great joy, because the five seers were together again. To a question which was brought up again concerning Danny Ljolje, the Blessed Virgin said: "There is enough trickery and false information. She asks the children to separate from such persons. And then the Gospa shows the children a part of paradise, indescribable beauty, many people, especially children. The seers were surprised and shocked. The Gospa told them not to fear: 'It will be like this for all those who are faithful to God.' Ivanka saw her mother in paradise as well as another person who was of her acquaintance." (CP. 26-27).
OCTOBER 1981: Regarding the conflict between the Franciscans and the Bishop of Mostar in Hercegovina: "It is going to find a solution. We must have patience and pray. "

In response to a question posed by the seers: "What will become of Poland?" "There will be great conflicts but in the end, the just will take over."

With respect to Russia: "It is the people where God will be most glorified. The West has made civilization progress, but without God, as if they were their own creators." (K. 60).

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST 1981: "Be persevering! Pray! Many people are beginning to convert." (CP. 27; DV. 2,18).

THE BEGINNING OF NOVEMBER 1981: The Virgin appears with a picture of John Paul II in her hand. She embraces the picture: "He is our father, and the father of all. It is necessary to pray for him. "

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2ND 1981: "Why did you show us paradise the day before yesterday?" "I did it so that you could see the happiness which awaits those who love God." Jesus appears to them crowned with thorns and with injuries all over His body. The children are afraid. "Do not be afraid. It is my Son. See how He has been martyred. In spite of all, He was joyful and He endured all with patience. " Jesus tells them: "Look at me. How I have been injured and martyred. In spite of all, I have gained the victory. You also, my angels, be persevering in your faith and pray so that you may overcome." (CP. 28, DV. 2,18).

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD 1981: The Virgin begins the song, 'Come, Come to Us Lord' and we continued it with her. "I am often at Krizevac, at the foot of the cross, to pray there. Now I pray to my Son to forgive the world its sins. The world has begun to convert." She smiles, then leaves. (CP. 28, DV.2, 18).

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH 1981: After twenty minutes, the Gospa disappears and before us Hell appears. Later she tells us: "Do not be afraid! I have shown you Hell so that you may know the state of those who are there." (DV. 2, 19).

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8TH 1981: The Blessed Virgin kisses an image of the Pope and says: "It is your father, the spiritual father of all." (L2, 90). The seers have a vision of Fr. Jozo in prison. The Blessed Virgin tells them: "Have you seen how our Fr. Jozo struggles for God?" (dv. 2, 20).

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH 1981: Jakov and I were alone in the room. We were speaking of the militia which passed by. The Virgin arrived: "Do not be afraid of the militia. Do not provoke anybody. Be polite with everybody." (DV. 2, 20).

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH 1981: "Do not give in. Keep your faith. I will accompany you at every step." (DV. 2, 20).

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13TH 1981: "Praise be Jesus!"

The seers: "Always Jesus and Mary."

"Then the Blessed Virgin shows us beautiful landscapes.

The Baby Jesus was walking there. We were not able to recognize Him. She said:"

"It is Jesus. On my arrival and when I depart always sing the song, 'Come, Come to us 0 Lord.'"

"Then she blessed us." (DV. 2, 21: CP. 29).

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 15TH 1981: We were in Fr. Jozo's room. The Gospa did not come. She appeared to us in the church after the prayers of 7 Our Father's, Hail Mary's, and Glory Be's. We asked her why she had not appeared. She answered that she had not appeared because someone had installed something there. "The world is on the point of receiving great favors from me and from my Son. May the world keep a strong confidence." (CP. 29; DV. 2,22).

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16TH 1981: "The Devil is trying to conquer us. Do not permit him. Keep the faith, fast and pray. I will be with you at every step." (CP. 31). To Jakov and Vicka: "Persevere with confidence in prayer and in faith." (DV. 2, 22).

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22ND 1981: We asked the Blessed Virgin what the cross, the heart and the sun, seen during the apparition, meant. [she answered] "These are the signs of salvation: The cross is a sign of mercy, just like the heart. The sun is the source of light, which enlightens us." (DV. 12,24; cf. 29XI; DV. 12, 19; CP. 33). A shining silhouette takes the place of the cross again on Krizevac. The seers ask the Virgin if it was she.

"Why do you ask me my angels? Have you not seen me?" (L21, 92). "The world must find salvation while there is time. Let it pray with fervor. May it have the spirit of faith." (CP. 33).

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23RD 1981: The Gospa was all dressed in gold. Around her veil, on her dress, everything shined and sparkled. It was indescribable. She was very, very beautiful. "The people have begun to convert. Keep a solid faith. I need your prayers."

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 26TH 1981: This evening, the Blessed Virgin was smiling. We prayed and sang with her. We asked her questions about the sick. "Have a strong faith, pray and fast and they will be cured. Be confident and rest in joy. Go in the peace of God. Be patient and pray for the cure. Goodbye, my dear angels." (CP. 34; DV. 2, 25).

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28TH 1981: We were five, Ivan was absent. Profound harmony reigned over us. The Virgin came at the moment when we began to say the Our Father. We conversed with her. Then she blessed the objects. She looked at us with sweetness and said , "Ah, it is so beautiful to see all of you together! Go in the peace of God, my angels. Goodbye." (DV. 2, 26).

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH 1981: "It is necessary for the world to be saved while there is still time; for it to pray strongly and to have the spirit of faith." (CP. 34).

NOVEMBER 1981: "The Devil tries to impose his power on you. But you must remain strong and persevere in your faith. You must pray and fast. I will be always close to you."

Vicka: "This warning concerns everybody." (C 100).

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2ND 1981: Maria, Vicka and Jakov: We asked the Blessed Virgin on the matter of a young man who had suddenly lost his memory and stopped learning. She said,"It is necessary to hospitalize him." We still questioned her. She did not respond to some of the questions. "It is not necessary to ask questions on every subject." She greeted us then, as usual. (CP. 35; DV. 2, 28).

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3RD 1981: "Pray, and persevere through prayer." (CP. 35; DV. 2,29).

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 6TH 1981: "Be strong and persevering. My dear angels, go in the peace of God." (DV. 2,30).

MONDAY, DECEMBER 7TH 1981: "The people are converting. It is true, but not yet all." She spoke while looking at the crowd which was present at the different sites of the apparitions. (C53).

Apparition at Jakov's home: The blessed Virgin prayed all the time with us. She then said: "Pray and persist in prayers." (DV. 2, 30 and CP. 36). On the walls there was written in letters of gold "MIR LJUDIMA" (Peace to the people). (CP. 36).

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8TH 1981 (Feast of the Immaculate Conception): Responding to a question from the seers with respect to their future: "I would like for all of you to become priests and religious, but only if you desire it. You are free. It is up to you to choose. (L1, 136). "If you are experiencing difficulties or if you need something, come to me." (K.72). "If you do not have the strength to fast on bread and water, you can give up a number of things. It would be a good thing to give up television, because after seeing some programs, you are distracted and unable to pray. You can give up alcohol, cigarettes and other pleasures. You yourselves know what you have to do." (T. 55). "On this day of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, the Gospa was serious; she knelt down with arms extended while praying: "My beloved Son, I beseech you to be willing to forgive the world its great sin through which it offends you." (C 53).

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9TH 1981: "While we were saying our prayers, the Blessed Virgin intervened: "Oh, My Son Jesus, forgive these sins, there are so many of them!" Then we were all silent. "Continue to pray, because that is the salvation of this people." (CP. 37; DV.2, 31).

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11TH 1981: Vicka: I recommend to the Gospa my parents who are in Germany. "I promise to protect them. Everything will go well." (DV. 2, 32; CP 37).

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12TH 1981: As vacation approached, which permitted the seers to be back, the Blessed Virgin was happy: "Very soon you will all be united. You will be able to have a good time together." (CP. 38, DV. 2,32).

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16TH 1981: "Kneel down, my children, and pray. Persevere in prayer. (CP. 38).

Jakov and Vicka: "Every word of the Blessed Virgin invited us to be joyful." (CP. 39).

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18TH 1981: The Blessed Virgin did not respond to our questions. She sang: "Jesus Christ, in Your Narne." After the first verse, she said: "Come on, sing more joyfully. Why are you so pensive?"

After the prayer, she began, "Queen of the Holy Rosary" and she departed. (CP. 39).

MONDAY, DECEMBER 21ST 1981: "Be on your guard, my children. Prepare yourselves for difficult days. All kinds of people will come here." (CP. 40).

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 24TH 1981: "Celebrate the days which are coming. Rejoice with my Soul. Love your neighbor. May harmony reign among you." (CP. 41).

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 25TH 1981: "Love one another, my children. You are brothers and sisters. Don't argue among yourselves." Then she blesses them and leaves. (CP. 41).
After having had a vision of Jesus: "Give glory to God, glorify Him and sing, my angels." (Bl. 53).

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 30TH 1981: In response to some questions concerning the sick, she began prayer with the "Our Father," then the song "The Queen of the Holy Rosary," and she departed. (CP. 42).
THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31ST 1981: Ivan: "How can one put priests, who do not believe in the apparitions, on the right track?" "It is necessary to tell them that, from the very beginning, I have been conveying the message of God to the world. It is a great pity not to believe in it. Faith is a vital element, but one cannot compel a person to believe. Faith is the foundation from which everything flows." Ivan: "Is it really you who appears at the foot of the cross?" "Yes, it is true. Almost every day I am at the foot of the cross. My Son carried the cross. He has suffered on the cross, and by it, He saved the world. Every day I pray to my Son to forgive the sins of the world." (CP 42; cf. L2, 126). 


Cousin Jeanne says,
"Please accept the gift of peace
that the Queen of Peace wishes
you to have and read her
Messages, daily."

Love, Jeanne