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Gathered by Different Authors

We give in an appendix, the messages which have been gathered by authors, who had made inquiry into the messages of Medjugorje. These messages, which they generally did not date, (nor give the means for dating) are presented in a chronological order, per each book. This provides a "date limit." As an exception, we group at the end, the four volumes of homilies of Father T. Vlasic and Father Slavko Barbaric, which are remarkable for the quality of their information. 


Received by Mirjana before December 26, 1982, confided on November 5, 1983 to Tomislav Vlasic, who conveyed them to the Pope on December 16, 1983. In his letter of December 16, 1983, to the Pope, and published in "Is The Virgin Mary Appearing at Medjugorje?" (Paris, 1984), Tomislav Vlasic reports some revelations received by Mirjana in 1982, and confided to him November 5, 1983, with this significant introduction: "During the apparition of December 25, 1982, according to Mirjana, the Madonna confided to her the tenth and last secret, and revealed to her, the dates in which the different secrets will be realized. The Blessed Virgin revealed to Mirjana some aspects of the future, up to this point, in greater detail than to the other seers. For this reason, I am reporting here what Mirjana told me in a conversation of November 5, 1983.  I summarized the essentials of her account, without literal quotation. Mirjana told me: "Before the visible sign is given to humanity, there will be three warnings to the world. The warnings will be in the form of events on earth. Mirjana will be a witness to them. Ten days before one of the admonitions, Mirjana will notify a priest of her choice. The witness of Mirjana will be a confirmation of the apparitions and a stimulus for the conversion of the world.  After the admonitions, the visible sign will appear on the site of the apparitions in Medjugorje for all the world to see. The sign will be given as a testimony to the apparitions and in order to call people back to faith.  

The ninth and tenth secrets are serious. They concern chastisement for the sins of the world. Punishment is inevitable, for we cannot expect the whole world to be converted. The punishment can be diminished by prayer and penance, but it cannot be eliminated. Mirjana says that one of the evils that threatened the world, the one contained in the seventh secret, has been averted thanks to prayer and fasting. That is why the Blessed Virgin continues to encourage prayer and fasting: You have forgotten that through prayer and fasting you can avert wars and suspend the laws of nature.  

“After the first admonition, the others will follow in a rather short time. Thus, people will have some time for conversion.  That interval will be a period of grace and conversion. After the visible sign appears, those who are still alive will have little time for conversion. For that reason, the Blessed Virgin invites us to urgent conversion and reconciliation. The invitation to prayer and penance is meant to avert evil and war, but most of all to save souls.” 

According to Mirjana, the events predicted by the Blessed Virgin are near. By virtue of this experience, Mirjana proclaims to the world: "Convert as quickly as possible. Open your hearts to God." 

In addition to this basic message, Mirjana related an apparition she had in 1982 which we believe sheds some light on some aspects of Church history. She spoke of an apparition in which Satan appeared to her. Satan asked Mirjana to renounce the Madonna and follow him. That way she could be happy in love and in life. He said that following the Virgin, on the contrary, would only lead to suffering. Mirjana rejected him, and immediately the Virgin arrived and Satan disappeared. Then the Blessed Virgin gave her the following message, in substance: "Excuse me for this, but you must realize that Satan exists. One day he appeared before the throne of God and asked permission to submit the Church to a period of trial. God gave him permission to try the Church for one century. This century is under the power of the Devil, but when the secrets confided to you come to pass, his power will be destroyed. Even now he is beginning to lose his power and has become aggressive. He is destroying marriages, creating division among priests and is responsible for obsessions and murder. You must protect yourselves against these things through fasting and prayer, especially community prayer.  Carry blessed objects with you.  Put them in your house, and restore the use of holy water.” 

KRALJEVIC (1983) The Virgin tells the children: “I know that many will not believe you, and that many who have an impassioned faith will cool off. You remain firm, and motivate people to instant prayer, penance and conversion.  At the end, you will be happier.” (K56)  

Messages approximately grouped on Ecumenism (see annex#2): “In God differences do not exist among his people; religion need not separate people. Every person must be respected, despite his or her particular profession of faith. God presides over all religions, as a king controls his subjects, through his priests and ministers. The sole mediator of salvation is Jesus Christ.” Do differences exist among the believers of different churches?  (A question asked in reference to a certain Protestant community.) “It is not equally efficacious to belong to or pray in any church or community, because the Holy Spirit grants his power differently among the churches and ministers. All believers do not pray the same way. It is intentional that all apparitions are under the auspices of the Catholic Church.” (K59)  

To the seers: “When you will suffer difficulties, and need something, come to me.” (K72).  

“I cannot cure. God alone cures. Pray!  I will pray with you. Believe firmly. Fast, do penance. I will help you as long as it is in my power to do it. God comes to help everyone. I am not God. I need your sacrifices and your prayers to help me.” (K86, and F1, 45).  

“Faith cannot be alive without prayer.” (K86) 

“The Mass is the greatest prayer of God. You will never be able to understand its greatness. That is why you must be perfect and humble at Mass, and you should prepare yourselves there.” (K86)  

For a Priest who questions: Is it preferable to pray to you or to pray to Jesus?  “I beseech you, pray to Jesus! I am His Mother, and I intercede for you with Him. But all prayers go to Jesus. I will help, I will pray, but everything does not depend solely on me, but also on your strength, and the strength of those who pray.” (K87)  

With respect to the souls in Purgatory: “These persons wait for your prayers and your sacrifices.” (K87)  

“The most beautiful prayer is the  ’Creed.’" (K94)  

“The most important thing, is to believe.” (K94)  

“All prayers are good, if they are said with faith.” (K95)  

“My Son wants to win all souls to Him, but the Devil strives to obtain something. The Devil makes a great effort to infiltrate among you, at all costs.” (K116) 

JOURNAL OF JELENA:  Questioned on the similarity between the signs announced at Medjugorje, and the third secret of Fatima, Jelena responds, "Toward these things the Gospa told us: “Do not fear anything. You must forget what is behind you in your life. I only want that from now on, you be new people. Do not fear anything when I am near you. I love you.”  

Conversation with Fr. Bonifacio and Fr. Petar Ljubicic: “It does not suffice to pray. You must change your life, your heart. Love the others, have love for others. Love what you do and always think about Jesus and you will understand what is good, and what is bad.” (Ibid)    

FATHER BUBALO (1981):  Vicka: “At the very beginning, the Gospa tells us: ‘You may leave, but let little Jakov stay with me.’” And Vicka adds: "Jakov is an extraordinary boy; the Gospa knew it." (Bu52). 

During the times of the first apparitions: To Mirjana: “My Son struggles for each of you, but Satan fights Him also. He prowls around you, sets traps for you. He tries to divide you, you the seers, to plant discord among you; to confuse you so you will detest yourselves, and will abandon yourselves to him.”  

Vicka adds: "Our Lady has said it to us on several occasions." (Bu71). 

BOTTA-FRIGERIO (1984) “The world can only be saved through peace. But it will only have peace in its meeting with God.” (Bo75).  

“The world lives amidst very strong tensions. It is on the edge of catastrophe.” (Bo75).  

“I have come here because there are many believers. I want to remain with you in order to convert many and to bring peace to everyone. Begin by loving your enemies. Do not judge, do not slander, and do not despise, but give only love. Bless your adversaries and pray for them.  I know well that you are not capable of doing it; I advise you to pray each day at least five minutes to the Sacred Heart, so that you can receive the gift of Divine Love, with which you will be able to love your enemies.” (Bo75).  

“It is necessary to convert oneself to God, in order to obtain peace. Tell the whole world; tell it without delay, that I ardently wish conversion. Be converted, do not wait. I will ask my Son that He not chastise the world. Convert yourselves, renounce everything, and be ready for everything.  Do not go in search of extraordinary ways, take rather, the Gospel and read it. There, everything will be clear.” (Bo76).  

“You only learn to pray, through praying.” (Bo76).  

“Offer your time to God and let yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit. Then, your work will go well and you will have free time. Those who abandon themselves to God do not have place in their hearts for fear. The difficulties which you will face, will contribute to your growth and to the glory of the Lord. For that, reject fear.” (Bo77).  

“Prayer always leads to peace and serenity. (Bo78, cf Bl298). No one is dispensed from fasting, except those who are gravely ill. Prayer and works of charity cannot replace fasting. I recommend to you in a special way, to attend Holy Mass every day” (Bo79).  

“Mass represents the highest form of prayer. You must be humble and respectful during Holy Mass, and prepare yourself for it with care.” (Bl79, cf Bl 238).  

“May the Holy Father announce with courage, peace and love to the world. May He not consider Himself the Father of Catholics, but of all mankind.”  (Bo80).  

CASTELLA - LJUBIC (1984-85): Reported by Mirjana: “Tell the faithful that I need their prayers, and prayers from all the people. It is necessary to pray as much as possible and do penance because very few people have been converted up until now There are many Christians who live like pagans. There are always so few, true believers.” (C49, cf. Bl213). 

To the priest who asked what they should do: “Carry out well your responsibility, and do what the Church asks you to do.” (C52). 

“One day the Gospa reproached Jakov for his behavior at school towards his friends: “You must love them all.”  "I love them all. But they are so annoying to me."  “Then accept it as a sacrifice, and offer it.” (C64).  

A group of seminarians from Zagreb and Djakovo, attended an apparition.  Maria: "The Gospa looked at each one of us, and told us with a smile: "Tell them, that with prayer, one obtains everything.”   (C68).  

The Blessed Virgin received a young nun with open arms, while she kept her hands joined before the others. Questioned by Mirjana, she said: “I will take with me very soon, all those to whom I extended my arms.” (C69). 

To a nun who asked about her brother, who had died in an accident: “I understand the question, answered the Blessed Virgin. He died in the state of grace. He needs Masses and prayers.” (C70).  

Asked by the seers why her choice had fallen upon them, the Blessed Virgin replied: “I do not choose the best. Are you angry with my choice, my angels?” (C75). 

Mirjana reports to a religious, a close friend, this word from the Gospa: “The hour has come when the demon is authorized to act with all his force and power. The present hour, is the hour of Satan.” (C99).  

“Many pretend to see Jesus and the Mother of God, and to understand their words, but they are, in fact, lying. It is a very grave sin, and it is necessary to pray very much for them.” (C123).  

“I am anxious for people to know what is happening in Medjugorje. Speak about it, so that all will be converted.” (C134). 

To Mirjana, who asks the Gospa on her insistence in saying, “It presses me to. . . :” “When you will be in Heaven, you will understand why I am so pressed.” (C214). 

To the seers who ask regarding the apparitions and their purpose: “Is it, after all, that I bore you? Everything passes exactly according to God's plan. Have patience. Persevere in prayer and in penance. Everything happens in its own time.”  On the matter of a Catholic priest, confused because of the cure of an Orthodox child:
“Tell this priest, tell everyone, that it is you who is divided on earth. The Muslims and the Orthodox, for the same reason as Catholics, are equal before my Son and me. You are all my children. Certainly, all religions are not equal, but all men are equal before God, as St. Paul says. It does not suffice to belong to the Catholic Church to be saved, but it is necessary to respect the commandments of God in following one's conscience.

Those who are not Catholics, are no less creatures made in the image of God, and destined to rejoin someday, the House of the Father. Salvation is available to everyone, without exception. Only those who refuse God deliberately are condemned. To him, who has been given little, little will be asked for. To whomever has been given much (to Catholics), very much will be required. It is God alone, in His infinite justice,Who determines the degree of responsibility and pronounces judgment.” (C128).

FR. ROBERT FARICY (1985) On the subject of Christ: “I am His Mother, and I intercede for you, near to Him.” (F2134).  

TUTTO (1985) “Let the faithful meditate each day on the life of Jesus, while praying the rosary.” (T43).  

“Every prayer, which comes from the heart, is agreeable to God.” (T58).

“You do not celebrate the Eucharist, as you should. If you would know what grace, and what gifts you receive, you would prepare yourselves for it each day, for an hour at least. You should go to confession once a month. You should consecrate three days to reconciliation, each month: the first Friday of the month, followed by Saturday, and Sunday.”  The parish at Medjugorje had established an hour of adoration, before the Most Blessed Sacrament, the first Friday of the month. On the Saturday which followed, [there would take place] an hour of devotion before the cross, with prayers for sinners. And on Sunday, the Holy Mass was followed by a meal of reconciliation. (T58). 

BLAIS (1986) “I do not have the right to impose on anyone, what they should do. You have reason, and a will. You should, after having prayed, reflect and decide.” (B137).  

“Receive the peace of my Son. Live it, and spread it.” (Bl90). 

“Permit Jesus to perform great works in you. The door of your heart, the lock is rusted. Permit Him to open it. May it be open through your prayer, your fasting, your conversion.” (B1143).  

Pray slowly, and meditate while saying the prayers of the rosary. Take a quarter of an hour to recite: 5 Our Father's, Hail Mary 's, and Glory Be's.” (Bl173).  

I love you so much. And if you love me, you will be able to feel it. I bless you in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, and in my name. Remain in peace.” (Bl183).  

“You will find everything in the Gospels.” (Bl244). 

“Let the word of God begin to speak in your heart.” (Bl245).  

Begin to love your enemies. Do not judge or slander. Do not scorn. Do not curse. Only give your adversaries love. Bless them, and pray for them. I know that you are not capable of doing it, but I advise you to pray each day at least five minutes, to the Sacred Heart, so that He can give you Divine love, with which you will be able to love, even your enemies. (Bl301). (Another version of the message previously shown in Botta.)  

You can direct your prayers not only to those who are already in Heaven, but also to those who are in Purgatory, because with their prayer, they can help you to reach eternal happiness.” (Bi 326).  

“One must follow the authority of the Church with certainty. Yet, before she expresses an opinion, it is necessary to advance spiritually, because she will not be able to express a judgment in a vacuum, but in a confirmation which presupposes growth of the child. First comes birth, followed by Baptism, then Confirmation. The Church comes to confirm him, who is born of God. We must walk and advance in the spiritual life, affected by these messages. (Bl330). 

MIRAVALLE (1986)  Before December, 1983:  “So many believers never pray. Have the people pray! Faith cannot be alive without prayer.” (M 8).  

I am not able to cure you. God alone, can cure you. Pray! I will pray with you. Believe firmly, fast, do penance. God comes to help each one. I am not God. I need your prayers and your sacrifices to help me.” (M 8).  

“You do not need a sign; you yourselves must be a sign.” (M 9).  

“Peace is necessary for prayer. Peace should be present before prayer, and while one is praying. Prayer should, of course, lead to peace and reflection.” (M 30).  

“Why ask so many questions? The answer is found in the Gospels.” (M 31). 

To Jelena: “The subject on the certainties of catastrophes comes from false prophets. They say, on such a day, at such an hour, there will be a catastrophe. I have always said: Punishment will come about, if the world is not converted. Call all mankind to conversion. Everything depends on your conversion.” (M 31).  

To Jelena: “When others cause you some difficulty, do not defend it, rather, pray” (M 31). 

To Jelena: “I desire that you be a flower, which blossoms for Jesus at Christmas. A flower which does not cease to bloom when Christmas has passed. I wish that you have a shepherd's, heart for Jesus.” (M 31).  

“Dear children, when someone comes to you and asks you a favor, answer by giving. I find myself before so many hearts which do not open themselves to me. Pray, so that the world willingly wants to accept my love. (M 39). 

Between June and December, 1984:

Dear children, the love of God has not spread over all the earth. That is why, pray! (M 40).

Dear children, I wish that the whole world become my children, but they do not want to. I want to give them all things. That is why, pray! (M 40).

Dear children, I love you so much. When you love me, you will be able to feel it. I bless you in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, and in my name. Go in peace. (M 40). 

BOA NOVA  “These are my last apparitions to mankind. With the events which are preparing themselves, and which are near, the power which Satan still holds, will be withdrawn from him. The present century has been under his power. Now that he is conscious of losing the battle, he is becoming more aggressive. He attacks the family, separates husband and wife. He creates divisions among the priests, and even gives himself to physical attacks. Protect yourselves, above all through prayer, through blessed sacred objects, through community prayer.” (BN 20, 10). 


“Love your Serbian, Orthodox and Muslim brothers, and the atheists who persecute you.” (DN 2, 73). (Concerning information from Bishop Franic.

“All your prayers touch me very much, especially your daily rosary.” (DN 6, 15). 


“The weekly information given by Fr. Tomislav Vlasic and Fr. Slavko Barbaric, to Italian pilgrims, have been edited, in four volumes which we have designated through the abbreviations: VB 1, VB 2, VB 3, VB 4.

Here, we re-group the messages, which are not dated, in these four volumes. Each volume gives way to a "limit date" as follows. The first gives some communication from May 24 to December 29, 1984. The second, January 4 to June25, 1985; the third from July to December, 1985; and the fourth, from January 4, 1986, to January 8, 1987.” 

VB 1 (1984)

“I've already said many times, that peace in the world is in a state of crisis. Become again, brothers to one another Pray and fast more, in order to be saved.” (Sept. 1983, VB 1, 15).  

“Pray, fast, and let God act. If you want to be very happy, lead a simple, humble life, pray very much, and do not sink into problems. Let God resolve them. (message also in M 30). Peace should follow your prayer. Often , prayer said in a loud voice keeps Jesus at a distance, because men want to conquer with their own strength. Then there is no more place for God. Prayers said in a loud voice are good, but they must come from peace in the heart. Even joy and songs can hinder the rise of the groups, if the people deliver themselves only to emotion.” (T. Vlasic, May 24, 1984; collects these teachings as a rule of life, given by Our Lady.). 

“When I tell you, pray, pray, do not understand it only as an increase in quantity. What I want is to carry you to a profound continuous desire of God.” (T. Vlasic, VB 1, 39). 

“The most important thing is to believe. That is, to open one's self to God; pray and fast.” (T. Vlasic, June 1,1984, VB 1, 41). 

Response from Our Lady to two questions from Tomislav Vlasic: "Have you come to purify the new renewal movements, which are multiplying?" “It is exactly so.” 

"How could Jesus pray all night, without getting tired. What was His method?" “He had a great desire for God, and for the salvation of souls. Prayer is a dialogue with God, a meeting with the Gospel.”  

"What do you say about Oriental meditations?" (Zen, Transcendental meditation): “Why do you call them 'meditations,' when it deals with human works? The true meditation is a meeting with Jesus. When you discover joy, interior peace, you must know there is only one God, and only one Mediator, Jesus Christ.” (VB 1, 45).

“Your days will not be the same according to whether you pray, or you do not pray” (VB 1 51). 

Responses to questions asked by the seers at the request of Tomislav Vlasic:

“What do you tell the priests and religious?”  “Be strong in faith and protect the faith of your people.  Do what the Church tells you.”   

“Do you want to give a sign for priests?”  “Have them take the Gospel and they will understand everything. (T. Vlasic, June 20, 1984. VB 1, 51).”  “Go to the heart. Words are not sufficient. Go to the heart.” (VB 1, 52). 

In the past autumn (1983), Our Lady said: “I would be happy for people, families, to pray a minimum of half-an-hour, in the morning and in the evening.”  “The people shook their heads at this,” stated Fr. Vlasic.  

But in the spring of 1984, Our Lady said: “I know that in the parish and in all the parishes, you can pray four hours a day, but you do not understand it yet because you live only for your work. One does not live from work alone, but also from prayer.”  As I objected to her: "If one asks so much, people will go away." She replied:

Not even you understand. That makes hardly a sixth of your day.” (T. Vlasic, July 31, 1984. VB 1, 55).

“You, do not think of wars, of evil, of chastisements. If you think about evil, you are on the road where one meets it. Your role is to accept Divine peace, to live it and spread it.” (VB 1, 61). 

To Jelena: “Christians make a mistake in considering the future because they think of wars and of evil. For a Christian, there is only one attitude toward the future. It is hope of salvation. (VB 1, 61).

Your responsibility is to accept Divine peace, to live, and to spread it not through words, but through your life. (Same communication of T. Vlasic Aug. 2, 1984. VB 1, 63). 

To Jelena:  “The only attitude of the Christian toward the future is hope of salvation. Those who think only of wars, evils, punishment, do not do well.  If you think of evil, punishment, wars, you are on the road to meeting them. Your responsibility is to accept Divine peace, live it and spread it.” (A more ample transmission of the word already cited in VB 1, 61. T. Vlasic, Aug. 12, 1984. VB 1, 81).  

If you have not listened to my messages, the day of joy will become for me, a day of sadness. (S. Barbaric, Dec. 8, 1985. VB 1, 135). 

VB 2 (1985)

To Ivan's prayer group: “Even the little things, entrust them to me. Consecrate them to my mission.”  (S. Barbaric, Mar. 2, 1985. VB 2, p.40). 

To the question: “How does one behave before Satan?”  “Fervent prayer, humility, reciprocal love will prevent Satan from approaching you.”  

To a question conveyed through Tomislav Vlasic at the beginning of Lent, 1985: “What do you most wish for the fast?” 

The Gospa responds insisting on something else: “Honesty, love, humility and sincerity will lead you to me.” (T. Vlasic, Mar. 9, 1985. VB 2, 45).  

“What should one do in the midst of so many discussions and publications on Medjugorje?” “See! Now I am there, in each family, in each home. I am everywhere because I love. Do the same. The world lives from love.”  

After having repeated a song three times: “Excuse me for making you repeat, but I wish you to sing with the heart. You must really do everything with the heart.”   And afterwards, (the seers continue, quoted by T. Vlasic) “She made us know this at the beginning of prayer,”  “One has to be already prepared. If there are some sins, one must pull them out, otherwise, one will not be able to enter into prayer.  If one has concerns, he should submit them to God.”  That same evening she said,  “Take off your jackets. Here it is warm. Remember what Jesus said: Have faith. You must abandon yourselves to God. (All that in preparation for prayer.).   You must not preoccupy yourselves during prayer. During prayer, you must not be preoccupied with your sins. Sins must remain behind.” (Words at the beginning of Lent, at the end of Feb. or the beginning of Mar. 1985, reported by T. Vlasic, VB 2, 66).  

“Many come to pray, but do not enter into prayer.”  (T. Vlasic, Apr. 5, 1985. VB 2, 74).  

“When you have entered into prayer, then you are able to pray for God's plans, because when God is there, he inspires your plans.  Do not ask for the blessing, just as you have done the last time. You asked for it and you did not obtain it.” (Because it is not a magic thing, she crowns what God has inspired in you in prayer, observes T. Vlasic, Apr. 5, 1985. VB 2, 75).  

“Prayer must be enjoyment in God, blossoming in God, be full of peace, be full of joy.”.  

“Many Christians do not ever enter into prayer. They arrive at the beginning, but they remain there. (T. Vlasic, Apr. 10, 1985. VB 2, 107).  (If you enter into prayer after you have been relieved of all your concerns, remorse, analysis), then you will be able to ask God to inspire your plans from within. You will feel what God wants, (inside of you, yourself and your group), and then ask for the blessing. (T. Vlasic, Apr. 10, 1985. VB 2, 112).  

“Your work will not go well without prayer in the morning. Pray then in the morning, and pray in the evening. Understand that your work cannot be done well without prayer.” (Message of autumn 1983, T. Vlasic, Apr. 29, 1985. VB 2, 137).  

“Come early to church.  Sometimes it is better not to come to Mass than to come in a hurry and to return home in a hurry, (S. Barbaric, May 18,1985, VB 2, 147).  

“These apparitions are the last for humanity.” (T. Vlasic, May 31, 1985, VB 2, 165). 

To Jelena, message of 1983: “Take me seriously. When God comes among men, he does not come to joke, but to say serious things.  It is better to stay in church and pray with faith than to gather together with onlookers near the seers during an apparition.” (Which had then taken place in the presbytery). 

Message to the prayer group which had received many messages during Lent and was surprised not to receive any more after Easter: “Thank you to all those who pray and feel my presence. I regret that some individuals say the Gospa is no longer among us. Pray, and you will feel that I am present.” 

In a meeting of her prayer group, Jelena saw the desert, and in the desert, a tree, and under the tree, where the sun was shining. In this sun, she recognized Jesus Christ. The Gospa told her, among other things: “To this group, many graces have been given, but you must not reject them.” (T. Vlasic, June 15, 1985, VB 2, 18). 

VB 3 (1986)

To Jelena's group, toward the beginning of July 1985: “I cannot speak to you. Your hearts are closed.
You have not done what I told you, I cannot speak to you. I cannot give you graces as long as you remain closed.” (T.Vlasic, July 13, 1985, VB 3, 15).  

To Jelena for her group: “Each of you has a special gift which is your own, and can alone understand it interiorly.”  To Jelena's prayer group: “It seems when you carry my messages, be on your guard that they are not lost. Carry my messages with humility, in such a way that on seeing happiness in you, persons will desire to be like you. Do not carry my messages to simply throw them to others.”  T. Vlasic, July 15, 1985 comments: "Don't go to the cities:  Milan, Rome or Turin to cry: 'The Madonna has appeared.'  Have them understand it through what you are."  

In the middle of June, 1985, Jelena saw a splendid pearl which divided itself, and each part glittered, then it faded. And she heard this explanation: “Jelena, man's heart is like this splendid pearl. When he belongs completely to the Lord, he shines even in the darkness. But when he is divided, a little to Satan, a little to sin, a little to everything, he fades and is no longer worth anything.” (S. Barbaric, Aug. 4, 1985, VB 3, 37). 

To Jelena, during the week of July 28th to August the 4th: “During these days, I wish that you consider this idea: After so long and so much time, I have not met Jesus, my friend. After so long and so much time, I have not encountered my Mother, Mary. In these days, I want to encounter them.” (T. Vlasic, Aug. 5, 1985, VB 3, 39).  

“Do not be afraid of Satan. That isn't worth the trouble, because with a humble prayer, and an ardent love, one can disarm him.” (S. Barbaric, Aug. 8, 1985, VB 3, 57). 

Prayer given to Jelena for her group: “My soul is full of love like the sea. My heart is full of peace like the river. I am not a saint, but I am invited to be one.” (T. Vlasic, Sept. 10, 1985, VB 3, 97).  

Against temptations of analysis, which are temptations from the devil: “With respect to sin, it suffices to give it serious consideration, and soon, move ahead and correct the sin. Your humility must be proud (high minded). Your pride should be humble. If you have received a gift from God, you must be proud but do not say that it is yours. Say, rather, that it is God's.” (T. Vlasic, Sept. 10, 1985, VB 3, 98).  

To Mirjana, in 1984 (Probably Aug. - Sept.): “Every adult is capable of knowing God. The sin of the world lies in this: It does not look for God.” (T. Vlasic, Sept. 10, 1985, VB 3, 98). 

To Maria, during her retreat of one week, beginning of September, in response to her question: “Have you anything concrete for me?  Yes. I give you my love so that you can give it to others.” (S. Barbaric, Oct. 7, 1985, VB 3, 121).  

The Gospa said with sadness: “Those who say, 'I do not believe in God,'  how difficult it will be for them when they will approach the Throne of God and hear the voice: ‘Enter into Hell.’” (T. Vlasic, Oct. 8, 1985, VB 3, 127). 

To Jelena, three evenings in succession, toward October 10th to 15th: “If you wanted to accept my love, you would never sin.”  

On the following evening (the fourth day) , Jelena asks: “Why do you always repeat the same message?  But I don't have anything else to say to you.” And she cries. (T. Vlasic, Oct. 19, 1985, VB 3, 151).  

“There are many who finish their prayers, even without entering into them.” (ibid 3, 158). 

A question from the pilgrims of Milan to Jelena: “We have come to you, Dear Mother. When will you come to Milan?”  The Gospa's answer through Jelena:  “When you open your hearts to me.” (T. Vlasic, Oct. 25, 1985, 3, 167).  

Tomislav Vlasic, whom the Blessed Virgin had entrusted with a responsibility through Jelena, asks through the seer, Maria: “How should I do it?”  “Do not worry, I will help you.  If you want to be stronger than evil, and grow in goodness, then develop an active conscience.” (T. Vlasic, Nov. 2, 1985, VB 3, 179). 

To a prayer group, after an hour in which prayer of petition had prevailed: “Have you forgotten that you are in my hands?” (T. Vlasic, Nov. 16, 1985, VB 3, 201). 

VB 4 (1987)

To Jelena and Marijana, a little before February 25th: “Understand that you are nothing, incapable, really nothing. It is the Father who will do everything.” (T. Vlasic, Feb. 25, 1986, VB 4, 39). 

To Jelena, for her prayer group, after prayer and fasting: “I have listened to your prayer and yet you will not receive what you have wished. You will receive other things because it is not up to you to glorify yourself but to me to glorify myself in you.” (ibid VB 4, 39).  

“Do not be afraid. Confide yourself to the Father. Pray, until you are sure that He guides everything. In difficulties, when you carry the cross, sing, be full of joy.”  To a group who was praying for a person in crisis:

“You cannot do anything. I can change her. You must only love her. Do not create any barriers in her life, because as long as there are barriers, the river foams and rises. Leave her free, like the river. Do not build any more bridges because as long as one builds bridges, the river is restricted and does not flow freely. Leave her free to flow like the river flows.”  

A month later the group, frustrated in its prayer, asks: "But how is it that this girl (in Crisis) does not change?"

Answer, after a long moment of prayer: “Let her run like the river. Do not create any barriers. Do not build any bridges. Consider well and see how many barriers you have already created, how many bridges you have built. Be attentive not to close her. This young girl is at the point of opening up. She has confidence in you. Be patient still. Understand that you can do nothing. You must only love and leave everything to me.” 

To Jelena: “When people ask you to speak about the apparition, say: 'Let us pray together to understand the apparitions of the Gospa.'”  

In the prayer group which found the advice from the Gospa too rigid: “Why shut down the television? Why not even read the newspaper? If you look at the programs, if you look at the newspapers,your heads are filled with news, then there is no longer any place for me in your hearts. Pray. Fast. Let God act! Pray for the gift of love, for the gift of faith, for the gift of prayer, for the gift of fasting.” (T. Vlasic, Apr. 17, 1986, VB 4, 63). 

To Jelena, for her group: “I beg you, destroy your house made of cardboard which you have built on desires. Thus I will be able to act for you.” (T. Vlasic, Apr. 17, 1986, VB 4, 63). 

To Maria , for her prayer group: “Dear Children, seek to make your hearts happy through the means of prayer. Dear Children, be the joy for all mankind, be the hope of mankind. You will only be able to obtain it through the means of prayer. Pray, pray!” (T. Vlasic, May 3, 1986, VB 4, 82). 

To the prayer group during the week preceding May 3rd: “I give you the best that I can give anyone. I give myself and my Son.”  

To the group on March 25th, on the Feast of the Annunciation: “Today, before God, I say my 'Fiat ' for all of you. I repeat it: I say my 'Fiat ' for all of you.  Dear Children, pray, so that in the whole world may come the Kingdom of Love. How mankind would be happy if love reigned!”  

To Jelena, during the autumn of 1983: “Dear Children, one lives not only from work, one lives also from prayer.” 

Toward May 12th (at the beginning of the Novena of Pentecost) to the prayer group: “You will be happy if you do not judge yourselves according to your faults, but if you understand that in your faults even graces are offered to you.” (T. Vlasic, May 18, 1986, VB 4, 93).  

“Love. If you do not love, you are not able to transmit the testimony. You are not able to witness, neither for me, nor for Jesus.” (S. Barbaric, June 6, 1986, VB 4, 105).  

“I wish for all of you to be the reflection of Jesus. He will thus illuminate this unfaithful world which moves in darkness.” (ibid VB 4, 105).  

“Pray before the Cross. Special graces come from the Cross. Consecrate yourselves to the Cross. Do not blaspheme neither Jesus nor the Cross.” (S. Barbaric, June 20, 1986, VB 4, 109).  

“You will have as many graces as you want. That depends on you. You will have love when you want it, as long as you want it. That depends on you.” (T. Vlasic, June 26, 1986, VB 4, 110). 

To the prayer group (July 10, 1986), before giving her blessing, at the end of an evaluation of the group:

“I thank you for that. You have done well, but do not forget.  ... basically, God's will is decisive.” (T. Vlasic, July 20, 1986, VB 4, 121).  

“I wish only that for you the Rosary become your life.” (T. Vlasic, Aug. 4, 1986, VB 4, 134).  

“Read each Thursday the Gospel of Matthew, where it is said: No one can serve two masters (...). You cannot serve God and money.” (Mt. 6, 24-34. - T. Vlasic, Aug. 5, 1986, VB 4, 14). 

To Jelena, for her group: “I wish only that you would be happy, that you would be filled with joy, that you be filled with peace and announce this joy.” (ibid).  

To the prayer group: “If you would abandon yourselves to me, you will not even feel the passage from this life to the next life. You will begin to live the life of Heaven from this earth.” (T. Vlasic, Aug, 7, 1986, VB 4, 142). 

To Jelena, the beginning of September 1986: “Today it is not words nor deeds which are important. The important thing is only to pray, to remain in God.” (T. Vlasic, Sept. 9, 1986, VB 4, 156). 

“Many have begun to pray for healing here at Medjugorje, but, when they have returned to their homes, they abandon prayer, forget, and also lose many graces.” (S. Barbaric, Sept. 12, 1986 VB 4, 158).  

Message of Jesus through Jelena: “I am joyful, but my joy is not complete until you are filled with joy. You are not yet filled with joy because you are not yet at the stage of understanding my immense love.” (T. Vlasic, Oct. 8, 1986, VB 4, 167).  

Answer from the Gospa through a seer, to Tomislav Vlasic, who was confronted with problems dealing with truth: "Should I write, answer these injustices, these lies?" “Do not waste your time. Pray and love. You cannot even imagine how powerful God is.” (T. Vlasic, Dec. 29, 1986, VB 4, 213). 

To Vicka: “Do you want to offer yourself, also, for the salvation of the world? I need your sacrifices.”  

To a group from the parish of Medjugorje: “Come at 11 o 'clock at night to the place of the apparitions (...).  Come at three o'clock in the morning to pray at the place of the Apparition.  Come at one o'clock in the morning to Krizevac. Come and pray all night.” It is to Ivan's group that these messages of nocturnal prayer were addressed on the hill of the first apparitions, or at Krizevac. (T. Vlasic, Dec. 31, 1986, VB 4, 220). 

Cousin Jeanne says,
"Please accept the gift of peace
that the Queen of Peace wishes
you to have and read her
Messages, daily."

Love, Jeanne