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"I thank the faithful for having come to
church in very bad and cold weather!"


WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2ND 1985: At 11:30 at night at Krizevac, the Virgin appeared surrounded by five angels: "I am very happy to have been able to come here for three years, thanks to the prayers of believers. Continue to pray thusly. A part of my plan has been realized. God blesses in a special way, all those who are here. You can return happily to your homes. You do not immediately understand the reasons. Offer your prayers of thanksgiving for next week." (T, 47).  

THURSDAY, JANUARY 3RD 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! These days, the Lord granted you many graces. Let this week be a week of thanksgiving for all the graces God has granted you. Thank you for having responded to my call."   

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9TH 1985: "I thank the faithful for having come to church in very bad and cold weather." (T. 48).  

THURSDAY, JANUARY 10TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! Today I want to thank you for all your sacrifices. I thank especially those who come here gladly, and have become dear to my heart. There are parishioners who do not listen to my messages; but because of those who are especially close to my heart, I give messages to the parish. And I will continue giving them, for I love you and want you to spread them with love.  

THURSDAY, JANUARY 17TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "In these days, Satan is fighting deviously against this parish, and you, dear children, have fallen asleep in (regard to) prayer. Only some of you are going to Mass. Persevere in these days of temptation."   

THURSDAY, JANUARY 24TH 1985: To Maria. for the parish: "Dear children! These days you have savored the sweetness of God through the renewal in your parish. Satan plans to work even more energetically to take the joy away from each of you. Through prayer, you can totally disarm him and ensure your happiness." 

THURSDAY, JANUARY 31ST 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! Today I want to ask you to open your hearts to God, just like the flowers in the spring that yearn for the sun. I am your Mother and I would like you to be ever closer to the Father, so that he pour gifts into your hearts abundantly."   

JANUARY - FEBRUARY 1985: To Vicka, at the time of a prayer meeting on the mountain: "My dear children, Satan is strong. He wishes, with all his strength, to destroy my plans. Pray only, and do not stop doing it. I will also pray to my Son, so that all the plans that I have begun will be realized.  Be patient and persevere in prayer. Do not permit Satan to take away your courage. He works very hard in the world. Be on your guard. (DN 3,26).    

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 3RD 1985:  "I wish for Father Slavko to stay here, for him to guide the life and to assemble all the news, so that when I leave there will be a complete image of everything that has happened here. I am also praying now for Slavko and for all those who work in this parish." (DN3, 25-26).  

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7TH 1985:  To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! Satan is manifesting himself in this parish in a particular way these days. Pray, dear children, that Gods plan be carried out, and that every work of Satan be turned to the glory of God. I have remained this long to help you in your great trials."   

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! Today is the day when I give you the message for the parish, but not everyone in the parish accepts my messages and lives them. I am sad and I want you, dear children, to listen to me and to live my messages. Every family must pray and read the Bible."   

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17TH 1985: "Pray, dear children, so that God's plan may be accomplished, and all the works of Satan be changed in favor of the glory of God." (F 2, 158).    

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20TH 1985 (Ash Wednesday): To Jelena: "I give you an advice; I would like for you to try to conquer some fault each day. If your fault is to get angry at everything, try each day, to get angry less. If your fault is not to be able to study, try to study. If your fault is not to be able to obey, or if you cannot stand those who do not please you, try on a given day, to speak with them. If your fault is not to be able to stand a proud person, you should try to approach that person. If you desire that person to be humble, be humble yourselves. Show that humility is worth more than pride.  Thus, each day, try to go beyond, and to reject every vice from your heart. Find out which are the vices that you most need to reject. During this Lent, you should try and truly desire to spend it in love. Strive as much as possible." (DN 4bis, 68).  

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21ST 1985: A message to the parish: "Day after day I have been appealing to you for renewal and prayer in the parish. But you are not responding. Today I am appealing to you for the last time. This is the season of Lent, and you, as a parish in Lent, should be moved through love of my appeal to take the first step. If you do not take this step, I do not want to give you any more messages. God will allow me not to give you any more."   

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH 1985: To Jelena: "Know that I love you. Know that you are mine. I do not wish to do anything more for anyone, that I do not wish to do for you. Come all of you to me. Remain with me and I will be your Mother always. Come, because I wish to have all of you." (Bl. 261). To Maria: "For next week, I invite you to say these words: 'I love God in everything.' With love, one obtains everything. You can receive many things, even the most impossible. The Lord wishes for all the parishes to surrender to Him, and I too, in Him. I desire it. Each evening, make your examination of conscience, but only to give thanks in acknowledgment for everything that His love offers us at Medjugorje." (DN 3, 301).    

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH 1985: Message to the parish: "Today I call you to live these words during this week: 'I love God.' Dear children, with love, you can achieve everything, even what appears impossible. God wants this parish to belong to Him completely. And I wish that too."  

FEBRUARY - MARCH 1985: "Dear children! You have always prayed that I not abandon you. Now I ask of you, in turn, not to abandon me. Satan wants especially during these days to disperse you. For that, pray very much these days. Dear children, I came again to thank you. You have not yet understood what that means. To give joy to my heart. It is a very great thing. I ask you only to persevere in prayer. As long as you pray I will have words for you. Good-bye, I thank you dear children. My love for you is unlimited; be happy with me, because I am happy with you." (DN 4 bis, 68).  

THURSDAY, MARCH 7TH 1985: Message for the parish: "Dear children! Today I invite you to renew prayer in your families. Dear children, encourage the very young to pray and to go to holy Mass." (BN 19, 30).  

SATURDAY, MARCH 9TH 1985: "You can receive a grace immediately, or in a month, or in ten years. I do not need a hundred or two hundred 'Our Fathers.' It is better to pray only one, but with a desire to encounter God. You should do everything out of love. Accept all annoyances, all difficulties, everything, with love. Dedi cate yourselves to love." (BN 19, 30).  

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13TH 1985: Message addressed to Vicka, at a time when a mistake by Ivan, who was frightened, caused a stir. (Described in detail in DN 4, p. 17-23).  "Pray, pray, pray! It is only with prayer that you will be able to avoid Ivan's error. He should not have written. And after that had to clearly acknowledge it, so as not to plant any doubts."   

THURSDAY, MARCH 14TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! In your life, you have all experienced light and darkness. God gives every person the power to recognize good and evil. I am calling you to light, which you must carry to all those who are in darkness. From day to day, people who are in darkness come into your houses. You, dear children, give them light."   

MONDAY, MARCH 18TH 1985: To Mirjana: "The rosary is not an ornament for the home, as one often times limits himself to using it. Tell everyone to pray it." (DN 4bis, 421).  "Right now, many are greatly seeking money, not only in the parish, but in the whole world. Woe to those who seek to take everything from those who come, and blessed are those from whom they take everything." (This relates to the exploitation of some pilgrims.) (DN 4 bis, 26). "May the priests help you because I have entrusted to you a heavy burden, and I suffer from your difficulties. Ivan did not make a big mistake. I have sufficiently reprimanded him for the error. It is not necessary to scold him anymore." (Bl 111).  

THURSDAY, MARCH 21ST 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! I want to give you the messages. Therefore I ask you to accept these messages. Dear children, I love you. In a special way I have chosen this parish which is more dear to me than any of the others to which I gladly came when the Almighty sent me. Therefore, dear children, I ask you to accept me for your well-being. Live the messages."  

SUNDAY, MARCH 24TH 1985 (vigil of the Annunciation): "Today I invite all of you to Confession, even if you have already gone to Confession during the last days. I wish that you would live my feast in your hearts. You are not able to, if you do not abandon yourselves completely to the Lord. It is for this reason that I call all of you to reconciliation with the Lord." (DN. 4 bis, 64). 

LENT 1985 (February 20-April 6):  To Jelena: "Fast on bread and water during the first week of the Passion and on Holy Wednesday, Holy Thursday, and Good Friday." (Bl. 209).  

MONDAY, MARCH 25TH 1985 (Feast of the Annunciation): "Through my joy and the joy of this people, I say to all of you this evening, I love you, and I wish you well." (DN. 4 his, 64).  Jelena: "Why are you so beautiful?"  "I am beautiful because I love. If you want to be beautiful, love. There is no one in the world who does not desire beauty." (Bl. 263).  

THURSDAY, MARCH 28TH 1985: Message to the parish: "Dear children! Today, I am asking you to pray, pray, pray. In prayer you will experience great joy and the solution to every hopeless situation. Thank you for making progress in prayer. Each one of you belongs to my heart. I am grateful to all of you who have begun praying in your families."  To Jelena: "You all know the flowers. A flower must blossom and each part of the flower is very important. But there is a moment when the flower must wilt so that the seed can ripen, and after, when the seed is ripe, other flowers will come."  Jelena did not know how to explain this parable. But Tomislav Vlasic explained: "One finds in it the whole liturgy of this evening (Saturday, vigil of Palm Sunday); one must die in order to be able to rise again. We say sometimes that it is sad that a flower must wilt. But, if it does not wilt, it is not able to ripen the seed from where the other flowers come. If it does not die, life can not multiply itself." (S. Barbaric, April 6, 1985, VB. 2, 801).  

THURSDAY, APRIL 4TH 1985 (Holy Thursday): Message to the parish: "Dear children! I am thankful that you have begun to reassure more highly in your hearts the glory of God. Today is the day that I wanted to stop giving messages because certain people do not accept them. The parish has responded and I wish to continue to give messages to a degree, such as has never before been witnessed in the world, since the beginning of history. Try to remain in my heart. Do not remain on the side." (T. Vlasic, April 29, 1985; VB 2, 135).  

FRIDAY, APRIL 5TH 1985: "You, the members of this parish, have a large and heavy cross to bear. But do not be afraid to carry it. My Son is here to help you." (DN 4 bis, 65).   

(April 11, 1985 until September 1987)

 On orders from the Bishop (letter of March 25th), the apparitions, forbidden in every room contiguous to the Church itself, were transferred to the rectory.   

THURSDAY, APRIL 11TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "I would like to tell everyone in the parish: 'Pray especially to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit.'  Beginning today, the Lord wants to try the parish in a special way, in order to strengthen it in faith."  

MONDAY, APRIL 15TH 1985: "You must begin to work in your hearts as you work in the field. Work and change your hearts so that the new spirit of God can dwell there." (C 207

THURSDAY, APRIL 18TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! Today I thank you for the opening up of your hearts. Joy overwhelms me for every heart that opens to God, especially in the parish. Rejoice with me. Pray all the prayers for the opening of sinful hearts. I desire this. God desires this through me." 

THURSDAY, APRIL 25TH 1985: Message for the parish: "Dear children! Today, I invite you to pray with your heart and not only through habit. Some come here but do not pray with their hearts. Therefore, as your mother, I beg you to pray that prayer may prevail in your hearts at every moment."   

THURSDAY, MAY 2ND 1985: "Dear children! Today, I invite you to pray with your heart and not only through habit. Some come here but do not pray with their hearts. Therefore, as your mother, I beg you to pray that prayer may prevail in your hearts at every moment."   

FRIDAY, MAY 3RD 1985: To Jelena: "Sometimes prayers said in a loud voice keep Jesus at a distance, because when men want to conquer with their own power there is no place for God. Prayers said in a loud voice are good when they come from the heart." (BN. 19, 33)    

TUESDAY, MAY 7TH 1985: Ivanka has a vision at home, which lasts about an hour: "The Blessed Virgin was more beautiful than ever and was accompanied by two angels. She asks me what I wished. I prayed to her to let me see my mother. The Blessed Virgin smiled and approved with a nod. My mother appeared to me very soon. She was smiling. Our Lady told me to stand up. My mother embraced me then as she said 'My child, I am so proud of you.'  She embraced me again and disappeared. Our Lady said to me then: 'My dear child, today is our last meeting, do not be sad. I will return to see you at each anniversary of the first apparition (June 25), beginning next year. Dear child, do not think that you have done any thing bad, and that this would be the reason why I'm not returning near to you. No, it is not that. With all your heart you have accepted the plans which my Son and I formulated, and you have accomplished everything. No one in the world has had the grace which you, your brothers and sisters have received. Be happy because I am your Mother and I love you from the bottom of my heart. Ivanka, thank you for the response to the call of my Son, thank you for persevering and remaining always with Him as long as He will ask you. Dear child, tell all your friends that my Son and I are always with them when they call on us. What I have told you during these years on the secrets, do not speak to anyone about them.'  'Dear Gospa, may I embrace you?'  The blessed Virgin gives an affirmative sign with her head. I then embraced her. I asked her to bless me. She did it with a smile and added: 'Go in the peace of God.'   Then she left slowly with the two angels." (F 2, 150-152 and VB 3. 149)  

THURSDAY, MAY 9TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! You do not know how many graces God is bestowing upon you. You are not willing to get moving in these days when the Holy Spirit is working in a special way; you do not want to advance. Your hearts are turned to earthly things and you are preoccupied by them. Turn your hearts to prayer and ask that the Holy Spirit be poured upon you." 

THURSDAY, MAY 16TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! I am calling you to more attentive prayer and to greater participation in the Mass. I want you to experience God within yourselves at Mass. I want to tell young people especially, to be open to the Holy Spirit, because God desires to draw you to Himself during these days when Satan is active. " 

SUNDAY, MAY 19TH 1985: To Jelena: "Dear children, at this time I ask you particularly to consecrate yourselves to me and to my Immaculate Heart. Love, pray, and fast." (Bl 304).   

THURSDAY, MAY 23RD 1985 (day before Pentecost): Message to the parish: "Dear children, I invite you especially these days, open your hearts to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit acts now through you. Open your hearts and offer your life to Jesus, so that he will act in your hearts and strengthen you in the faith. Thank you for your response to my call." 

TUESDAY, MAY 28TH 1985: "Love is a gift from God. Pray so that God may grant you the gift to be able to love." (Bl 255)    

THURSDAY, MAY 30TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children, I am calling you again to prayer of the heart. Let prayer, dear children, be your everyday food, especially when work in the fields is exhausting you, and you cannot pray with your heart. Pray, and then you will overcome every tiredness. Prayer will be your happiness and rest."  

SATURDAY, JUNE 1 1985: To Jelena: "Always have the love of God in you, because without this love, you are not able to convert yourselves completely. Let the rosary be in your hands in memory of Jesus. Dear children, strive to deepen your knowledge of the mass as you should." (J).  

SUNDAY, JUNE 2ND 1985: "Dear children, this evening I would like to tell you to pray more during the novena for an out pouring of the Holy Spirit, on your families and your parish. Pray, you will not be sorry for it. God will present you with gifts for which you are going to glorify Him all your earthly life."   

THURSDAY, JUNE 6TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! Many people of all nationalities will come to the parish and now I am calling you to love. Love first of all the members of your own family and then you might be able to accept and love all those who are coming."   

THURSDAY, JUNE 13TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children: I am begging you, the people of this parish, to pray more until the anniversary of the apparitions. (June 25th). May your prayer be an act of devotion and commitment to God. I know about your tiredness, dear children, but you do not know how to give yourselves to me. These days, I beg you, make an act of total dedication to me."   

THURSDAY, JUNE 20TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! For the coming feast I want to say to you: 'Open your hearts to the Lord of all hearts! Give me all your feelings and all your problems. I want to console you in all your trials. My wish is to fill you completely with God's peace, joy, and love.'"   

SATURDAY, JUNE 22ND 1985: Jelena: The Gospa dictated to me (perhaps, it would be better to say, inspired) this prayer and advised me to recite it in our prayer group:  
"Oh God, our heart is in deep obscurity, in spite of our union to Your Heart.  Our heart is struggling between You and Satan;  do not permit it to be in this manner!  Every time that the heart is divided between good and evil, let it be enlightened by Your light and let it be unified.
"Never permit, for there to be able to exist in us two loves, that there can never co-exist in us two faiths, and that there can never co-exist in us; lying and sincerity, love and hatred, honesty and dishonesty, humility and pride. Help us on the contrary, so that our hearts may be elevated toward You just like that of a child. May our heart be ravished with peace and continue to always have the nostalgia of it.
"May Your Holy will and Your love find a permanent place in us, that at least sometimes we would really wish to be Your children and when, Oh Lord, we will desire to be Your children, remember our past desires and help us to receive You again.  We open our hearts to you so that Your holy love will remain in us. We open our souls to you, so that they may be touched by Your holy mercy which will help us to see clearly all our sins, and will make us realize, that which makes us impure is sin.
"God, we want to be Your children, humble and devout, to the point of becoming your cherished and sincere children, such as only the Father would be able to desire that we be. Help us, Jesus our brother, to obtain the goodness of the Father in our regard, and to be good to Him. Help us Jesus, to understand well what God gives us, although sometimes we fail to perform a good act, as though it were for us an evil." (VB 3, 218-219).
Likewise dictated (inspired) to Jelena, with this clause: "Here is the most beautiful prayer that you could recite for a sick person."
"O my God behold this sick person before You.  He has come to ask You what he wishes and what he considers as the most important thing for him.  You, oh my God, make these words enter into his heart: (What is important, is the health of his soul)
"Lord, may Your will in everything take place in his regard, if You want for him to be cured, let health be given to him;  but if Your will is something else, let him continue to bear his cross. 
"I also pray to You for us, who intercedes for him; purify our hearts, to make us worthy to convey Your holy Mercy.  Protect him and relieve his pain,  that Your holy will be done in him, that Your holy name be revealed through him, help him to bear his cross with courage."  (VB 3, 220-221).
Before this prayer and the preceding one, recite three times the "Glory Be." 

TUESDAY, JUNE 25TH 1985: On this anniversary day of the first apparition on the hill, Maria asks:  "What do you wish from the priests?"  "I urge you to ask everyone to pray the rosary. With the rosary you will overcome all the troubles which Satan is trying to inflict on the Catholic Church.  Let all priests pray the rosary. Give time to the rosary." (F 2, 118).  To Jelena: "A heart which belongs to the Lord is splendid, even if it is flooded with difficulties and trials. But if the heart engaged in difficulties, strays away from God, it loses its splendor."  (BN 19,34). 

THURSDAY, JUNE 27TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Today I invite you to humility. These days all of you have felt a great joy because of all the people who came here, and to whom you spoke with love about your experience. With humility and an opening of the heart, continue to speak with all those who come."

JUNE - 1985: To Jelena: "Dear children, if there is someone and he asks you for something, give it to him. I too, ask before many hearts, and they do not open up. Pray so that the world may receive my love." (Bl. 258). 

MONDAY, JULY 1ST 1985: On the hill of the apparitions: "I thank all those who have responded to my call. I bless all of you, I bless each of you. These days I ask you to pray for my intentions. Go in the peace of God." (Bl. 183). 

THURSDAY, JULY 4TH 1985:  Message for the parish: "Dear children, I thank you for each sacrifice you have made. Now I urge you to offer all your sacrifices with love. I want you who are troubled to begin to help pilgrims with confidence and the Lord will give to you in the same manner."   

THURSDAY, JULY 11TH 1985: Message to the parish: "Dear children! I love your parish and I protect it under my mantle against every satanic enterprise. Pray that Satan will flee from your parish and from everyone who comes to your parish. In that way you will be able to hear each appeal from God and to respond to it with your life. Thank you for your response to my call."   

THURSDAY, JULY 18TH 1985: Message to the parish: "Dear children! Today I invite you to put more blessed objects in your home and may every person carry blessed objects on himself.  Let everything be blessed. Then, because you are armored against Satan, he will tempt you less."   

THURSDAY, JULY 25TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! I want to shepherd you but you do not want to obey my messages. Today I call you to obey my messages and then you will be able to live everything that God tells me to relate to you. Open yourselves to God, and God will work through you, and give you everything you need."   

THURSDAY, AUGUST 1ST 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! I wish to tell you that I have chosen this parish. I guard it in my hands like a little flower that does not want to die. I beg you to give yourselves to me so that I can offer you as a gift to God, fresh and without sin. Satan has undertaken one part of my plan and wants to possess it. Pray that he does not succeed because I desire to have you for myself so that I can offer you to God."   

MONDAY, AUGUST 5TH 1985: Message to Ivan, during an apparition in the evening, on the mountain of Krizevac, where she came "with vestments of gold." "Praise be Jesus Christ. My children, I'm happy to be with you this evening, and to see you so numerous. I bless you with a special blessing."  After having prayed for a long time and listened to Ivan who recommended the persons present, she concluded: "Make progress in holiness through the messages, I will help you. Give your utmost and we will go together, sensitive to the sweetness of life, light, and joy."  After having blessed them, she left in the sign of the radiant cross while saying: "Go in the peace of God, my children, my little children." 

THURSDAY, AUGUST 8TH 1985: Message for the parish: "Dear children! Today I am calling you to begin your struggle against Satan with prayer. Satan wants to work more now that you know he is active. Dress up, dear children, in clothes of armor against Satan; with rosaries in your hands, you will conquer."   

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14TH 1985: To Ivan: "Observe the complete fasts, Wednesdays and Fridays. Pray at least an entire Rosary: Joyous, Sorrowful, and Glorious mysteries." (BN. 19, 351).    

THURSDAY, AUGUST 15TH 1985 (Feast of the Assumption): Message to the parish: "Dear children! Today I bless you and I wish to tell you that I love you. I appeal to you at this moment to live my messages. Today I bless you all with the solemn blessing which the Almighty has granted me."  To Mirjana: "My angel, pray for unbelievers. People will tear their hair, brother will plead with brother, he will curse his past life, lived without God. They will repent, but it will be too late. Now is the time for conversion. I have been exhorting you for the past four years. Pray for them." (BN 19, 35).  "Invite everyone to pray the Rosary." (Bl. 154).  

THURSDAY, AUGUST 22ND 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! Today I wish to tell you that the Lord wants to put you to the test, which you can overcome by prayer. God puts you to the test in your daily activities. Pray now that you pass every test peacefully. Come through every test from God more open to Him and approach Him with greater love."   

THURSDAY AUGUST, 29TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! I invite you especially to prayer because Satan wants to help himself with the harvests of your vineyards. Pray so that he will not succeed." (Placed on guard against the materialism which surrounded them, still, certain persons began to sell grapes to the pilgrims more expensively.)  
THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! I thank you today for all your prayers. Pray continually and pray more so that Satan will go far away from this place. Dear children, the plan of Satan has failed. Pray that every plan of God be realized in this parish. I especially thank young people for the sacrifices they have offered."   

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish, before the celebration of the feast of the Holy Cross, day of the largest pilgrimage of the year, at Krizevac: "Dear children! I wish to tell you these days to put the Cross at the center of your life. Pray especially before the Cross which is the origin of great graces. In your homes make a special consecration to the Cross of the Lord. Promise that you will not offend Jesus and that you will not insult Him, nor the Cross." 

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH 1985 (instead of Thursday, 19th): To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! Today I am calling you to live in humility all the messages I give you. Dear children, when you live the messages do not glorify yourselves by saying: I live the messages. If you carry the messages in your heart and live them everyone will notice it. So, there is no need for words which serve only those who do not wish to hear. For you it is not necessary to speak. For you, my dear children, it is necessary to live and witness by your lives." (DN 4 bis, 67).   

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! Thank you for all your prayers. Thank you for all your sacrifices. I want you to renew the messages that I am giving you. Heed the call to fasting because by fasting you will ensure that the total plan of God here in Medjugorje will be fulfilled. That will give me great joy. Thank you for having responded to my call." 

SEPTEMBER 1985: To Maria: "I have given you my love, so that you may give it to others."   

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3RD 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children! I want to say to you, be thankful to God for every grace that God gave you. For all the fruits of grace, be thankful to the Lord and praise Him. Dear children, learn to be thankful for little things, and then you will be able to be thankful for great things." 

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "I invite you one more time to live the messages in the parish. I invite the young people of this parish particularly, to do it. Dear children, if you live the messages you will develop the seeds of holiness. As Mother, I invite all of you to holiness, so that you will be able to transmit it to others. You are a mirror for others."   

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "There is a time for each thing. Today, I invite you to begin to work on your hearts. At present, all the work in the fields has ended. You find the time to clean the most neglected places, but you set your hearts aside. Work more now, with love, to clean each of the recesses of your heart."  

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "I wish from day to day, to clothe you with sanctity, goodness, obedience and love of God, so that you may be from day to day, more beautiful and better prepared for your God. Dear children, listen to my messages and live them. 1 want to guide you."   

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25TH 1985: Mirjana: "When she appeared, the Blessed Virgin greeted me, 'Praised be Jesus.' Then she spoke of unbelievers; 'They are my children. I suffer because of them. They do not know what awaits them. You must pray more for them.'  We prayed with her for the weak, the unfortunate, the foresaken. After the prayer, she blessed us. Then she showed me, as in a film, the realization of the first secret. The earth was desolate.  It is the upheaval of a region of the world. She was precise. I cried.  'Why so soon,'  I asked?  'In the world, there are so many sins.  What can I do, if you do not help me. Remember, that I love you.'  'How can God have such a hard heart?'  'God does not have a hard heart. Look around you and see what men do, then you will no longer say that God has a hard heart.  How many people come to church, to the house of God, with respect, a strong faith, and love of God? Very few! Here you have a time of grace and conversion. It is necessary to use it well.'" (DN 5, 39).   To Mirjana: "Pray very much for Father Pero, to whom I send a special blessing. I am a mother, that is why I come. You must not fear for I am there."  Father Pero Ljubicic had been chosen by Mirjana, to unveil to the world, the first three warnings, three days before the event. (DN 5, 40).  

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31ST 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "Dear children, today I love all of you with the same love, and I wish that each one would do all that is possible, according to his own capacity. Dear children, you can do it, I know. But you do not want it, because you feel small and weak. Take courage, and offer little flowers to the Church and to Jesus, so that all of us may be happy."  Message to the prayer group: "God loves you very much. He loves you a hundred-fold more than your parents love you." (and she invited to offer her heart to this love.) (T. Vlasic, 2 Nov. 1985, VB 3, 179).  

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "I invite you to love your neighbor, especially those who do you harm. In this way, you will be able to discern the intentions of the heart with love. Pray and love, dear children.  It is with the strength of love, that you will be able to accomplish what seems impossible to you."   

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "I, your Mother, love you. I encourage you to pray. I never get tired. I call you even when you are far from my heart. I feel badly for each person who is lost. But I am your Mother; I forgive easily, and I experience joy for each child who returns to me."   

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21ST 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "I am anxious to tell you that it is a special time for you and for the parish.  During the summer, you say that you have to work very much. At this time, there is no work in the fields. Thus, I invite you to work on yourselves. Come to Mass; the time is being provided for you.  Dear children, there are many who come; in spite of the bad weather, because they love me, and want to prove their love to me. I ask all of you to prove your love to me by coming to Mass. The Lord will reward you generously for it."    

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "I wish to thank all of you for everything you have done for me, especially the young people. I ask you dear children, enter conscientiously into prayer; because it is in prayer, that you will know Gods designs."   

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 4TH 1985: Gianni Sgreva, an Italian Passionist, was inspired to found a 'Community of Consecrated' on the message of Medjugorje, and seeking discernment, submitted his case of conscience to Maria, who questioned the Gospa. I prefer to answer him personally. It seems that the message was positive, because the community opened May, 18th, 1987, at Priabona in Italy. (There follows another message, which one will find later: June 7, 1986, Archives Sgreval.)    

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "I wish io invite you to prepare yourselves for the feast of Christmas; through prayer; penance; and acts of love. Do not worry so much, dear children, about material things, because in this manner, you will not be able to live the feast of Christmas."   

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7TH 1985: To Jelena: "I have only one wish for tomorrows feast. I ask of you to find at least a quarter of an hour; for you to come before me and entrust your problems to me. No one will understand you, as I do." (J).  

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "I invite you to praise Jesus, with me, at this time of Christmas. On that day; I give Him to you in a special way, and invite you to celebrate Jesus' birth with me. Dear children; on that day, pray more, and think more of Jesus."   

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19TH 1985: To Maria, for the parish: "I invite you to love your neighbor. If you love your neighbor, you will feel more the presence of Jesus, especially on Christmas day. God will fill you with great gifts, if you abandon yourselves to Him. On Christmas Day, I will give a special blessing to all the mothers, my maternal blessing. And Jesus will grant His blessing to everyone."   

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 26TH 1985:  To Maria, for the parish: "I thank all of you who have listened to my messages, and who have lived, on Christmas Day, what I had told you previously. Beginning now, you are purified of your sins, and I would like to continue to guide you in the love of your heart." 

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 31ST 1985: To Jelena, during the eve of December 31st: "Next year is the year of peace; not because men have named it so, but because God has programmed it. You will not have peace through the presidents, but through prayer." Through one of the little seers of the group, during this same vigil, Jesus said: "When you hear the clocks at midnight, you will fall on your knees, bow your head to the ground, so that the King of Peace will come. This year, I will offer my peace to the world. But afterwards, I will ask you where you were when I offered you my peace. (These two messages were reported by T. Vlasic, February, 6th, 1986, VB4, 34).

Cousin Jeanne says,
"Please accept the gift of peace
that the Queen of Peace wishes
you to have and read her
Messages, daily."

Love, Jeanne