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Marie-Julie's Prophecies of Things to Come 
Cottage of Marie-Julie Jahenny in Brittany, France (1850 – 1941)

Marie-Julie's Prophecies of Things to Come 

I have said enough on the prophecies that have already taken place. Let us carry on with the ones that are actually taking place or the ones to come.

The Mother of God complains of the contempt that the clergy shows with regard to her messages and her apparitions and Our Lord adds on 4th of January 1884, "I have done everything for My people. I sent My Mother on earth. Very few believed in Her words. My voice was heard everywhere through the victims I Myself had chosen and on whom I worked marvels and prodigies. They were despised and persecuted..." 

On 19th of September 1901, anniversary of the apparition at LA SALETTE, Our Lady said, "Today my eyes still have a trace of the tears that I shed on that day, when I wanted to bring my children the Good News if they converted, but Sad News if they continued with their iniquities... They take little notice of what I revealed... Now is the time that these great promises will be accomplished, THAT THE CHURCH AUTHORITIES HAVE DESPISED... They did not want the light!... I have suffered a great deal for all this. Pain oppresses my heart at this moment... The most painful sword right now is to see the provisions that have been taken and that are in the making... It is to see the pastors detaching themselves from the Sacred Bond that directs and governs Holy Church... My children, when I remember the day I brought my warnings to the holy mountain (La Salette), to the threatened world, when I remember THE HARSH RECEPTION OF MY WORDS!... not by all, but by many, and those who should have made them known to the souls, hearts and spirits of children with great confidence, deep penetration, THEY TOOK NO NOTICE! They despised them and most of them refused their confidence... My Divine Son, who sees everything in the depths of consciences... who saw the contempt for my promises, made arrangements in Heaven for a measure of severity for all those who refused to make known my word to my children as a bright light, true and just... when I see what awaits the earth, my tears flow again... false apostles, under the appearance of honeyed words and false promises and tell lies soliciting my dear children to save their lives from the storm and the peril of blood... I assure you flee from the very shadow of these men who are none other than the enemies of my Divine Son! I once again refer to this immense sorrow. I see some PASTORS AT THE HEAD OF HOLY CHURCH (Our Lady shudders) ... when I see this irreparable outrage, the deadly example of which will be a disaster for my dear people, when I see this bond breaking... my sorrow is immense and heaven is greatly irritated... PRAY FOR THOSE PASTORS WHOSE WEAKNESS WILL CAUSE THE LOSS OF A MULTITUDE OF SOULS (repeated three times). When I see the enemies presenting their promises... to many of those who are priests of my Divine Son! When I see those souls allowing themselves to DESCEND TO THE BOTTOM OF THE ABYSSS, I tell you this: I am surprised as the Mother of God Almighty, that my Son does not immediately open the heavens to pour out the blows of his anger on his enemies who insult and outrage him..."

On 4th of August 1904, the Queen of Heaven returned again to the question because of the wish of some holy priests who wanted to make known the MESSAGE OF LA SALETTE. Other pastors rebelled, and the message was put back under seals whereas it SHOULD HAVE BEEN DELIVERED TO THE WORLD. "It was because pastors and the priesthood took great issue that there was a rebellion... How do you expect punishments not to fall on the world... They go so far as to make my words disappear and to cause suffering to the ones devoted to this Holy Cause... I will reward my good pastors... my good servants... Self respect is mortified I show how my son is served in holy orders and how priests live at all times... How do you expect Heaven to bless the earth! I do not speak of all pastors, all priests, but the number I exclude is very small... All the souls are allowed to drift... Very little notice is taken of their salvation!... They like to rest, good living and comfort... Our dear priest victims are very few! The Holy Tribunal is looked at with indifference... They go up to the Holy Altar because they are forced to accomplish this act..."

On 12th of May 1896, "I have done everything I could to save my people from the punishments. MANY PRIESTS HAVE GRUMBLED AND WOULD NOT BELIEVE MY IMMACULATE WORD... They greatly displeased me and have offended the Holy of Holies..." 

And again on 19th of September of the same year, "THE PRIEST IS NO LONGER HUMBLE. HE IS NO LONGER RESPECTFUL. He is FRIVOLOUS AND COLD IN THE HOLY SERVICE. He thinks of strengthening his body when he lets souls groan without consolation... The worldly feasts will be paid for terribly in eternity... On the day of the great shakeup of My anger MANY WILL DENY THE KING THEY SERVED. The faithless priest will not be afraid to deny his Father and put to shame his priesthood for all eternity like Judas. We shall see the betrayals that will take place the day that the terror will be widespread... To save the life of the body, many will lose their souls!"

On 29th of October 1903, "The warnings of the Holy of Holies have been disregarded... His words were rebuffed by those who should have propagated them, listened to them and increased the grace of love. The missions that Our Lady fulfilled on earth have not been known. No notice was taken of her most solemn words... There was a revolt against her revelations... From those who should have spread these words in the whole of France... But what a heavy cross awaits them! A heavy burden will overwhelm them... A distinct justice is reserved for them..."

And in 1907 Our Lord added, "Does not the systematic stifling of My divine words comprise the gravest responsibilities! This is why severe accounts will be demanded of those who intercepted the messages from on high!..." During the elections which ensured the triumph of the Republicans (in France) in 1877 and 1879, Our Lady complained, "It was the priests, nearly all of them who were the first to call for the ungodly men who govern the world, the priests hid themselves to give their vote to the revolutionaries... (But) the eyes of my Son followed them..." "Today, they no longer hide themselves, many of them follow the processions behind the red flag," Our Lord adds, referring not only to the clergy but to the majority of the population. "They have all wanted disorder and revolution. They will have their fill." (1st June 1882).

On another occasion He complained, (25th of October 1881) "I announce a terrible punishment for those I have clothed with sacred features and filled with grace... They persecute my Church... They are very guilty, not all of them, but many, the greater number... I know their intentions, I know their thoughts... I see weakness taking hold of my priests to a terrifying extent, the greatest part is not on the royalist side, they are on the side that plants in this poor country the standard that is the colour of blood and terror..."

And the Queen of Heaven continues, "More than ever THE NUMBER OF PRIESTS THAT ONE CALLS REAL MINISTERS OF GOD IS VERY SMALL, it is really small... There are many priests who will not be ashamed, on the day of terror, to violate the secrets of the confessional... This has already started. Did they not install microphones in Padre Pio's confessional... and did not one of the accomplices of this outrage occupy for too long a time an important place at the Vatican..." She continues, "There are some who work under cover while waiting to discard their priestly vestments to better cause horror and abomination amongst the people... There will be scandals... YOU MUST EXPECT ALL KINDS OF THINGS. [The author having been to Rome for the beatification of Monseigneur de Mazenod on 19th of October 1975, met again on that occasion eminent religious authorities. One of them declared that because of the MAFIA that reigned actually at the VATICAN, one could expect anything and for the worst. note page 30] The heart of the Church is now only a bleeding wound. Today crime is brought to the foot of the altar..."

And since the stigmatist said she would not repeat this, St. Michael the Archangel replied, "The Lord desires it... I tell the friends of God to prepare themselves and to redouble their prayers because everything is on the point of very great suffering, but God's friends are forewarned. They can now only wait in the silence of their generous faith... All the friends of the Cross have a special protection reserved by the Holy of Holies and his beloved Mother." Our Lord specifies (1881), "Woe to the priest who does not reflect on the enormous responsibility which he will have to give back to me. And the pastors of the Church (the bishops) what will they do for their faith? The greater number are ready to give their faith to save their bodies... The suffering they cause (the Church) will never be repaired. In a short time the pastors of the Church will have spread scandals everywhere and will have given the last sword thrust to Holy Church."

And soon after, on 14th of December 1881, Our Lady added, "The time of crimes has begun... The devil will appear in the form of living apparitions... Woe to those who dare to make pacts with these personages who appear in diabolical visions... My victim, many souls will be possessed a few months before (crisis)... The world will be mad with fear, and in this madness the devil who is everywhere on earth, will make them deny their baptism and the Cross..." On the same day did she not announce ABORTION when she said? "The times of crime have begun. Many mothers will be heartless for their own fruits, still innocent, flowers in heaven?" [Noted by Abbe Baudry] In fact, under the presidency of Giscard d’Estaing with Chirac as Prime minister, the Jewess Veil made Parliament vote for the law of abortion. Since then two million French babies who should have been born were murdered, and under the presidency of Mitterrand, the socialist-communist ministry decided to reimburse these murders through Social Security.

On 24th of April 1884, Our Lord said, "Priests will separate themselves from the voice of authority in greater numbers. A scandalous freedom of disunion, of levity, will spread in all the dioceses of France... " Later on Our Lord showed me the number of apostasies at the time of the fatal event... It will be the ministers of God, who will be the first to begin, not all of them... This punishment will open the Heavens, and the God of vengeance will appear with a display of justice... Never had I seen from so close the anger of God... (November 14, 1884), but woe to the pastors who abandon the flock. (January 1, 1882)

Marie-Julie announces the PROFANATION OF THE HOLY SPECIES. They will be thrown in the mud. (October 17th, 1883). This has in fact happened. In all the past centuries, not one will resemble this epoch (December 24, 1884). Saint Michael, "You can expect nothing, absolutely nothing from men." (September 29, 1878) The Temples of God where hell has taken up residence and placed its field of action. It is time to raise ones eyes to Heaven because in all corners of the world there will be ANTICHRISTS as at the time of the Last Judgment who will travel through the whole world to pervert...

She sees the TEMPORARY TRIUMPH OF FREEMASONRY, the SECULARIZED PRIEST... all these enemies want churches to become theatres of infernal dances and will continue implacably in their aim to obtain the cessation of Holy Mass. And she adds, on 29th of March 1879, that this would happen mainly in towns. The abandoned church will be without its supreme Head who governs and directs it. For quite a long time the Church must be deprived of all prayer, all offices, exiled from God and the Saints. They also intend to remove all Crucifixes and statues of the Saints from all the shrines and throw them in a profane place to break them with joy.

How could she foresee all that is happening in front of our eyes since 9th of June 1880 if she was not inspired!... On 19th of March 1878, Our Lady gave the approximate date of the last crisis, "In a hundred years heaven will have harvested its crop... even before the hundred years are up. Therefore it is not far off." 

She announced that the faithful will not have LOURDES to heal their ills for a time, but the Lord will work more miracles than at the time of his life on earth. Never before will there have been greater opposition on earth to these miracles. JEANNE-LOUISE RAMONER received the same revelation at Kerizinen. Our Lord said, "All the sinners, the Masons, want to unite forces to avenge themselves on My Holy Temple. The corruption and the poison will spread their stench and my Holy Church will undergo outrages that will make heaven and earth weep..." And He announced the introduction of the enemies of the Church into its bosom, "BEFORE LONG THEY WILL COME INTO POWER IN EVERYTHING AND IT WILL BE THE FREEDOM OF EVIL.. THE HOLY MINISTRY WILL BE COVERED IN SHAME... An undercover grumbling reigns in the hearts of many priests against the bond of Faith (the Pope)." She frequently announced that the enemies of the Church would penetrate into its bosom, and perpetrate horrible scandals and thrust the sword into the heart of the church. Rage has never been greater."

She assisted at a dialogue between Our Lord and LUCIFER. The latter said, "I will attack the Church. I will overthrow the Cross, I will decimate the people, I will deposit a great weakness of Faith in hearts. There will also be a great denial of religion, for a time I will be master of all things, everything will be under my control, even your temple and all your people." Saint Michael says that Satan will have possession of everything for some time and that he will reign completely over everything; that all goodness, Faith, Religion will be buried in the tomb... Satan and his own will triumph with joy, but after this triumph, the Lord will in His turn gather His own people and will reign and triumph over every evil and will raise up from the tomb the buried Church, the prostrated Cross..." And the head of the Heavenly Armies adds (2s8th September 1880), "Here is my fiery sword. I want to lend it to the friends of the Sacred Heart and offer them this sword for the fight because the time is not far off when all of you faithful people will have to take up the arms of faith and courage to fight against the relentless pursuit of hell and the vengeance of man..." 25th October 1881, You are about to see those who govern the church giving their lives and their strength to those who will establish a fatal government... They will close the sanctuaries... and surrender to the disorders of hell...

On 26th of October 1882, Our Lord announced a schism of the Church in France with Rome. The heart of the diocese of ... will revolt and will not be pacified. It's cries and menacing words will make the strong tremble. In the days when the gloom of the great vengeance will surround the people with struggles and conflicts, this pastor (the Bishop of .......) like the others will not submit to orders of the Roman Pontiff... When the power of mortal men, soiled, corrupt men who are threatened with a terrible death, when this power will order a FRIGHTFUL RELIGION in the whole Kingdom... I see only a small number enter this religion that will make the whole world tremble... From the height of My glory, I see joining with alacrity this guilty, infamous, sacrilegious religion... I see Bishops joining... On seeing these many, many Bishops... Ah! My Heart is wounded to death, and the whole flock following them, all of it without hesitation, hastening to damnation and hell, My Heart is wounded to death as at the time of My Passion... Others will follow these French Bishops and priests will not leave off at the second call. You may be sure, my children, that the bishops and priests will not be in favour of the one I have destined to raise up your country, there will be very, very few in favour of him... They will be AGAINST THE KING [Great Monarch].

The message of 25th of October 1881 continues, The worst sins will be committed without shame or regret... The greater number (of priests) will turn to the side of evil... As Our Lady said (24th of September 1903), "This time had to come for them, because there had to be a reign of evil on earth before the divine reign. and on 19th of September 1901 She added that these revelations will be realized, these great promises that the very heads of the church desposed. They did not want to see the light... It is useless for the clergy to have illusions about the crooked roads and the abandonment of mental and vocal prayer. The poor people who understand have left the Church and seek diversion elsewhere... the poor people, poor France and poor clergy have lost the true light of eternal wisdom because of their selfishness...
Marie-Julie also announces that at the time of the last crisis: "a large number of souls will be obsessed and possessed by the infernal spirit and to exorcise these souls a great number of penances and mortifications will be required from the Fathers of the Church that Heaven will subject to this harsh trial." and she added, "When the prayer of the Church commands the infernal spirit to leave, let us never be without the Cross on us which is the invincible weapon which overthrows him and forces him to return to hell." In fact these cases of demoniac obsession and possession have recently been multiplying in absolutely unsuspected proportions.

On 27th of November 1902 and 10th of May 1904, Our Lord and Our Lady announced the NEW MASS. "Listen, I give you a warning. The disciples who are not of My Gospel are now working hard to remake according to their ideas and under the influence of the enemy of souls A MASS THAT CONTAINS WORDS THAT ARE ODIOUS IN MY SIGHT. When the fatal hour arrives when the faith of my priests is put to the test, it will be (these texts) that will be celebrated in this second period... The 1st period is (the one) of my priesthood which exists since me. The 2nd period is (the one) of the persecution when the enemies of the faith and of Holy Religion (will impose their formulas) in the book of the second celebration... These infamous spirits are those who crucified me and are awaiting the kingdom of the new messiah. [On the 18th of January 1881, Our Lord declared, "In my eternal wisdom, I intend to reserve the life of an immense number of Jews, because I want to confound them on the day of My rejoicing. The blasphemous eyes of all those souls will be opened because I want them to see My power. I reserve for them that they see with their own eyes the radiant star that I will lead out of exile (the Great Monarch) in a frightful storm of fire and under the sign of My anger..." notes p 36] (Therefore it is the Jews who are responsible for the new Mass; and in fact the formula of the Offertory of the new Mass is inspired on the Jewish Kabbala. Jean Bustorf, in his Synagoga Judaica, the 1661 edition, page 242 gives the following words, "For the bread, 'BENEDICTUS TU, DOMINE DEUS NOSTER, MUNDI DOMINE QUI PANEM NOBIS A TERRA PRODUXISTI.' For the wine, BENEDICTUS TU, DOMINE DEUS NOSTER, MUNDI DOMINE QUI VINEAE FRUCTUM CREAVERIS." And Our Lord adds, "Many of my holy priests will refuse this book sealed with the words of the abyss." Then sadly, "Unfortunately amongst them are those who will accept. It will be used..."

When He speaks of inserted sheets in the Book of the second celebration, it seems Our Lord announces even the falsifications or personal wild innovations introduced in the liturgy by so many priests and of their own accord and without any permission from their superiors. We can equally legitimately wonder if Our Lord did not mean the second edition of the Constitution, Missale Romanum, in which a page was inserted (surreptitiously?,,,) and which had three successive editions... which is a unique occurrence in the Annals of the Church! ... And the French translation sent out from the Vatican Press falsifies the text, since the Latin text states that the new Roman Missal is PERMITTED IN LATIN... whereas the local languages would be authorized only after the editions prepared at the Bishops' conferences had been approved by the Holy See. This French translation has: "We order that the prescriptions of this Constitution come into force... [See La Pensee Catholique, November -December 1974, page 40, the article by Mr. Louis Salleron: Le probleme de la Messe et l'obelssance. notes p 38]

This is how things stand at the moment. And for the future, the consummation of sacrilegious abomination. 

During the ecstasy of 3rd of June 1880, Our Lord describes how Lucifer will proceed. He will address priests, "You will dress in a large red cloak... We will give you a piece of bread and a few drops of water. You can do with it everything that you did when you belonged to Christ... (But, says Our Lord, they do not add: CONSECRATION and COMMUNION). And hell had added: "We will permit you to say it in all houses and even under the firmament." Marie-Julie saw that there will not remain any vestige of the Holy Sacrifice, no apparent trace of faith. CONFUSION will be everywhere... The preceding 1st June: All the works approved by the infallible Church will cease to exist as they are today for a time. In this sorrowful annihilation, brilliant signs will be manifested on earth. If because of the wickedness of men Holy Church will be in darkness, the Lord will also send darkness that will stop the wicked in their search of wickedness...

On 20th of October 1903, Our Lord replies to Marie-Julie who begs Him not to send punishments, "My daughter, sinners are too numerous and too guilty. They have abused My graces. especially those who have my adorable body at their disposition because of their state, and profane it. No, I can no longer forgive. Justice has to be done. Soon you will need all your faith."

Christians will do well then to TURN TO ST. JOSEPH. In fact on 19th of March 1905, the latter, after announcing that the punishments will be increased because no notice was taken of the warnings of Our Lady at La Salette, added. "Ah! I am invoked very little... And yet, I come immediately after Jesus and Mary, who take pleasure in keeping their treasures at my disposition... And note well I have more pleasure in granting your request than you have of having them granted... Why? Yes, why do you invoke me so little?..."

Our Lady added, "Satan is joyful, he travels all over the world... in the enclosure of his houses where the disciples who follow his doctrine live, where he reveals his satanic secrets to them to lose souls. He gives his advice and the (leaders of his hell-hounds) drink long draughts of his doctrines that are made up of sacrileges and spells." (5TH of January 1904).

On the 10th of May 1904, She (Our Lady) denotes the new clergy and its Mass, "They won't stop at this hateful and sacrilegious road. They will go further to compromise all at once and in one go, the holy Church, the Clergy and the Faith of my children..." She announces the "Dispersion of the pastors" by the Church itself, real pastors who will be replaced by others formed by hell, initiated in all vices, all iniquities, perfidious, who will cover souls with filth... new preachers of new sacraments, new temples, new baptisms, new confraternities..." In fact, do not certain members of the clergy and even so-called Catholic university professors go so far as to recommend pre-marriage trials and experience with women for seminarians? What have they done to prevent the law of legal murder of children before birth? When did they fight against sex education in schools?" She specifies, "The just are in the sieve of Jesus... but they are certain of the joy of seeing Him and of forming his glorious court. I can do nothing more. Pray, This is the only remedy which will be the strong food of souls." (11th of October 1904).

On the same day Our Lord added in His turn, "My Heart is breaking. I seek pure souls to transpierce with the swords that pierced Mine at the first Passion. All these swords will pierce one by one all the victims of Jesus. Suffering is necessary; crosses are necessary. (It will be so terrible) that it will be unbearable to live on earth. Martyr after martyr, cruelty after cruelty, tyrant after tyrant, stake upon stake, tyranny upon tyranny." On 5th January 1904, He states: "The souls who love me will see... My temple overthrown and in other places such filthy desecrations that the preceding centuries had never seen..."

There is no doubt that the graver the crisis, the more Our Lord seeks for victim souls to follow His infinite merits. This reminds us that at the end of February 1940, when we went for a walk with two other officer friends, very Catholic and more able to understand, we said to them: "A grave crisis is certainly coming soon, according to information the sufferings of privileged souls that I know are greatly increasing and THE NUMBER OF THESE VICTIM SOULS IS ALSO INCREASING IN A REMARKABLE WAY. Our Lord loves our France very much, the special Kingdom of His Mother and knowing it to be in danger He raises up a greater number of souls and increases their sufferings with their consent to diminish as much again the punishments that our unhappy country deserves."

And we add, "A very interesting study could be made, but only by a competent theologian well informed on the history of the mystic, of the certain parallel between on one hand the gravity of the situation of the Church and France and on the other hand the number of victim souls and the intensity of their sufferings and expiation. In fact soon after this the downfall of the French Army took place and the most colossal defeat in the history of France..."

And the 4th of August 1904, "I sustain my elect, I am their strength, I put them to the test now to console them later at the time of desolation, of abomination. At that time I will uphold them... I will be their King, they will be my subjects. Do not expect any improvement. On the contrary you will see evil growing continuously, unjust disorders multiplying... until the time that I rise up in my turn."


The Last Crisis Will be Divided in Three Parts

Marie-Julie announced that THREE QUARTERS OF THE POPULATION OF THE GLOBE WILL DISAPPEAR IN THE LAST CRISIS, terrible earthquakes, epidemics of unknown diseases whose ravages would be frightful, terrible famines, inclement weather, cyclones, rising seas that uld cause terrifying tidal waves. 

The 1st, long and painful when divine vengeance will be manifested during which the most guilty will be destroyed. "This blow of justice will only irritate them."

The 2nd, will be shorter but more formidable, more sinister: "My Divine Son, seeing that all these blows cannot bring back His people to pardon and mercy, lost souls, will strike again more fearfully."

The 3rd, "Everything must be lost from top to bottom. That, my dear children, is when Saint Michael the Archangel, who is awaiting orders from Heaven, will descend with his armies to fight with my good children, the true and good children of victory... justice will pass everywhere. During all this time you will not have the bread of the strong... no apostles, you will have only your faith as food, my divine son as sovereign priest to forgive you... My dear children, all the souls living in His Divine Heart will run no danger. They will only have a faint knowledge of His anger. They will be enclosed in this immense sea of prodigies and power, during these great blows of divine justice." (17th of August 1905). 

And Marie-Julie announced the THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS during which the infernal powers will be loosed and will EXECUTE ALL THE ENEMIES OF GOD. The earth will become like a vast cemetery. The bodies of the wicked and the just will cover the ground. [In numerous mystical occurrences It has been stated that the good will be miraculously protected. How then can one explain that "the bodies of the just will cover the ground." The reason is simple: mystical occurrences are not articles of faith, not even apparitions recognized by the Church, such as Lourdes, La Salette, Fatima etc... Now, it is not to be denied that the greater number of fervent and practicing Christians refuse to recognize and accept these facts. This does not mean they are not good and just people. To be precise it was announced that those who believed will be saved since their faith will have persuaded them that Our Lord, Our Lady and the Saints did not forget the Militant Church, that their interventions were not without reason and that they did not come to say nothing and do nothing, the faith of those people will be rewarded by a miraculous protection. Nevertheless, amongst the victims of the persecution there could well be those who had offered themselves as victims... On 24th of March 1881, She added: "Those who have served Me well and invoked Me, who have my blessed picture in their house, who carry my rosary on them and say it often I WILL KEEP INTACT ALL THAT BELONGS TO THEM... The heat from Heaven will be unbearably hot, even in the closed homes. The whole sky will be on fire, but the lightning will not penetrate into the houses where there will be the light of the blessed candle. This light is the only thing that will protect you." note page 44]

The famine will be great... Everything will be thrown into confusion... The crisis will explode suddenly, the punishments will be shared by all and will succeed one another without interruption... (4th of January 1884)

The three days of darkness WILL BE ON A THURSDAY, FRIDAY, AND SATURDAY. Days of the Most Holy Sacrament, of the Cross and Our Lady... three days less one night.

"The earth will be covered in darkness," says Our Lady on 20th of September 1882, "and hell will be loosed on earth. The thunder and lightning will cause those who have no faith or trust in my Power to die of fear.

"During these three days of terrifying darkness, no windows must be opened, because no one will be able to see the earth and the terrible colour it will have in those days of punishment without dying at once... The sky will be on fire, the earth will split... During these three days of darkness LET THE BLESSED CANDLE BE LIGHTED EVERYWHERE, no other light will shine...

"No one outside a shelter... will survive. The earth will shake as at the judgment and fear will be great. Yes, we will listen to the prayers of your friends, not one will perish. We will need them to publish the glory of the cross. (8th of December 1882).

"The candles of blessed wax alone will give light during this horrible darkness. One candle alone will be enough for the duration of this night of hell... In the homes of the wicked and blasphemers THESE CANDLES WILL GIVE NO LIGHT."

And Our Lady states, "Everything will shake except the piece of furniture on which the blessed candle is burning. This will not shake. You will all gather around with the crucifix and my blessed picture. This is what will keep away this terror."

During this darkness the devils and the wicked will take on THE MOST HIDEOUS SHAPES... red clouds like blood will move across the sky. The crash of the thunder will shake the earth and sinister lightning will streak the heavens out of season. The earth will be shaken to its foundations. The sea will rise, its roaring waves will SPREAD OVER THE CONTINENT..."

The wicked will commit all kinds of horrors. The Holy Hosts will be dispersed on the roads. They will be discovered in the mud. The priests as well as the faithful will pick them up and will carry them on their breasts (17th of October 1883). I understood that the angels would carry away many tabernacles from the churches to shield the Holy Sacrament from the outrages. (23rd of December 1881)

29th of September 1877 (Documents Charbonnier -- Roberdel p. 37): "The Cross of Saint Michael lights up like a torch. The whole of France gathers around the Throne of Divine Jesus. Saint Michael, standing up and dressed in all his glory holds his sword... Jesus orders him to separate the good from the wicked. The Holy Archangel descends, his face shining and places a barrier between the good and the wicked... I see that the battle will begin between Saint Michael and Hell, between good and evil... Mary Immaculate watches over us, what have we to fear?"

Saint Michael says, "After God, I am your protector and your support. Have recourse to me. If you knew my power, you would be more eager to address your prayers to me each day."

On 20th of September 1877. France still refuses to return to God. Jesus again addresses His Father. "My Father, for Me it is a great suffering to strike... My people... My Father, My Father, look down to earth it is France, the France I love so much."

Our Lady, "My beloved Son, I have adopted France as my daughter, I have always protected it. It was the lily of my heart..."

Saint Michael the Archangel, "Lord, all the damned have left hell and seem to be all over France... to throw their poison and their venom everywhere..."
Our Lord replies, "Holy Archangel, it is the time of his reign, but this time will pass quickly. Then he will enter the abyss to never leave again. He will be tightly chained and his chains will never break..." 

On 26th of December 1877, to Lucifer, who had just said, "It is necessary to crush the Lily."

Marie-Julie retorts, "Satan does not love the king. Ah! I am not like him because I love him!!"

And she said, "One hears two great cries coming from the left. It is the cry of France, Our Lord says, "I know this heart-breaking voice. The one who cries so mournfully suffers for herself and for her children, but how will she ever repair the cruel sufferings she has caused me since she refused My Cross and despised My orders?"

The good Mother at once intercedes, "My beloved Son, her voice beseeches Thee. Take pity on her misery."

"My dear Good Mother, before she enters into her glory she will suffer great tribulation." 

After a struggle of France who refuses the help of Saint Michael and then of Our Lady, she enchains France and forces her to follow Her. She is brought to the feet of Jesus who judges her, reviews all her crimes, then says: "Where is the white flower (the Lily) which formed the radiant crown on your forehead?"

"They have removed my white crown..."

"Lift your forehead and your eyes towards Me."

"Lord, I am not worthy to look at Thee, I would not see Thee, I am blinded by my crimes..."

Jesus presents the Lily to her saying, "Guilty France, accept this Lily, I give it to you."

France replies, "The one who caused my downfall is no longer here. He made me believe the Lily would be my ruin. He threw me into darkness. Lord, I cannot come out of it without Thee."

But France always thrusts aside the Cross, but the Cross means suffering... Our Lady and Saint Michael uphold France. But Our Lord commands Saint Michael and the good angels to dig a tomb for France so that she will go under the earth to rise up later, glorious and triumphant...

Saint Michael then reproached the Freemasons for having seduced France and tells them he will reduce them to ashes...
They reply: "We want to crown France with the Lily. As crown and diadem we will give her the red ribbon... 

On 31st of August 1900 Our Lord looks at the Chambers of Deputies... His angry glance rests on this place where the laws are made, this place where there is no longer a king, but the enemies of Jesus who reign and command, and France, who was previously so beautiful, has lost her honour and her dignity. She will be invaded by heartless foreigners without pity. They will tear apart her children, they will destroy her enclosures, they will knock down her holy Temples. The Lord and His ministers will be struck, soiled and homeless...

The FOREIGNER will enter into the Eldest Daughter of the Church with his entire army and the length of his stay will be measured by Me, and I will stop them. And as I stop them I will raise up the Saviour of the rest of My children. He will cross the East and will seem to come from the far North...
On the 12th of May 1880, Our Lady speaks in the dawn of the beautiful morning when the transparent sky will allow to be seen coming from afar. THE ONE DESTINED BY GOD the just one, the man of God, the peace and salvation of his people, the one France, will place on her heart, as Our Lady and Her Divine Son say in other apparitions.

On 5th January 1882, Our Lady weeps over the FUTURE RUINS OF PARIS, but on four different occasions announces the UNKNOWN SAVIOUR and the glorification of Louis XVI, under the reign of the future King.

Speaking of the apparition of La Salette, Marie Julie says that there was a moment of silence between Our Lady and Maximin, which confirms, 1st, the secret given to Maximin and 2nd, that the secret did concern the great King, the unknown saviour. 

On 16th of September 1904, "...Half the population of France will be destroyed. After the punishments, there will be villages left without a soul. Four towns of France will disappear...I have no more power, I can no longer hold back My Son's arm...My children, the decision of My Divine Son is to let everything carry on until the end. There is only PRAYER left.

If My Divine Son and I were to work miracles greater than all the ones in Judea, than all the miracles of the past, all these marvels would be scorned; they would further insult My Divine Son and His Holy Mother. 

In short, it is a blindness. It is an infernal veil woven by the enemy jealous of the marvels and power of my Divine Son.

In place of marvels, blows will be necessary, decimation, yes, a terrible decimation...

On 29th of September 1881, Our Lord tells me that: "The Sanctuary of Montmartre would become in a short time the house of their counsels and of their treacherous organizations for the final destruction of the chapels, religious men and women and also the closing down of the places of apparition, the violation of the laws of the Church to a point that no one could imagine."

On 27th of January 1882, referring to Montmartre and to Saint Genevieve Our Lord said to her: "My Montmartre Sanctuary is already destined to serve as a theatre for the impious and all those involved with human laws."

He said to her: "It would not be long before the place of prayer of Saint Genevieve would become a theatre for dances and the most infernal crimes..."

Our Lady of Victories: Our Lady further tells me: "The sanctuary of Our Lady of Victories would resist the cannonballs, the gun fire of the instruments of the world and that the miraculous protection of Heaven would preserve it in the midst of the debris..."

It will be during this third crisis that salvation will come there. From the centre of his sacred heart will come salvation, or rather the one destined to bring peace at this coronation all the evils will cease. My children, he is a descendant to the line of Saint Louis, but this Sodom does not possess him! (That is to say he is not France) (17th of August 1905)

Ecstasy of Marie-Julie of 25th of August 1874, I see Saint Louis in glory. Before he had a throne in the world but today he has a throne in Heaven. He never sullied his throne: "But since then," says this good Saint Louis, "how many blasphemies, how many perjuries on this earthly throne. I come back to reconcile Heaven and earth."

You [Saint Louis?] will reconcile France with the Heart of Jesus.

I want France to abjure her errors. Mary Immaculate gives me power and grace. Through my prayers I will bring her this beautiful palm to the centre of this throne and my brother in Jesus Christ who will give her will preserve his innocence and purity and Jesus and Mary will bless him, will bless his charity and his great heroic faith!

Then who will be this Great King?

Marie-Julie has always assured me that Our Lord and Our Lady had often told her that the D'ORLEANS would never reign; right and justice being opposed to inheriting from him that one has assassinated. She never ceased from telling me that he would be a descendant of the King and Queen Martyrs, therefore of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. Heaven has always spoken to her of the HIDDEN KING, because GOD DOES NOT WANT US TO KNOW WHO HE IS SO THAT THE FREEMASONS, THE REPUBLICANS OR CERTAIN PRETENDANTS CANNOT ATTEMPT TO ASSASSINATE HIM. Let us leave to God the care of indicating His Chosen One to us.

Here is the first vision that the pious stigmatist had concerning France, the Great Monarch and the Holy Pope announced in many prophecies; Our Lady addressed the Holy Pope: "At the foot of the mountain, in a rock, I see what seems to be a solitary prison and in it is imprisoned an old man with white hair. His features are resplendent. He wears a cross on his breast. The Good Master goes towards him; "My well beloved son, martyr of Holy Church, prisoner of the Sacred Heart, rest on Me so that I alleviate your sorrows... dry your tears. For a long time now you carry the Cross, but soon I will give you back all your stolen rights and your freedom... "

The Good Mother dries the tears of the old man with her cloak; then from under her cloak she gives him a lily with five gold leaves, saying to him; "Here is your strength and your consolation."

All the angels are there, at the foot of the Heavenly Throne with Our Lady who offers Her Divine Son a beautiful white banner adorned with two lilies (the Holy Pope and the Great Monarch), Our Lady presents the CROWN OF THE MIRACLE KING, the SAVIOUR OF FRANCE, AS WELL AS THE CROWN OF THE POPE whom the King will set free."

And again this admirable vision of 19th of April 1875: She is transported to an arid and desolate desert in the middle of confused darkness. Before her is a tomb, that of France. A foul smell rose from it which prevented one from approaching it.

All of a sudden there is a bright light and Jesus Christ descends, opens the tomb, leans over the corpse and takes it in His arms, gently, as Saint Joseph used to take the Child Jesus. France wakes up and the Saviour speaks to her lovingly, in a language fragrant with the divine ardour of the Canticle of Canticles. He promises her in the near future blessings, glories and triumphs that will surpass all the past victories because she weeps for her faults, for which she repents and she throws herself lovingly into the Sacred Heart. Then Jesus covers her again and disappears. 

A fortnight later, on 4th of May 1875, again the tomb of France, but she has come out. She stands still in front of Jesus Christ who smiles at her tenderly. She is enveloped in a long black shroud, which represents her crimes. Jesus Christ divests her of it up to her chest. He covers her head with a veil that is dazzlingly white, then He tears from His Heart a flowering lily and plants it in the heart of the resuscitated one.

Another fortnight later, on 19th of May 1875; Marie-Julie sees France, Daughter of Jesus Christ, having almost reached the last degree of the Throne on which He was seated. Her black shroud had fallen away completely, the Saviour put it under his feet and France was at once adorned in a white cloak covered with golden lilies which enveloped her from head to feet.

And a few days later, in a following vision, on 24th of May 1875, Jesus Christ was seated on a resplendent throne. Near Him, was His Mother. France presents herself all dressed in white and lilies. She is already crowned but not yet with the Great Crown which will be given her only at the time of her salvation. From her heart issued the lily that Jesus Christ had placed. She was covered in flowers. Amongst these flowers was one which shone more and was more dazzling. France climbed the steps to the throne. Our Lady was praying, smiling and weeping! Her Divine Son then cries out that He is conquered, that He cannot resist, that He forgets and forgives: From now on it is up to thee, My Mother to thee alone, to command and fix the hour of the Victory of thy beloved Daughter! And taking from His Heart a drop of blood and a tear from the eyes of Our Lady, He placed this mysterious mixture in the big flower of the heart of France.

At the right of the throne the Pope (the Holy Pontiff) was kneeling.

Jesus Christ calls him and names him - His dear son - He makes him climb next to Him, then He says to him: You have suffered enough, it is time you were consoled and that your enemies disappear so that your glory reigns sovereign in the universe.

The Pope in tears and pressed against the Heart of his Master, exclaims that he does not merit such a reward, that he is unworthy of such splendour.

At the left of the Throne was the King. He climbs in his turn, but a little less high than the Pope and he too receives the divine promises. He is the beloved son of the Virgin and he will reign with his flag, symbol of purity and glory. (That is to say the white flag with lilies). Meanwhile, all the great saints who protect France were hovering around. In the first row Saint Michael, in his armour, seemed to be waiting proudly the hour of the battle against evil.Three weeks later, on 15th of June 1875, a similar vision to the preceding one. It is the King again brought by Our Lady, who loves him as her Son because of his innocence. He appears as Sovereign, crowned in grandeur in the shade of the folds of his flag. After a while the scene changed and was completed. France follows her Legitimate Head, walks resting on the Heart of the Virgin and her small crown changes into a diadem of victory. The Sacred Heart joins Mary to assure her of His Love and to announce once again that He would conquer His enemies with unequalled triumph. France is saved! Marie-Julie keeps repeating. The good friends of the Sacred Heart are grouped in large crowds behind France, preceded by all the Saints who protect the Eldest Daughter of the Church.

Here is another vision which gives details of the time the salvation will take place. When everything seems lost... then will be the time of victory. It will be the time when all the crimes and impieties fall back on those who committed them.

Our Lord addressing Himself to France: "I will send Saint Michael, Prince of Victory, to carry the Lily to adorn your head. And Our Lady adds: "My Divine Son and I have reserved the Lily. My faithful children, keep the simplicity of your opinions. (Faithful to God, the King, the Great Monarch). All the angels are there at the foot of the Heavenly Throne with Our Lady who offers Her Divine Son a beautiful white flag adorned with Lilies (the Holy Pope and the Great Monarch, both of royal French blood... ?)

On 21st of June 1874: "I wanted to give France a King whom she refused, BUT THE ONE I WANT TO GIVE HER, SHE WILL ACCEPT AND SHE WILL ASK FOR HIM AND PLACE HIM ON HER HEART. But before she has this king, France will undergo a crisis and a violent storm. The blood of Christians will mingle with the blood of the impious. The just will fall in small numbers, but some will [fall ed] because the blood of the good will help the wicked. But this time will pass quickly. There will be pools of blood. It will last a short time, but to you it will seem long."

On 12th of May 1881 and on 29th of November 1881: The Great Monarch is called by Our Lord and Our Lady; the man of God, the chosen of the Eternal, the peace and salvation of his people, the miracle king, the saviour of France... chosen from his birth to give back to France the Lily and the white flag.

Our Lord addressing Marie-Julie on 4th of February 1882: "You will see from Heaven the triumph of the Church looming over the forehead of my real servant HENRI DE LA CROIX. His name is written in the golden Book," then He added; "After this triumph the faithful Pastor will place his consecrated hand on the head of the one Heaven will have led and brought in a miraculous manner." And states: "My design is that after he has received the holy blessing he goes with my noble defendants carrying the white banner to the place where the messages of salvation came from (the cottage of Marie-Julie). The chosen one of my power will set down the white banner, the sign of victory. (9th of February 1882.)

When will they make their appearance? It seems at the time when Paris burns. That is the hour and the time. The Victory is ours! The victors will be small in number. Then the Archangel uncovers the French banner. Our Lady comes forward and presents the Lily and crowns him...

The Eternal Father then comes down and says to His Divine Son: "My will is this, that all sinners and impious are to be destroyed."

The hour hand of the time of punishment has stopped between the twelfth and thirteen hour, irrevocably, despite the supplications of Our Lady.

Our Lord says: "My well-beloved children, my disciples, my servants, I come to reward you and to show the place of the one you live. Here is his portion, his palm, his crown, his weapon of blessing and of peace, of victory, triumph and deliverance."

Then addressing Himself to the King: "Do you hear My voice, oh beloved son? You who walked in a foreign land for so long, do you not see the road where I will send to meet you the princes of the Heavenly Armies, my seraphim, my cherubim with their wings, so that this triumph equals in beauty one fit for a King of predilection and blessing? My beloved son, dry your tears, the Lily will be your brother (the Holy Pope) and my Mother will be your Mother (the great Monarch is an orphan) and it is on your forehead that the Lily will always bloom. Then from your forehead it will bloom on your throne, from your throne in France, the kingdom reserved for you and from there to beyond the French frontiers to the Eternal City."

The King must come in the thick of the storm. He will be kept safe because the Mother of God keeps him as her own Son and has kept him to be heir to a crown he deserves and which has been stolen from him... Let men affirm that he will never come, then ask them if they are prophets... "

Saint Michael says, "I have carried them (the Lilies) to the Heart of Jesus and from the Heart of Jesus to the heart of a new king through the heart of a king who gave his blood and that the Church will beatify (Louis XVI, the martyr king)."

And on 6th October 1877 Our Lady says, "You may be sure, my children, that this holy king (Louis XVI) is already with the saints and that Heaven will celebrate a feast raising him to the honours of the Altars.

These affirmations from Heaven coming at the end of this magnificent vision would they not be to tell us that the two Lilies, the Holy Pope and the Great Monarch, are both descendants of the Martyr King? Knowing nothing about this hereditary transmission, let us believe in the principle of survival which is the only TRUTH and let us have faith in God who will reveal him in His own good time since this is His Will.

Marie-Julie adds: "The triumph of the living will be grand when Holy Church, which is today surrounded by thorns, will be surrounded by a crown of golden lilies! "

The Holy Pope, the Great Monarch and the other Princes of the Lilies will reign over the world and ensure the triumph of God and the Church." She adds, "The defenders of the Faith will be protected from Heaven."

The race of the Kings of France, being that of David, therefore the same one as Our Lord's and the Immaculate Virgin, divine in one of its Members, it is natural that it should be this race to be called to reign over the world at the time of the great triumph of the Church.

But let us return to Marie-Julie and the future of La Fraudais and the Work of the Cross.

A shrine will be set up here to the Cross and to Mary Immaculate, This place will be venerated by everyone, I will cure bodies and souls with running waters, and Our Lord described the future shrine and its miraculous origin. [Ecstasies of 14th of August 1875 -- 22nd of January 1878 when a religious foundation is also announced, "I will enclose the Fathers of the Cross and orphans of fathers and widows. Around the shrine, where they will have escaped from all the turmoil of the world, I want to make cloisters of servants and virgins." During the ecstasy of 9th of February 1878 Our Lord states: "The whole of France will come first to shelter under the wood of the Cross, then the whole universe will understand and come. Here is the fountain... " notes page 60]

Finally on 23rd of February 1880, a book is announced concerning the great doctrine that of the Cross which was revealed to the holy stigmatist. A book which obviously cannot be written until all the ecstasies have been studied by a theologian capable of extracting and exposing with the right authority and with all its transcendent fullness, the doctrine of the Cross. 

And finally, I would like to repeat the advice of Doctor Imbert-Gourbeyre: "When a new stigmatist appears somewhere, please, do not at once and without reason insult and mock him, you could be wrong. Follow the rules of ordinary prudence. If the stigmatist is genuine, if he is very pious, he deserves respect and consideration. This stigmatist is probably a victim of Christ's. Ask God that he may stand firm and persevere to the end in his extraordinary mission. Imitate the first Christians who prayed for the martyrs so that they would not fail in the final battle. Then let this supernatural fact grow under the eyes of ecclesiastical authority. To judge it, it must develop completely. Holiness is the only test. The stigmata, the ecstasies, the extraordinary gifts have value only if they come from God, an ex Deo sint."

Pius XII, of holy memory would have approved this advice. It is certainly not this great and holy Pope who would have stifled the messages from Heaven. He understood the reality and depth of mystical life and was of the opinion that from the moment when in a mystical fact, with or without revelation, there was nothing to contradict Catholic doctrine or morals, it was dutiful to study the case. He himself, as Bishop of Rome at the time of the apparitions at the Three fountains, without waiting for the Church to pronounce itself, permitted moty proprio that the place of apparitions be at once transformed into an oratory and wanted the faithful to be able to go there on pilgrimage and there find priests who would give them the spiritual help which they had a right to expect...

Pius XII was a real Spiritual Father...

The supernatural facts concerning Marie-Julie have developed completely. They are genuine. The criterion of sanctity has confirmed that they are of divine origin.


On Tuesday 23rd of June 1936, a young girl from Blain had brought Marie-Julie a lily that had been placed before the Blessed Sacrament at the parish church during the feast of Corpus Christi. This lily was placed in the arms of the big crowned statue of Our Lady of Lourdes which dominates the bedside of Marie-Julie and it remained there during the entire ecstasy.

During the ecstasy, replying to a total offering of Marie-Julie in her name and the name of all her friends, Our Lady said: "As a reward I have in my arms this beautiful white flower which recalls the most beautiful of my virtues... scatter this spotless flower... Everyone take a small bit home, it is I Myself you will carry away, the Queen of Lilies the Queen of Peace, the Queen of Prodigies, the Queen of Miracles."
Then at the end of the ecstasy, at the last blessings, Our Lady said to Marie-Julie: Give a small piece (of lily) to all my small children, it is the flower of Jesus, with a delicious scent blessed on earth... There must be many lilies for Jesus."

People present were under the impression that the lily placed in the arms of Our Lady of Lourdes during the ecstasy took on the same freshness as when it had just been cut. 

On Tuesday 2nd of February 1937, feast of the Purification of Our Lady, during her particular morning ecstasy, Marie-Julie thanked her for all the graces of protection in accidents, of preservation in accidents and cures granted to people who had recourse to the fragments of the lily. Our Lady then confirmed her words of the preceding 23rd of June, when Our Lord interrupted her saying: "Remember My Mother, that I had given My blessing before thine." Then Our Lady continued; "I blessed this lily after my Divine Son, it will do many marvels..." and she asked Marie-Julie to have her invoked under the title of Our Lady of the Lilies.

Two days later on 4th of February, during the usual ecstasy, Our Lady said the following words: "Little friends, give me this title: Mother of purity, Lily of purity without stain. Spread my love on earth by this Lily which has adored Jesus in the Holy Tabernacle, by this beautiful Lily where Jesus has placed His purest graces, the most glowing with love. I will give many graces, I will even work prodigies, I will give health back to the sick when they are touched by this beautiful Lily of Purity" ... "Oh, little children of the earth, come to my heart, invoke me as Our Lady of the Lilies, Mother of Power, Mother of Prodigies..."

Then Marie-Julie said, "It does not surprise me, good Heavenly Mother, that a shower of graces overflowed from thy heart to fall on this lily which thou has watered with thy favours, this lily the white corollas of which thou distributes to encourage us to have recourse to thee, predisposing us (to trust) to tell us that this lily will take us to Heaven, as it took the Most Holy Virgin with her beautiful virtues, to the Kingdom of her Divine Son, to love and adore Him eternally, Jesus has said many times, "Mother, give thy graces to thy small children on earth, I give Mine, I mingle them with thine, thine with Mine, is it not the same thing, so that it is two great blessings that flow on them from this blessed lily. Their eyes do not see them, but the eyes of the soul, their souls are not unaware..." 

Blessings and promises were renewed on different occasions, notably on 8th of April 1937, by the Blessed Virgin: "O, my little children, I bless you with all my heart, I bless you with the heart of Our Lady of Lilies" 

On 10th of June 1937 by Our Lord: "Little friends, I give your lilies the same blessing that I give those which protected you and which made you find the name so dear to My Gentle Mother of Our Lady of the Lilies, distribute them... I will work miracles, I will do extraordinary prodigies for My chosen ones on earth..." 

And again on 18th of July 1939, "I bless the lilies and give them my power to relieve poor suffering."

During an ecstasy, Our Lord having spoken of roses, violets, etc... that were presented during ecstasies and which received blessings and graces, He added that nevertheless it was to the lily, as being her privileged flower, that Our Lady reserved her greatest benefits.

The bulbs of the lilies that were in the small enclosure behind Marie-Julie's cottage were removed on her request on 8th of December 1938. They were blessed by Our Lord, some during the ecstasy of the day, the others during the Way of the Cross the following day. 

Our Lord promised that the lilies of those bulbs would be blessed as soon as they appeared on earth and it would be enough to present the flowers or the petals before the Blessed Sacrament exposed to have the same blessings and privileges of the preceding ones and that in this way the devotion to Our Lady of the Lilies would be assured and continued after the death of Marie-Julie.

The editors declare they submit themselves to the prescribed subjection by Urban VIII and the future decisions of Holy Church.


To be Read Carefully

God never strikes without warning. He has sent us His Holy Mother who came and wept at LA SALETTE, she was neither listened to nor believed. God will therefore punish without precedence the whole universe. Earlier on He had indicated to Marie-Julie, who had the stigmata and was held in high esteem by some bishops of Nantes, the natural and supernatural means of protecting ourselves. And to have blessed candles for the days of darkness.

PRAYER TO THE HOLY CROSS during the great disasters. "I hail you, I adore you, I embrace you, oh adorable Cross of my Saviour, Protect us, keep us save us, Jesus loved you so much, by His example I love you. By your holy image calm my fears, I only feel peace and confidence.

PRAYER TO THE CROSS during the great storms, "O Crux Ave, spes unica - Et Verbum caro factum est." "Oh Jesus, conqueror of death, save us.


"A medal of my Divine Heart. A medal, traced on it my adorable cross. You will dip in a glass of water these two images, made either of cardboard or metal.

“You will drink this water that is twice blessed and twice purified. A single drop in your food, a tiny drop will be sufficient to keep away not just the scourge, but the scourges of my Justice.

“You will give a drop of this water to the poor souls struck by the scourges of unknown illnesses. 

“To dissipate all fear and all fright you will touch your foreheads with the picture or the gentle medal of Mary Immaculate. Your spirits will remain calm. Your intelligence will not fear the approach of the terror of men. They will not feel the effects of my Great Justice.

“You will take an infusion of St. John's Wort especially during crisis, sufferings of the chest and violent headaches.  Hawthorn for cholera.  For unknown fevers, the humble violet, the perfume of virtue of humility will have effect.   

"During the MORTAL PLAGUE There will be only one remedy for protection. It will be to swallow, written on very thin paper: "OH JESUS, CONQUEROR OF DEATH, SAVE US, O Crux ave."

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