Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Jesus, wants to honor him by giving him a vital part in saving the world from sin.

Saint Joseph's hands are full with grace for the asking,
but we have to ask! 

What Our Lady said to Sister Mary Ephrem  on March 11, 1958:

"St. Joseph will come on the eve of his feast. Prepare yourself well. There will be a special message. My holy spouse has an important part to play in bringing PEACE  to the world."   
St. Joseph came as was promised, and these are the words he spoke at this time:  
“Kneel down, my daughter, for what you will hear and what you will write will bring countless souls to a new way of life. Through you, small one, the Trinity desires to make known to souls Its desire to be adored, honored, and loved within the kingdom, the interior kingdom of their hearts. I bring to souls the PURITY of my life and the obedience that crowned it. All St. Joseph's Words to Sister M. Ephrem
What he said to Marie Julie of Fraudais:  on 19th of March 1905, the latter [St. Joseph], after announcing that the punishments will be increased because no notice was taken of the warnings of Our Lady at La Salette, added:  
"Ah! I am invoked very little... And yet, I come immediately after Jesus and Mary, who take pleasure in keeping their treasures at my disposition... And note well I have more pleasure in granting your request than you have of having them granted... Why? Yes, why do you invoke me so little?..."  Source: from Marie-Julie Jahenny, the Breton Stigmatist, by the Marquis de La Franquerie, 1977, 66 pages, published on by Shan MacWozniak . or click HERE
Love, Jeanne