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The "Blue Cross" marks the place of the first Apparition. 
Mirjana now receives most of her monthly, public apparitions there.
THE BEGINNING OF 1984:  For the intention of the pilgrims: "When you are in the room of the apparitions or at the church, you should not preoccupy yourself with taking pictures. You should rather use the time to pray to Jesus, especially in those moments of particular grace during the apparitions." (T.58).    
SUNDAY, JANUARY 1ST 1984: "My children, pray! I say again, pray, because prayer is indispensable to life." (Ba. 55).

MONDAY, JANUARY 2ND 1984:  "Why have you stopped saying the prayer to the Holy Spirit. I have asked you to pray always and at all times so that the Holy Spirit may descend over all of you. Begin again to pray for that."  "We had stopped saying the prayer to the Holy Spirit thinking that it was said only until Christmas." (Ba.55).    

TUESDAY, JANUARY 3RD 1984:  "My children, pray; I say it again, pray! Know that in your life the most important thing is prayer." (J).  

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4TH 1984:  "Before all, pray! That, I do not cease to ask you for." (J).    

SUNDAY, JANUARY 8TH 1984 (Feast of the Epiphany):  "My children, pray! I say it again, pray! I will say it to you again. Do not think that Jesus is going to manifest Himself again in the manger; friends, He is born again in your hearts." (DN 1, 30).    

SUNDAY, JANUARY 15TH 1984:  "I know that I speak to you very often about prayer, but know that there are many people in the world who do not pray; who do not even know what to say, in prayer." (J).  

TUESDAY, JANUARY 17TH 1984:  "Pray and fast! I wish that in your hearts prayer and fasting flourish." (J).    

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18TH 1984:  "I wish to engrave in every heart the sign of love. If you love all mankind, then there is peace in you. If you are at peace with all men, it is the kingdom of love." (DN 1, 30).  To Jelena:  "Pray and fast!  For the intention of the group: Have everyone get up early, some to go to school, others to go to work, still others to help the poor like themselves, also those who need help." (J). 

THURSDAY, JANUARY 19TH 1984: "Pray and fast, because without prayer you cannot do anything." (Ba55).    

SATURDAY, JANUARY 21ST 1984: "Pray and fast. Do not give up on meditation. At home meditate at least half an hour." (Ba55).    

SUNDAY, JANUARY 22ND 1984: "Pray and fast. I permit all those who mortify themselves, to do it at the most three times a week. May they not prolong it." (Ba56).  

MONDAY, JANUARY 23RD 1984: "Pray and fast. You have not understood well, what it means to pray: If you can understand that, I desire it very much." (Ba56).    

TUESDAY, JANUARY 24TH 1984: "Pray very much. I desire to permeate you with prayer." (Ba56)  

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25TH 1984: "Pray and fast. You need enthusiasm in your prayer. May you pray in meditation for a long time and fervently." (Ba56).  

THURSDAY, JANUARY 26TH 1984: "Thank you for adoring my Son in the Sacred Host. That touches me very much. With respect to you, pray! I desire to see you happy." (Ba56).  

FRIDAY, JANUARY 27TH 1984: "Pray and fast. I wish that you deepen and continue your life in prayer. Every morning say the prayer of consecration to the Heart of Mary. Do it in the family. Recite each morning the Angelus, five Our Father's, Hail Mary's, and Glory Be's in honor of the holy Passion and a sixth one for our Holy Father, the Pope. Then say the Creed and the prayer to the Holy Spirit. And, if it is possible, it would be well to pray a rosary." (Ba56).   

SATURDAY, JANUARY 28TH 1984: "I wish that all of you pray, and that my heart extend to the whole world. I wish to be with you." (Ba57).    

SUNDAY, JANUARY 29TH 1984: "Pray and fast! I wish for you to purify your hearts. Purify them and open them to me." (Ba57).  

MONDAY, JANUARY 30TH 1984: "Pray! I desire to purify your hearts. Pray It is indispensable, because God gives you the greatest graces when you pray." (Ba57).  

TUESDAY, JANUARY 31ST 1984: To Jelena: "Pray! Do not think of anything, pray. Do not think of anything else except of those for whom you pray. Then prayer will be better and you will be faithful to it."  To the group: "Continue to help the poor, the sick, and to pray for the dead. You should not feel any fear. Let all free themselves completely and let them abandon their hearts to me so that I can be with them. Have them listen to me and discover me in the poor, and in every person." (Ba57).  

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST 1984: "It is raining at this time, and you say: 'It is not reasonable to go to church in this slush. Why is it raining so much? Why doesn 't the rain stop?' Do not ever speak like that. You have not ceased to pray so that God may send you rain which makes the earth rich. Then, do not turn against the blessing from God. Above all, thank him through prayer and fasting." (Ba 57).    

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2ND 1984: "Pray, because I need many prayers. Be reconciled, because I desire reconciliation among you and more love for each other, like brothers. I wish that prayer, peace, and love bloom in you." (Ba57).    

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3RD 1984: To Jelena: "It is up to you to pray and I will take care of the rest. You can not even imagine how powerful God is. That is why you pray. Pray because he wants to be with you and wants to cleanse you from all sin."  Our Lady gave this message on the request that we address her on the arrival of a document from the Bishop. (Jan. 13, 1984) Reference 54-84: "The matter of the diary of Vicka Ivankovic on the apparitions," asking Mary, consequently, what we should do.  

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH 1984: "Pray, because prayer is very necessary to you. With prayer. your body and soul will find peace. There are some young people who have consecrated themselves to me. But there are in the parish, some persons, who have not entirely given themselves.  As soon as mass has ended, they are in a hurry to leave the church. That is not good. That way they will never be able to give themselves completely. It is not good for them to linger about the church. One must be pious and set a good example for others, in order to awaken in them the faith. It is necessary to pray as much as possible while offering your heart. They should consecrate themselves in order to become truly better." (Ba5 8).    

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 5TH 1984: "Pray and fast. I desire to live in your hearts.  And especially for the prayer group.  Some of them still have a week of rest. They do not fast ... others have come here and fast on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday; others help the poor and the sick; others love everybody and want to discover Jesus in each one. Some are not convinced, others are. They are mine. See how they honor me. Lead them to me so that I may bless them." (Ba59).    

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 6TH 1984: "Pray, pray, I ask of you." (Ba59).  

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8TH 1984: To Jelena: "From you, I expect only prayer. Thus, pray." (Ba59).  

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9TH 1984: "Pray, pray! How many persons have followed other beliefs or sects and have abandoned Jesus Christ. They create their own gods; they adore idols. How that hurts me! If they could be converted. Like the unbelievers, they are many. That will change only if you help me with your prayers." (Ba59).  

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH 1984: "Pray and fast! I desire humility from you. But you can become humble only through prayer and fasting." (Ba59).    

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11TH 1984: "Open your hearts to me, I desire to bless them fully." (Ba59).  

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH 1984: "Pray and fast! I ask of you. Pray for the peace and humility of your hearts." (Ba59).    

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13TH 1984: To Jelena: "Fast and pray! Give me your hearts. I desire to change them completely I desire for them to be pure." (Ba60).    

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14TH 1984: "Pray and fast! I desire to purify your hearts completely. I wish to make you happy." (Ba60).    

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH 1984: (The villagers noticed an icy wind that evening. Caritas) "The wind is my sign. I will come in the wind. When the wind blows, know that I am with you. You have learned that the cross represents Christ; it is a sign of him. It is the same for the crucifix you have in your home. For me, it is not the same. When it is cold, you come to church, you want to offer everything to God. I am, then, with you. I am with you in the wind. Do not be afraid. (Ba60).  

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17TH 1984: "My children, pray! The world has been drawn into a great whirlpool. It does not know what it is doing. It does not realize in what sense it is sinking. It needs your prayers so that I can pull it out of this danger. (Ba60).    

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20TH 1984: "Pray and fast! I desire to purify you and to save you. For that, help me with your prayers." (Ba60).    

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21ST 1984: "Pray and fast! I expect generosity and prayers from your hearts." (Ba60).    

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23RD 1984: "I hold all of you in my arms. You are mine. I need your prayers so that you may be mine. I desire to be all yours and for you to be all mine. I receive all your prayers. I receive them with joy." (Ba6l).    

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH 1984: "Pray and fast! I desire to be with you always. I desire to stay in your hearts always and for you to stay in mine." (Ba6l).    

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH 1984: "Know that I love all of you. Know that you are all mine. To no one do I desire to give more than to you. Come to me all of you. Stay with me. I want to be your Mother. Come, I desire all of you." (J).    

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26TH 1984: "Pray and fast! Know that I love you. I hold all of you on my knees." (J).    

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27TH 1984: "Do not be tired. I desire to be with you." (J).    

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH 1984: "Pray and fast! Love everyone on earth, just as you love yourselves." For the intention of the group: "Have each one decide alone. In the meantime, it would be good, that this week they fast on Thursday. Have them read the Bible and meditate on it." (J).    

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 29TH 1984: "Pray! It may seem strange to you that I always speak of prayer. And yet I say: pray! Why do you hesitate? In Holy Scripture, you have heard say: 'Do not worry about tomorrow, each day will have its own worries.' (Mt. 6:34). Then do not worry about the other days. Be content with prayer, I your Mother, will take care of the rest." (Ba6l-62). 

THURSDAY, MARCH 1ST 1984: Message to Marijana: "Pray and fast. When I tell you to pray, do not think that you have to pray more, but pray. Let prayer and faith awaken in your hearts." (Ba62).
THURSDAY, MARCH 1ST 1984: To Maria, the first message of Thursday, addressed to the parish:  "Dear children, I have chosen particularly this parish because I wish to guide it. I watch over it with love. I would like for all of you to be mine. I thank you for having responded this evening to my call. I would like for you to be always with me and my Son. Every Thursday I will give a special message for you." 

(NB. These messages of Thursday have been widely disseminated, and have been edited by MM, and in our translation, in Medjugorje, Paris, DDB, 1987, p.26-90 L3) 

"Dear children, today I ask you to read the Bible in your homes, every day. Put it in a very visible place in your home, that way it will encourage all to prayer." (M53).  

"Thursday (day of the Eucharist), may each one find his way to fast. He who smokes, may abstain from smoking; he who drinks alcohol, have him not drink. Have each one give up something which is dear to him. May these recommendations be conveyed to the parish." (DN 1, 31).  

To Jelena: "Each Thursday, read again the passage of Matthew 6: 24-34, before the most Blessed Sacrament, or if it is not possible to come to church, do it with your family." (F2, 104).  

MONDAY, MARCH 5TH 1984: To Jelena: "Pray and fast! Ask the Holy Spirit to renew your souls, to renew the entire world." (DN 1 31). 

THURSDAY, MARCH 8TH 1984: Message to the parish: "Dear children, be converted in the parish. It is my second wish. Thus all those who will come here will be able to be converted. Thank you for having responded to my call."   

LENT 1984 (March 7 - April 22) "Do not be afraid for yourselves, you are already saved. Pray rather for those who are in sin and who do not believe." (T.57).  

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14TH 1984: "Pray and fast so that the kingdom of God may come among you. Let my Son set you aglow with His fire." (DN 1,31).   

THURSDAY, MARCH 15TH 1984: To Maria, for the parish: "This evening, dear children, I am particularly grateful to you for your presence. Adore continuously, the Most Blessed Sacrament. I am always present when Christians are in adoration. They then receive some particular graces." (DN 5, 75). "Dear children, pray! All agitation comes from Satan. Your prayer should lead to peace." (BN 18,22).  

SATURDAY, MARCH 17TH 1984: To Jelena, during the novena in preparation for the Annunciation: "Pray and fast, so that during this novena, God will fill you with His power." (DN 1,31).    

MONDAY, MARCH 19TH 1984: "Dear children, sympathize with me! Pray, pray, pray!" (B. ) 

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21ST 1984: To Jelena: "Today I rejoice with all my angels. The first part of my program has been achieved."  Then, while crying: "There are so many men who live in sin. Here there are likewise among you some people who have offended my heart. Pray and fast for them." (BN 18,22).    

THURSDAY, MARCH 22ND 1984: Message for the parish: "Dear children, this evening I ask you in a special way during this Lenten season, to honor the wounds which my Son has received from this parish. Unite yourselves to my prayers for the intention of this parish, so that its sufferings become tolerable. Thank you for responding to my call." (F2, 123). "Pray each day the 'Veni Creator Spiritus' (Come Holy Ghost) and the 'Angelus.' God has given each one the will to decide for himself. My wish is for all to be converted, but I do not want to force anyone." (BN 18,22).  To Jelena: "Yesterday evening I said that the first wish of my plan, was realized." (DN 1,31).    

SUNDAY, MARCH 25TH 1984 (Annunciation) the 1,000th apparition at Medjugorje: "Rejoice with me and with my angels because a part of my plan has already been realized. Many have been converted, but many do not want to be converted. Pray."  After these words, the Blessed Virgin began to cry." (C.148).    

TUESDAY, MARCH 27TH 1984: To Jelena: "In the group, some have given themselves up to God so that He may guide them. Let the will of God be realized in you." (DN 1,31).    

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28TH 1984: "Many persons come here out of curiosity and not as pilgrims." (BN 18,23).    

THURSDAY, MARCH 29TH 1984: A message for the parish: "Dear children, this evening I would like to invite you to persevere in your trials. Even today the All Powerful suffers because of your sins. When sufferings occur, offer them as a sacrifice to God." (DN 5,76).  

FRIDAY, MARCH 30TH 1984: "I wish that your hearts would be united to mine, like my heart is united to that of my Son." (DN 1,32).  To Jelena: "My children, I wish that the holy mass be for you the gift of the day. Attend it, wish for it to begin. Jesus gives Himself to you during the mass. Thus, look forward to that moment when you are cleansed. Pray very much so that the Holy Spirit will renew your parish. If people attend mass with lukewarmness, they will return to their homes cold, and with an empty heart." (DN 1,31-32).  

TUESDAY, APRIL 3RD 1984: To Jelena: "I ask for you to pray for the conversion of all men. For that, I need your prayers." (DN 1,32).   

THURSDAY, APRIL 5TH 1984: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children, this evening I ask you very specially, to venerate the heart of my Son, Jesus. Make reparation for the injury inflicted on the Heart of my Son. This heart has been wounded through all kinds of sin. If you would be strong in the faith, Satan would not be able to do anything against you. Begin to walk the path of my messages. Be converted, be converted, be converted." (BN 18,23).    

SUNDAY, APRIL 8TH 1984: "I ask you to pray for the conversion of everyone. For that, I need your prayers." (M 29).    

THURSDAY, APRIL 12TH 1984: A message for the parish: "Dear children, this evening I ask you to stop your slandering and to pray for unity, because my Son and I have a special project for this parish. Prepare yourselves in a special way for Holy Saturday." (BN 18,24). 
SATURDAY, APRIL 14TH 1984: To Jelena: "How can you not be happy? Jesus gives Himself to you. I wish to inundate souls. If I am sad this evening, the reason is that many have not prepared themselves for Easter. They do not permit Jesus on that day, to unite Himself to their souls." (L 2, 138).    

HOLY WEEK APRIL 15TH-22ND 1984: To Jelena: "Raise your hands and open your hearts. Now, at the time of the Resurrection, Jesus wishes to give you a special gift. This gift of my Son is my gift. Here it is. You will be subjected to trials and you will endure them with great ease. We will be ready to show you how to escape from them if you accept us. Do not say that the Holy Year has ended and that there is no need to pray. On the contrary, double your prayers, because the Holy Year is just another step ahead. At this time, the risen Jesus appeared. Rays of light came forth from His wounds. He said: "Receive my graces and tell the whole world that there is no happiness except through Me." (M 29). 

HOLY THURSDAY, APRIL 19TH 1984: Message for the parish: "Dear children, share my compassion; pray, pray, pray!"  To Jelena:  "I'm going to reveal a spiritual secret to you: if you want to be stronger than evil, make yourself a plan of personal prayer. Take a certain time in the morning, read a text from Holy Scripture, anchor the Divine word in your heart, and strive to live it during the day, particularly during the moment of trials. In this way, you will be stronger than evil." (Bl. 186). That same day, the Blessed Virgin had "dictated" to Jelena the following prayer: 

"Oh my Mother!  Mother of goodness, love and mercy!  I love you immensely, and I offer myself to you.  Through your goodness, your love,  And your mercy, save me!

"I wish to be yours.  I love you immensely And I wish that you protect me.  In my heart, oh mother of goodness,  Give me your goodness, So that I go to Heaven.

"I ask you for your immense love That you may give me the grace That I will be able to love each one Just like you loved Jesus Christ.  I ask you in grace That I be able to be merciful to you.

"I offer myself completely to you And I wish that you will be with me at each step, Because you are full of grace.  I wish never to forget your grace, And if I should lose it, I will ask, make me find it again. Amen."
It is an ambiguous and confusing expression on which one has commented in different ways. According to Fr. Slavko, it means: "That I know how to love your will when it differs from mine." 

To T. Vlasic' question, asked by Jelena: "How could Jesus pray all night?" "With what method?" "He had a great longing for God and for the salvation of souls." (T. Vlasic, June 1, 1984, VB 1, 39, often taken up subsequently).  "If you want to be stronger against evil, have an active conscience. For that, pray very much in the morning and read a passage from the Gospel. Plant the Divine Word in your heart and live it during the day, in this special way, in trials and in the evening, you will be very strong." (T. Vlasic, Aug. 3, 1984).  

GOOD FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 1984: To Jelena: "You should be filled with joy. Today, Jesus died for your salvation. He descends into Hell and opens the gates of paradise. Let joy reign in your hearts!  When you pray, seek the advantage of prayer. Prayer is a conversation with God. To pray means to listen to the Lord. Prayer is for me a service, because after it all things become clear. Prayer leads to knowing happiness."    

HOLY SATURDAY, APRIL 21ST 1984: To Jelena: "Raise your hands, yearn for Jesus because in his Resurrection, he wants to fill you with graces. Be enthusiastic about the Resurrection. All of us in Heaven are happy, but we seek the joy of your hearts. My Son's gift and mine, at this moment is this: you will be comforted in your trials, they will be easier for you because we will be close to you. If you listen to us, we will show you how to overcome them.  Pray very much tomorrow. May Jesus truly rise in your families, that peace be established there, where there are wars. I wish that someone is born again in your hearts. My children, I thank you. Continue to bring about the Resurrection of Jesus in all men. The Holy Year has ended, but it represents only a step in our life. Continue to pray." (BN 18,24).  

EASTER SUNDAY, APRIL 22ND 1984: "We all rejoice in Heaven. Rejoice with us." (DN 1,27).  

MONDAY, APRIL 23RD 1984:  "There is no need to give more information to the people, they already know what they are supposed to do." (T. Vlasic, Aug. 12, 1984 VB 1, 861).  

TUESDAY, APRIL 24TH 1984: "With sadness and with tears: So many people, after they have begun here to pray, to be converted, to fast, and do penitence, quickly forget when they return home, and return to their bad habits." (DN 1,27).  "The information suffices. People already know enough. Tell them this place is a place of prayer. Pray as much as you can, pray however you can, but pray more always. Each of you could pray even four hours a day. But I know that many do not understand because they think only of living for their work."  T. Vlasic then had this conveyed to Our Lady: "If I tell this to the people, then they will go away completely." "Even you do not understand. It is hardly a sixth of your day." (T. Vlasic, May 26, 1984, VB 1, 30).  To Jelena: "Many times, confronting justice and confronting your sins, many times I returned from your home in tears. I could not say a single word. I am your Mother and I do not want to oppose you. But on you, will depend what I wish to do, in you.  We must rejoice in Jesus, to make Him happy." (Tk. Vlasic, Nov. 10, 1984, VB 1, 128).  

THURSDAY, APRIL 26TH 1984: No message.    

MONDAY, APRIL 30TH 1984: Maria asks the reason for there not being a message last Thursday: "I had a special message for the parish so as to awaken the faith of all the believers. In the meantime, I do not want to force anyone to whatever it may be which would not be felt or desired. Not all have accepted the Thursday messages. At the beginning there were more.  But now it seems that all that has become common place to them. And recently, some have asked for the message, only out of curiosity, and not with faith and piety to my Son and me." (F 2,110).   

THURSDAY, MAY 3RD 1984:  No message.   

THURSDAY, MAY 10TH 1984: The absence of a message, the 26th of April, and again the 3rd of May, had been reported in the same way as the explanation of April 30th. The response was quick in coming: "I address you the words, and I will continue to do so. But listen to these instructions."   

THURSDAY, MAY 17TH 1984: To Maria for the parish: "I am happy today because many of you have desired to consecrate yourselves to me. I thank you for it. You have not been mistaken. My Son Jesus Christ wants, through my intercession, to extend the graces of predilection over you. He rejoices that you are consecrating yourselves to Him."   

SATURDAY, MAY 19TH 1984: To Jelena: "Dear children, at this time it is especially necessary for you to consecrate yourselves to me and to my heart. Love, pray and fast."   

MONDAY, MAY 21ST 1984: To Jelena: "O dear children, how I wish that you would turn to me. Imagine my little children that it is the end of the school year and you have reached halfway. That is why now you must become a little more serious." (Ba 62).   

WEDNESDAY, MAY 23RD 1984:  To Jelena: "I wish that the parish prepare itself through a novena, to receive the sacrament of Confirmation on the day of the feast of the Ascension. (which will take place May 31)."  (M. 30).    

THURSDAY, MAY 24TH 1984:  To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children, I have already said it to you; I have chosen you in a special way, just as you are. I am your mother; I love all of you. At every moment, when you have difficulties, do not be afraid because I love you, even when you are far from me and my Son.  I ask you not to permit my heart to cry with tears of blood, because of souls who are lost through sin. That is why dear children, pray, pray, pray!"   

FRIDAY, MAY 25TH 1984: To Jelena:  "I truly wish that you would be pure on the day of Pentecost. Pray, pray that your spirit be changed on that day." (Ba 62).   

SATURDAY, MAY 26TH 1984:  To Jelena:  "Dear children, thank you for every prayer Try to pray continuously, and do not forget that I love you and wish that all of you would love one another."  To Jelena, who is requested to ask questions of the Blessed Mother: "For all of these questions, there is an answer: pray to the Holy Spirit so that He may enlighten you, and you will come to know all that you wish." (Ba 63).  

MONDAY, MAY 28TH 1984:  To Jelena: "Love is a gift from God. Pray then, that God may give you the gift to love."(Ba 62).    

WEDNESDAY, MAY 30TH 1984: To Jelena: "The priests should visit families, more particularly those who do not practice anymore, and who have forgotten God. Priests should carry the Gospel of Jesus to the people, and teach them the way of prayer. And the priests themselves, should pray more and even fast. They should give to the poor, what they don 't need." (T 64).    

THURSDAY, MAY 31ST 1984 (Feast of the Ascension): To Maria, for the parish:  "I will give you the message for the parish, Saturday, June 2nd. It should be announced on Sunday."  

MAY 1984:  To Jelena, after inquiring about August 5th, 1984, if they would be celebrating her two thousandth birthday:  "Throughout the centuries, I have given myself completely to you. Is it too much to give me, three days? Do not work on those days. Take your rosaries and pray. Fasting has been forgotten during the last quarter of the century, within the Catholic Church." (T. 57).  Jelena: "I know that all families can pray four hours a day. But, if I tell that to people, they will back out.  Don 't you understand, that it is only one-sixth of the day?" (F2, 113).    

FRIDAY, JUNE 1ST 1984:  To Jelena: "May the love of God be always in you, because without it, you cannot be fully converted. Let the rosary in your hands make you think of Jesus. Dear children, strive to be absorbed in mass, just as you should." (J).  

SATURDAY, JUNE 2ND 1984:  To Maria, for the parish (a message which had been anticipated: it will not be given Thursday, June 7th):  "Dear children, this evening I recommend to you the novena (of Pentecost). Pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all your families, and on your parish. Pray and you will not be sorry for it. God will bestow His gifts on you, thanks to the fact that you will be glorifying Him until the end of your life." (F2, 124).  To Jelena: "Thank you for every prayer. Continue to pray, but pray with the heart. Dear children, again it is necessary for you to pray to the Holy Spirit and it would be good for you to pray seven 'Our Fathers,' in the church, as one does it for Pentecost." (J).  During the novena, in preparation for Pentecost, the priest who leads the prayer, makes a brief introduction before each "Our Father" to ask for the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.    

MONDAY, JUNE 4TH 1984: "Dear children, I am happy that you have begun to pray as I requested of you. Continue." (Ba 63).    

FRIDAY, JUNE 8TH 1984:  To Jelena: "Dear children, you need love. I have said it to you many times, and I remind you. Continue only to pray and be happy because I am with you." (J).    

SATURDAY, JUNE 9TH 1984 (Vigil of Pentecost): "Tomorrow evening, pray to receive the spirit of truth. More particularly, you, members of this parish. The spirit of truth is indispensable to you in order to convey the messages, such as I give them to you, without adding or deleting whatever it may be. Pray, so that the Holy Spirit inspires you, a spirit of prayer, so that you may pray more. I your mother, find that you pray too little."  

MONDAY, JUNE 11TH 1984: To Jelena: "I wish that you continue to pray and to fast."  To the group: "I wish that you would become like a flower in the spring. The love which I give you is great, but sometimes you reject it, and thus, it becomes less. Always accept immediately, the gifts which I give you, so that you can profit from them." (J). 

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13TH 1984: "Dear children, I invite you to pray more, you and the entire parish, until the day of the anniversary. Let your prayer become a sign of offering to God. Dear children, I know that you are all tired. You do not know how to offer yourselves to me. Offer yourselves completely to me these days." (Bl. 141).    

THURSDAY, JUNE 14TH 1984: No "Thursday message" to the parish. (BN 18, 26 indicated one, though with some confusion). "Pray, Pray!"   

MIDDLE OF JUNE, 1984: To Jelena: "Prepare yourselves through prayer, for the third anniversary of the beginning of the apparitions. June 25th should be celebrated as the Feast of Mary, 'Queen of Peace.' (M30).  

THURSDAY, JUNE 21ST 1984:  To Maria, for the parish: "Pray pray, pray! Thank you for having responded to my call."  To Jelena:  "If you knew how much I love you, you would cry with joy. When anyone is before you, and asks you something, you will give it to him. I am before so many hearts, but they remain closed. Pray so that the world receives my love." (BN 18,24). "Each member of the group is like a flower; and if someone tries to crush you, you will grow and will try to grow even more. If someone crushes you a little, you will recover. And if someone pulls a petal, continue to grow as though you were complete."  To Marijana: "My only wish is that you become as joyful and enthusiastic as you were during the first days of my apparitions." (Ba 64).  

SATURDAY, JUNE 23RD 1984: "Dear children, I am very happy that there are so many people here this evening. Thank God alone." (Ba).  After Easter, Our Lady does not speak to Jelena or Marijana every day, but specially on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.    

SUNDAY, JUNE 24TH 1984 (Feast of Corpus Christi),Third anniversary of the apparitions: "My Children, I thank you for each sacrifice that you have made during these days. Be converted, forgive each other, fast, pray, pray, pray!" (C. 149).    

MONDAY JUNE 25TH 1984: "Thank you for all your sacrifices." (DN 1,27).  

TUESDAY, JUNE 26TH 1984: "When I say pray, pray, pray, I do not want to say to only increase the number of hours of prayer, but also to reinforce the desire for prayer, and to be in contact with God. Place yourself permanently in a state of spirit bathed in prayer." (F2, 112).    

THURSDAY, JUNE 28TH 1984: No Thursday message to the parish.   

THURSDAY, JULY 5TH 1984: Message to the parish: "Always pray before your work and end it with prayer. If you do that, God will bless you and your work. These last days, you have prayed little and worked very much. Pray more. In prayer, you will find repose."   

THURSDAY, JULY 12TH 1984: Message for the Parish: "Dear children, in these days, Satan wants to destroy all my plans. Pray with me so that his design will not be realized. I will pray to my Son, Jesus, so that He may give you the grace to experience His victory over Satan 's temptations."  

MONDAY, JULY 16TH 1984: "I pray for the priests and the parishioners, that no one may be troubled. I know the changes which will take place soon, (in the parish clergy). At the time of the changes, I will be there. Also, do not be afraid, there will be in the future, signs concerning sinners, unbelievers, alcoholics and young people. They will accept me again." (T 42).    

THURSDAY, JULY 19TH 1984: Message for the parish: "Dear children, these last days, you have experienced the work of Satan. I am with you always. Do not be afraid of these temptations. God watches over you always. I am with you in the least of trials."  

FRIDAY, JULY 20TH 1984: Late in the evening, on the hill of the apparitions: "Open your hearts to me, come close. Say in a loud voice, your intentions, and your prayers."  The Blessed Virgin paid close attention to the prayers of the seers. When they prayed for the Bishop of Mostar, her eyes were filled with tears. While crying, she tells them: "You are my little flowers. Continue to pray my task is lighter because of it."  She disappeared into Heaven, as she continued to cry, after she had blessed everyone with a crucifix. (T. 43).  

THURSDAY, JULY 26TH 1984:  A message to the parish: "Dear children! Today also I would like to call you to persistent prayer and penance. Especially, let the young people of this parish be more active in their prayers." 

AT THE BEGINNING OF AUGUST 1984: To Jelena: "This message is dedicated to the Pope and to all Christians. Prepare the second millennium of my birth which will take place August 5th, 1984 Throughout the centuries, I consecrated my entire life to you. Is it too much for you to consecrate three days for me? Do not work, on that day, but take up the rosary and pray." (M. 30).    

THURSDAY, AUGUST 2ND 1984: A message to the parish: "Dear children! Today I am happy and I thank you for your prayers. Pray more these days for the conversion of sinners." For the presentation of Mary's second millennium: "Dear children! Pray as much as possible. Pray at least the entire rosary every day. Fast on bread and water on Wednesdays and Fridays." (BN 18, 27).  To Jelena: "I am happy for your participation at Mass. Continue as you did this evening. Thank you for having resisted the temptation of Satan." (DN 1,33).  

SUNDAY, AUGUST 5TH 1984: The celebration of the second millennium of Mary's birthday was preceded by three days of fasting and continuous prayer. Seventy priests heard confessions without respite; there were conversions in great numbers. "Never in my life have I cried with sorrow, as I have cried this evening with joy. Thank you!"  (RN 18,27).  In anticipation of this day the Gospa had said: "The priest who will hear confession will have great joy on that day."  During these 3 days of fasting and continuous prayer the seers say the Blessed Virgin was "very joyful," and she repeated: "I am very happy, continue, continue. Continue to pray and to fast."

Her joy seemed to have reached a peak Sunday, August 5th. Like a flower when it blooms, and full of joy, she said: "Continue, continue, open your hearts, ask God and I will ask for you." (T. Vlasic, Aug. 6, 1984, VB. 1,761).    

MONDAY, AUGUST 6TH 1984: "Continue and make me happy each day." (T. Vlasic, Aug. 7, 1984, VB 1,79).    

THURSDAY, AUGUST 9TH 1984: A message for the parish: "Dear children, Satan continues to hinder my plans. Pray, pray, pray! In prayer, abandon yourselves to God. Pray with the heart. Thank you for your response to my call."   

SATURDAY, AUGUST 11TH 1984: "Dear children!  Pray, because Satan is continually trying to thwart my plans. Pray with your heart and in prayer give yourselves up to Jesus." (F2, 118).  

TUESDAY, AUGUST 14TH 1984: To Ivan, at the time of an unexpected apparition, at his home: "I ask the people to pray with me these days, as much as they can. Fast strictly on Wednesdays and Fridays. Every day, at least one rosary, Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries." (C.150).  

THURSDAY, AUGUST 16TH 1984: A message to the parish: "Dear children! I beg all of you, especially the members of this parish, to live my messages and to tell them to whomever you meet."   

THURSDAY, AUGUST 23RD 1984: To Maria, for the parish: "Pray, pray, pray!" "Besides," Maria said, "she asks that everyone, and especially the young people, behave in a worthy manner during holy mass."   

SATURDAY, AUGUST 25TH 1984: To Mirjana: "Wait for me September 13th, I will speak to you about the future." (DN 3,12).    

THURSDAY, AUGUST 30TH 1984: Message to the parish, with respect to the cross erected on Mount Krizevac in 1933, for the 1950th anniversary of the death and resurrection of Jesus: "Dear children! The cross was in God's plan when you built it. These days especially, go up on the mountain and pray at the foot of the cross. I need your prayers." 

FRIDAY, AUGUST 31ST 1984: "I love very specially the cross which you have providentially erected on Mount Krizevac. Go there more often and pray." (Bl.34).  

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6TH 1984: Message to the parish: "Dear children! Without prayer there is no peace. For that reason, I say to you; dear children, pray at the foot of the cross for peace."  

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH 1984: To Jelena: "Dear children, you must understand that one has to pray. Prayer is no joke, prayer is a conversation with God. In every prayer you must listen to the voice of God. Without prayer one can not live. Prayer is life." (T. Vlasic, November 10. 1984; VB. 1, 130).   

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH 1984: Message for the parish: "Dear children! I continually need your prayers. You wonder what all these prayers are for. Look around, dear children, and you will see how much ground sin has gained in this world. Because of that, pray that Jesus conquers." 

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH 1984: Message for the parish: "Dear children! Today I ask you to start fasting, putting your heart in it. There are many people who fast only because everyone else is fasting. It has become a custom which no one wants to stop. I ask the parish to fast out of gratitude to God for allowing me to remain so long in this parish. Dear children, fast and pray with your heart."   

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27TH 1984: Message for the parish: "Dear children! Your prayer has helped my plans to be fulfilled. Pray continually for their complete fulfillment. I beg the families of the parish to pray the family rosary."   

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4TH 1984: Message for the parish: "Dear children! Today I would like to tell you that your prayers delight me, but there are some people in the parish who do not pray and for that my heart is sad. Pray, therefore, that I may bring all your sacrifices and prayers to the Lord."   

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5TH 1984: To Jelena: "I love you. Love me, love one another." (DN 1,33).    

MONDAY, OCTOBER 8TH 1984: "Let all the prayers that you say in the evening in your homes, be for the conversion of sinners, because the world is truly in sin. Recite the rosary every evening." (F2, 106).  Jakov was sick that day and received this message at his home:  "Dear children! All the prayers which you recite in the evening in your homes, dedicate them to the conversion of sinners because the world is immersed in a great moral decay. Recite the rosary each evening." (M.36).    

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11TH 1984: Message for the parish: "Dear children! Thank you for offering all your afflictions to God, even at this time when He is trying your patience as you reap your crops." (Our Lady is alluding to prolonged rain which came in the middle of the harvesting and caused great damage.) "Be aware, dear children, that He loves you and that it is for that reason that He tests you. Always present your burdens to God and do not worry." 

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13TH 1984: For the priests of the Marian Movement of Priests: "A message to you and to all those who love me. Dear children, pray unceasingly and ask the Holy Spirit to inspire you always. In everything that you ask, in everything that you do, look only for the will of God." (BN 18,27). "Live according to your convictions and respect others." (Bl. 221).  

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18TH 1984: "Dear children! Today I ask you to read the Bible in your homes every day. Place it in a visible place there, where it will always remind you to read it and to pray."   

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20TH 1984: "When you pray, you must feel more. Prayer is a conversation with God. To pray means to listen to God. Prayer is useful for you because after prayer everything is clear. Prayer makes one know happiness. Prayer can teach you how to cry. Prayer can teach how to blossom. Prayer is not a joke. Prayer is a dialogue with God." (T. Vlasic, November 10, 1984; VB 1, 125-126).  

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24TH 1984: At 10:00 in the evening at Krizevac: "My dear children, I am so happy to see you pray. Pray with me so that God's plan may be realized, thanks to your prayers and to mine. Pray more, and more intensely." (T.45).  

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25TH 1984: Message for the parish: "Dear children! Pray during this month. God has allowed me to help you every day with graces, in order to protect you from evil. This month is mine. I would like to give it to you. Pray and God will give you the graces that you ask for. I will support your requests.  I would like to guide you spiritually, but 1 would not know how to help you, if you are not open. It suffices for you to think, for example, where you were with your thoughts yesterday during mass. When you go to mass, your trip from home to church should be a time of preparation for mass. You should also receive Holy Communion with an open and pure heart; purity of heart and openness. Do not leave the church without an appropriate act of thanksgiving. I can help you only if you are accessible to my suggestions; I can not help you if you are not open." (T-59).  "The most important in spiritual life is to ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit comes, then peace will be established. When that occurs, everything changes around you. Things will change." (T. 59).    

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST 1984: Message for the parish: "Dear children! Today I call you to renew family prayer in your homes. The field work is over. Now, may all of you devote yourselves to prayer. Let prayer have first place in your families. Thank you for your response to my call."   

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8TH 1984: Message for the parish: "Dear children! You are not aware of the importance of the messages which God is sending you through me. He is giving you great graces and you do not realize it. Pray to the Holy Spirit for enlightenment. If only you knew how many graces God is giving you, you would pray without ceasing."   

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15TH 1984: Message for the parish: "Dear children! You are a chosen people and God has given you great graces. You do not realize the importance of every message I am giving you. Now I only wish to say: Pray, pray, pray! I do not know what else to tell you because I love you and wish that in prayer you come to know my love and the love of God."   

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17TH 1984: To Jelena: "Pray. Do not ask yourself about the reason why I constantly invite you to prayer. Intensify your personal prayer so that it will become a channel for the others." (BN 18, 30).    

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 22ND 1984: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! These days, live all of my messages and continue to root them in your hearts this week." 

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH 1984: Message for the parish: "Dear children! You do not yet know how to love, nor do you listen with love to the words I am giving you. Be assured, my beloved ones, that I am your Mother, and that I have come on earth to teach you how to listen with love, how to pray with love, and not be compelled by the cross you are carrying. Through the cross, God is glorified in every person."   

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6TH 1984: Message for the parish: "Dear children! These days, I am calling you to family prayer. Many times, I have given you messages in God's name, but you have not listened. This Christmas will be an unforgettable day for you, provided you accept the messages I am giving you. Dear children, do not allow that day of joy, to be a day of deepest sorrow for me."   

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13TH 1984:  To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! You know that the day of joy is coming near, but without love you will obtain nothing. Therefore, first of all start loving your family and everyone in the parish. Then you will be able to love and accept all those who will come here. Let this week be the week of learning how to love. This Christmas will be unforgettable if you follow me. Disconnect your television sets and your radios, and begin God's programs; meditation, prayer, reading of the Gospel. Prepare yourselves with faith; then you will have understood love, your life will be filled with happiness." (BN 18, 31).  

MONDAY, DECEMBER 17TH 1984: Message conveyed by the seers to Monsignor Franic, Archbishop of Split, during a retreat which he is making at Medjugorje: "You will have to suffer more." (DN 3, 18).  

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20TH 1984: To Jelena: "Today I am asking you to do something concrete for Jesus Christ. On the day of joy, I would like every family of the parish to bring a flower as a sign of self offering to Jesus. I would like every member of the family to have a flower next to the crib, so that Jesus can come and see your offering of self to Him." (VB 2,16). To Maria, for the parish: "Today I invite you to show a concrete gesture for Jesus Christ, I wish that each family in the parish bring each day a flower, as a sign of surrender to Jesus until Christmas which is approaching. Have each member of the family place a flower near the manger; and Jesus, at the time of his arrival, will see your love for Him there."  On December 24th the parishioners carried their flowers near the manger. The whole sanctuary was converted into a flower bed in blossom.  

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21ST 1984: "Dear children! I would like for all of you to be like a flower, which is going to open at Christmas for Jesus; a flower which does not cease to blossom after Christmas. Be the good shepherds of Jesus." (Bl. 298).    

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 25TH 1984: The Virgin did not give a message, but she appeared holding the Child Jesus in her arms. (DN 5,77).   

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 27TH 1984: Message for the parish: "Dear children! This Christmas, Satan wanted in a special way to thwart Gods plans. You, dear children, witnessed Satan even on Christmas day. But God conquered in your hearts. Let your hearts continue to rejoice."
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 29TH 1984: To Jelena, the anniversary day of her first apparition. Today is the feast of the Mother of goodness, of mercy, and of love.  And she gave us her blessing saying: "Up until now I have not given it to you."  And the group felt strongly changed because of it.  She motivated them to receive this blessing: "Receive it, do not neglect it as before. I can give you my blessing, but I cannot give it to you if you do not want it." (T. Vlasic, Mar. 2, 1985, VB 2,381).  To Jelena: "I wish that a great love, a great peace would flourish in you. Thus, pray." (Bl. 257).

Cousin Jeanne says,
"Please accept the gift of peace
that the Queen of Peace wishes
you to have and read her
Messages, daily."

Love, Jeanne