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Disasters to befall the Church, France, Europe, and the World
The below is a transcription of Yves Dupont’s presentation of the Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny of Fraudais, Brittany, France, 2nd part of “Part I,” pp 13 – 25. The remainder of Part I is given in the next blog.

The Prophecies of La Fraudais by Yves Dupont_Part II of Part I 
All the prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny bear on a number of specific points: 

1.  THE CHURCH:  New Liturgy, Apostasy, Revolutionary Priests, the passivity of Bishops, scandals and sacrileges in churches, Persecutions and total destruction of the Church as an organization.
2.  The victory of Communism.
3.  A Mohammedan invasion of Europe and the occupation of Rome.
4.  War and Revolution everywhere.
5.  The extent of the death toll.
6.  An Act of God to destroy Communism, and the rise of a Great Christian King, chosen by God to free the Pope and to restore order.
7.  This Act of God will consist in a cosmic miracle with three days of complete darkness, devastating earthquakes, sky ablaze, followed by floods, droughts, famine, epidemics, and unknown diseases.
8.  Time data.
Other topics which are mentioned are:
1.  Governments, Parliaments, Republics, Democracy.
2.  The work of Freemasonry.
3.  The claims of an unworthy Orléans King.
4.  France in general.  She [France] will [be] the first to be chastised.
5.  Paris in particular.
6.  Brittany as a privileged province to be spared by God.
Her emphasis on French events, and the little she says on events in other countries, may disappoint the American and Australian readers of these pages.  But as she herself has said, it was France, first among all the nations of the world that was responsible for the faithlessness of the human race in general.  It is France, then, that will be the first to suffer, and the events in France will foreshadow what will almost immediately take place in other countries as well.  But, she says,  France will rise again, and she will give the lead to the rebirth of the Church and to the setting up of a new social order.
Reading in the context of other prophecies, France was responsible for the spreading of new political ideas throughout the world in the wake of the Revolution of 1789.  These ideas, that is, Liberalism and Democracy, have slowly but surely eroded the moral fiber of the western peoples to the point which we have reached today when the law of God is ignored by Governments, and morality becomes a matter of “community standards,” that is of  majority opinion: hence artificial birth-control and abortion.
In the religious field, too, it was France that produced the “Liberal Catholic” of the 19th Century, soon to be followed by the “modernist” and finally, by the “Progressive” who has played such an important part in the proceedings of Vatican II.  The apostasy of the Catholic Church was, therefore in the main, the handiwork of French Theologians.  And the apostasy of the Catholic Church. – far more than the political aberrations of our time, is the proximate harbinger of the Great Chastisement – (The “Great Blow,” in Marie’s language).  These notions have been developed in other prophecies, and they are also a matter of observation for anyone with a modicum of insight.  The events in France, therefore, will be duplicated in most countries:  foreign wars, civil wars, revolutions, natural disasters, famines, and epidemics.  The first three will be man-made, the last three will be God-sent.
We now come to the prophecies proper:
The Blessed Virgin Mary says   (July 1895)
“My dear children, my motherly heart is broken again and again; my kingdom of France has become the centre of all evil.  To save it, what victims!  What bloodshed! ... Soon, my kingdom will be divided.  The children of France will become the children of another kingdom despite their claims of being French.”
“The centre of all evil” ... that is what I said above concerning the special responsibility of France. 
“My  kingdom will be divided” ... there will be a ferocious civil war in France.  “They will become the children of another kingdom” ... “Kingdom” in this sense here is that the French Communists will betray their country and set up a puppet government for the benefit of Soviet Russia.  Marie-Julie does not say that much, but this is quite certain in the light of other prophecies.)
Saint Michael says:  (July 1895)
“Courage, my beloved faithful!  Yet a little time and you will see the whole of hell being unchained and they will destroy everything.  You will see abominable things, frightful violations!  The malice of  mankind will grow yet in fury and wickedness.  The eldest daughter of the Church (i.e. France) will be divided, dismembered, dishonoured, “sullied with crimes ... this is my last word.”
Marie-Julie now adds this :
“My beloved children, be consoled: at the hour of this terrible despair, under the shock of Divine Justice, the eldest daughter of the Church will see her sincere friends rise for her.  She will be saved, and a TE DEUM will be sung in “thanksgiving.”
May 1898 :
“The Great Blow from the hand of God will not last very long, but it will be so terrifying that many will die from fright.  After this Great Blow the triumph of the Church and of France will take place.  First, one will come forward whom France will take as her saviour;  but he will not be the true saviour, not he who is chosen and sent by God and who comes from the Lilies.”
(REMARKS:  a)  The triumph of France and of the Church is inseparable.  In fact, many prophecies say that the Church will be restored thanks to the work of the Great Monarch.  b)  “The one who is not the true saviour” is a king of the Orléans Branch, forever banned from the throne because an ancestor, who was the Great Master of the Masonic Order of the “Grand Orient,” cast a determining vote for the beheading of his cousin, King Louis XVI.  Other prophecies, too, say that this illegitimate king will reign for a very short time, days, weeks or months, before surrendering his throne to the Great Monarch.  Readers of my book “Catholic Prophecy” are familiar with all this.  The Lily is the emblem of the French Royal Family.)       
Our Lord says:  (December 1896)
“When I see the suffering in the life of the victim, my hand, which can bless or strike, will open up the Heavens and shall appear to My righteous ones in order to direct them to the land of rest, like a mysterious star.  Then this hand, armed with revengeful arrows, after so much patience and kindness, will touch the earth; and this blow will be the Great Blow of My Justice.
“A little later, at the dawn of a beautiful morning and a saviour will reveal himself who will be chosen by Me to give back peace to My exiled children.  He will bless my works; he will help My designs; he will be the friend of God.”
Our Lord says:  (March 1923)
“I love France so much!  I have chosen her to accomplish My Great Purpose.”
In February, 1914, Marie-Julie had a three-hour talk with Monsieur Laine during which she repeated what she had said earlier about the Great King;
“God keeps in hiding him whom He will choose to save the Church and to rule over France.  He will take the whole world away from the domination of the devil whose reign is at its peak, and whom God allows to be the master at the moment.”
Marie-Julie does not say much about the king, but she knows that he will come from the Lineage of Saint Louis [IX of France].  He will be completely pure.  He will live in the spirit of God and for God.  He will be totally subject to the will of God for the protection of the Church and the salvation of souls.  God will reveal him in His own time.  His arrival was shown to Marie-Julie on many occasions.
She knew that she would not see him on earth but in Heaven.  She saw his arrival with a very small group of men who, like himself, were burning with love for God, and wishing nothing but His glory.  This tiny group was headed by St. Michael the Archangel who opened the way with his flaming sword.  Humanly speaking, these men had neither the numbers nor the power to change the course of things, but their strength lay in God.
But before these things come to pass, three sovereigns will come forward with their human ambitions and using only human means.  St. Michael will topple them in succession.
To His Chosen One, God will give all the necessary graces and intelligence for the means he will have to use for the regeneration of mankind such as God intends it to be.
The Lord Says;  (Circa 1930 – 1937)
“I shall come over the sinful world in a frightful rumbling of thunder during a very cold winter night.  A very hot southerly wind shall precede the thunderstorm, and heavy hailstones shall dig deep into the soil.
 Apocalypse 8: 5-7   5) "And the angel took the censer, and filled it with the fire of the altar, and cast it on the earth, and there were thunders and voices and lightnings, and a great earthquake.   6) And the seven angels, who had the seven trumpets, prepared themselves to sound the trumpet. 7) And the first angel sounded the trumpet, and there followed hail and fire, mingled with blood, and it was cast on the earth, and the third part of the earth was burnt up, and the third part of the trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up."  [I added the scripture.  Jeanne] 
“From a mass of fiery clouds devastating lightning will come forth in zigzags, setting fire and turning everything into ash.  The air will be filled with poisonous gasses and deadly vapours which in great whirlwinds, will uproot the  works of the audacity, the folly, and the will of the city of Darkness.
“When the Angel of Death cuts the weeds with the sharp blades of My Justice, then hell, with anger and in uproar, will fall upon the consecrated souls in an attempt to destroy them through a frightful terror.
“When, on a cold winter night, thunder is heard loud enough to shake even the mountains, then quickly shut all doors and windows ... Your eyes must not profane the terrible event by curious glances.
“Gather together in front of the Crucifix.  Place yourselves under the protection of My most Holy Mother.  Do not let any doubts enter your hearts concerning your salvation.  The more confident you are, the more inviolable the rampart with which I wish to surround you.  Light blessed candles, say the Rosary.
“Persevere for three days and two nights.  The following night the terror will abate.  After the horror of this long darkness, the sun will shine with all its light and warmth.
“It will be a great devastation.  I, your God, will have purified everything.  The survivors must give thanks to the Blessed Trinity for their protection.  Magnificent shall My Kingdom of peace be, and My name shall be invoked and praised from sunrise to sunset.”
(REMARKS: Elsewhere, and in other prophecies also, two days and three nights of darkness are mentioned instead of three days and two nights.  Perhaps the transcription was faulty here.  But this is a minor point;  what matters most is the fact that this long darkness will chastise and purify the earth.  Many prophecies, some much older than  this one, mention this long and terrifying darkness.)
The Lord says:  (Circa 1930 – 1937)
“Pray, pray, pray;  be converted and do penance.  Do not fall asleep like My disciples in the Garden of Olives, for I am Coming.  The wrath of the Father against the human race is very great.  If the prayers of the Rosary and the offering of the Precious Blood were less agreeable to the Father, an indescribable misery would have already visited the earth.  But My Mother intercedes with the Father, with Me, and with the Holy Ghost.  Because of this, God has relented.  Give thanks, therefore, to my Mother, because the human race is still alive.  Render honour to her with the respect of a child – I gave you this example – for she is the Mother of Mercy.
“Cold it be that some of My priests would like to be more pope than the Pope?  - (i.e. would make decisions that are the prerogative of the Pope alone).  These will crucify Me because they will cause the work of My Mother to be delayed.  Pray much for them whom My Heart loves quite especially – the priests.  A day will come when My priests, also, shall understand all this.”
The Blessed Virgin says:  (March 1878)
“In a hundred years’ time what a great many things will no longer be!  Do you know, my child, whether this earth will still exist?”
“No, Mother, I do not know the reckoning of time.” 
“The earth, my dear child, will already be very far away.  In a hundred years’ time, heaven will have already made its harvest.  Do you think, by all the confidences which My Son has made to you, that the end of time is still remote?”
“I do not know.”
“But according to what you think, according to your mind, and according to what My Son has told you, and in your own way of seeing things, what do you believe?”
“Well, my Mother, I believe that there will not be any more earth before a hundred years.”
“Even before that term of a hundred years, no one will go hungry any more, no one will harvest the fields.  Believe this as you believe your Credo.”
“I believe, O My Mother!”
(REMARKS:  “A hundred years: must not be taken to the letter;  it is only approximate.  It is most unlikely that the “Harvest,” i.e. the Great Chastisement will take place before 1978.  It is also obvious that Marie-Julie, who was at first reluctant to answer Our Lady’s question about the End of Time, was mistaken when she finally answered at the insistence of Our Lady.  Other prophecies, too, say that “no one will harvest the fields,” but only for a while, and because of the appalling death toll.)
The Lord says:  (June 1882)
“The storm will break over France where I wanted to show the prodigies of My Divine Heart and unveil its secrets.  My children, France will be the first to be wounded, torn, persecuted.”
“When I showed this Divine Sun to Blessed Margaret-Mary, I let my lips utter these words;  ‘The land which saw your birth and which will see your death, will be in dire danger, especially from 80 to 83.’
“I let My humble servant understand that the third one will be full of sorrows.  There will be nothing but apostasies and violations in the Orders of the persons who are consecrated to Me, whether in the priesthood or the religious life.”
(REMARKS:  The “Divine Sun” is a mystical sun which some privileged souls are given to contemplate, and thanks to which, future events are brought to the knowledge of the seer.  Anna-Marie Taigi, Margaret-Mary, St. Thomas Aquinas, to name only a few, were all given a “sun” to contemplate; and so, also, was Marie-Julie Jahenny of La Fraudais.
Because this prophecy was made in 1882, the years 80 to 83 did not refer to the 19th century.  Either they refer to another century, or they correspond to an unknown code.  It must be borne in mind, too, that, whilst the prophecies will most certainly come to pass, the time of their occurrence may be postponed according to the prayers addressed to God.)
[The Lord is still speaking]  “The bad Christians will not be content with losing their own souls; they will endeavour to take other souls off guard and, by every possible means, they will try to make them sin against everything that is a Christian duty.
“Soon, at the appointed time, no religious house in France shall remain standing; not a cloister shall escape the tyrants of that time.  There will be a large number of massacres from the Centre (i.e. Paris) to Lyons, and from Lyons to the South and even to the border of Brittany which is still Catholic but no longer as much as formerly.  The degeneration of faith is taking place everywhere.”
(REMARKS:  The “Centre” is always Paris in the prophecies of Marie-Julie.)
[The Lord is still speaking]  “Because of these massacres, during the cold months, the earth will turn into a deluge of blood as in the time of Noah when it was a deluge of water.  All those who are not in the Ark of Salvation which My Heart is, shall perish as in the time of the Great Flood.
“I shall make the choice Myself :  I shall cause the real Comforter of My people and of the Church to be nominated.  It is he who will build again My temples destroyed by fire and the violence of a grave civil war which, however, will soon be over.  I cannot call this war, to which France will be subjected, other than a civil war.
“Great plagues and calamities, that nothing will be able to stop or lessen, will rise over France.  An immense death toll, never seen before by anyone, and diseases hitherto unknown, will break over France.  The plague of this death toll will strike the Centre especially.  It will strike even your own parish, my children, but fear not, for My Heart will be the abode that will protect you.
“My children, those who have been waging war against Me for more than 60 years, a war that has been intensified over the last 11 years, will not be affected by this plague, but I shall deal with them in a different way,  yet just as wrathful.”
(REMARKS:  This prophecy was dated June 1882.  It was in 1817 that Freemasonry was re-organized in France, (i.e. more than 60 years);  and it was in 1871 that the Second Empire fell.  Napoleon III was by no means a good Christian, but his wife, the Empress, was; under her influence, Napoleon III left the Church in peace.  His fall gave fresh hopes to Freemasons.)
[The Lord is still speaking]  “The day will be just beginning; it will not be in the peak of summer, nor during the longer days, but still short.  It will not be at the end of a year, but during the first months that I shall clearly give My warning ...”
(REMARKS:  In translating these prophecies from the French, I have not attempted to give a perfect English rendering.  To do so would involve too great a departure from the French mode of expression.  I have rendered it as literally as possible.  The above passage would be much clearer, however, if it were expressed as follows:  “I shall give My clear warning in the early morning, at a time of the year when the days are still short, not during the longer days of the summer months.  Nor will it be given in December, but in the early months of the year.) 
[The Lord is still speaking] “That day of darkness and lightning will be the first that I shall send to convert the impious, and to see if a large number will come back to Me before the great storm that will soon follow.  That day, My children, will not reach the whole of France, but part of Brittany will be tried.  The area where is to be found the land of the mother of My Immaculate Mother, shall not be obscured by the darkness to come, which will come to you, and beyond, towards the rising sun.”
(REMARK:  “The land of the mother of My Immaculate Mother”  this is the shrine of St. Anne d’Auray, in Brittany.  This will be a safe place.)
[The Lord is still speaking]  “All the rest (of the land) will live in a most frightful terror.  From one night to the next, a whole (calendar) day, thunder will not cease to rumble.  The fire from the thunderbolts will do great harm, even to those houses securely locked up in which people live in sin.
“This particular day was revealed to My servant Catherine (Labouré) during the  apparitions of My Blessed Mother under the name of ‘Mary conceived without sin.’  That day has been noted in the five little scrolls, carefully sealed, of Sister St. Peter of Tours.  This scroll will remain concealed until the day when a person of God shall lay his (or her) predestined hand on what the world will not have known, even the dwellers of this cloister.” 
(REMARK:  The writings of Sister St. Peter were put in a secret place by order of Mgr. Morlot in August 1850.) 
The above is an exact transcription of  Yves Dupont’s presentation of the Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny of Fraudais, Brittany, France, second part of “Part I,”  pages 13 – 25.  The remainder of Part I is given in the next blog.
Love, Jeanne