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Disasters to befall the Church, France, Europe, and the World
Below is a transcription of Yves Dupont’s presentation of the Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny of Fraudais, Brittany, France, “Part III,” pp 5 - 14.

The Prophecies of La Fraudais by Yves Dupont_Part  I of Part III

Our Lady says:  (November 1875)
“France, the Eldest Daughter of the Church, has caused much bloodshed and has made many victims.  The day of her deliverance will be the most fatal, the most terrible, most sorrowful, and most painful that has ever been.  Yes, many souls will be harvested through sheer fright and terror.”
Our Lady Says:  (February 1876)
“Remember that, during your final ordeal when people are more ruthless than ever, you will live through the greatest chastisements:  war, butchery, horrible plagues...  Then will come the appeal to the King.
“Where do you stand, O poor France, lost sheep led astray?  Yet you are the  one who will be the first to regain hope, because it is you who are to free the Church.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont] The prophecies of La Fraudais, extending over so many years of Marie-Julie’s life, add up to quite a number of unpublished manuscripts.  Dr. Imbert-Gourbeye wrote a book comprising eighteen chapters, but this book was never published. 
Fr. Roberdel has been able to get hold of eight chapters of that old manuscript.  The messages which they contain were taken down by the Doctor himself, by Fr. Cailleton, Fr. Daurelle, Fr. Baudry, Fr. Coquet, Fr. Barille and, above all, by Fr. David. 
Here are some of the most significant passages:)
Our Lord says:
“The time is coming when daylight will be blotted out:  three days of devastation, mourning, tears and penance;  three days during which the lights in the sky shall no longer shine, three frightful days during which the Angels will live in consternation. 
“In the very heart of France (Paris?), your cradle and motherland, a red emblem has been planted which strikes one with terror... 
“I shall come amidst lightning and thunder and I shall confound the Enemy.  I shall reduce him to ashes and dust, and you will walk over those ashes.” (This is another indication that God Himself will destroy Communism, and this will be done through natural disasters.) 
“The chastisements will start in Paris; chastisements also for the South.  What a butchery!”
(REMARKS:  [by Dupont]  It seems to me that the Mohammedans, not the Communists will be in control in the South.  They will commit all sorts of diabolical crimes, raping, torturing, and impaling people alive with no regard for sex or age.  They will be in control in Rome also, until the deliverance of the Pope by the Royal Prince. 
That the Mohammedans, and not the Communists, will be in control there cannot, however, be regarded as absolutely certain.  This is only my own opinion, but it is based on a number of inferences drawn from many prophecies.  What is certain, however, is the invasion of Europe by the Mohammedans at some stage of the four-year war and revolution, and it is plain commonsense that this cannot take place at the very beginning:  the French army alone, not to mention the other nations, would make short shrift of any Islamic armies, be they from Algeria, Libya or Sudan, foolish enough to attack the West.  On the other hand, this invasion is quite conceivable once the West has been torn and disorganized by civil war and revolution. 
The Beast of the Earth (Communism) will lend its power to the Beast coming from the Sea (the Mohammedans), for it has been the constant policy of the Soviet Union to avoid direct involvement; only towards the end will Russian soldiers enter the field but, as mentioned earlier, they will be stopped at the Rhine by the cosmic miracle.  Some prophecies also mention the Soviet leader will be converted, and revolution is likely to break out in Russia too.) 
Other messages from Our Lord:
“Much blood will be shed in France, more than in Rome; but this will not last long. 
“Vendée (a French province) will be protected (partly). 
“Alsace and Lorraine will show themselves as the true sisters of France;  they will come forward to help France with their weapons. (NOTE: Alsace and Lorraine will also be partly protected.) 
“The west coast, from Lourdes to the north, shall be protected, but with the exception of the city of Bordeaux. (Note:  All large cities with, perhaps, a very few exceptions, will be destroyed.) 
“Nantes shall not suffer as much;  this diocese will be comparatively protected;  but no mercy for the impious and bad families!  Pontchateau will be spared because of Saint Louis de Montfort.” 
Marie-Julie says:
“I saw that Vendée would be protected, but it was very bad along its boundaries.  In the south and in the centre, up to Boussay, blood shall flow in torrents. 
“Coming to the land of Doué, Christ will sound the loud ringing of a terrible punishment. 
Toulouse shall be spared because of St. Germaine of Pibrac, but this will not mean the end of its sorrows.  Mende and Rodez shall be spared. 
“The Lord told me that His offended justice will fall upon Valence and, from there, will go to Marseilles. 
“Our Lord said that Rome, Naples, and England were to suffer bitter reprisals.” (NOTE:  Some prophecies say that the East of England including London, will be engulfed in a tidal wave, whilst Paris will be destroyed by fire.)
Our Lord says:
“France, the man responsible for your misfortune is the one who caused My Heart to be rejected forever.  Rest assured that never will the land of France be governed by any one of his descendants.” 
(REMARKS:  [by Dupont]  Our Lord asked several times in the past that the image of His Sacred Heart be placed on the French flag.  St. Margaret-Mary Alacoque presented the request to King Louis XIV, but the King was lukewarm about it and perhaps yielding to pressure, he did not accede to Our Lord’s request. 
Possibly King Louis XVI, who was very devout, would have done it.  At least, this is plausible, and the above passage seems to infer that such would have been the case if Philippe-Egalite, (his own cousin) had not voted the death sentence.  As said earlier, Philippe-Egalite was the Great Master of the Grand Orient de France,  a Masonic order. 
Our Lord says that the land of France will never be governed by any one of his [Egalite's] descendants.  This message was given long after the reign of Louis-Philippe who was one of his descendants.  So there is no contradiction here. 
There is no real contradiction either with the prophecies which announce that one of his descendants will mount the throne for a short while before yielding it to the Great Monarch.  Why?  Because the “short while” may be just a few days, not enough to set up an effective government, and Our Lord said that he will not “govern.”) 
Our Lord says:
“After these three days of darkness, my ministers will enjoy a greater freedom:  they will start to celebrate the Holy Mysteries again, but in secret.”
 Marie-Julie asks;
“Lord, will the Fathers of the Church (priests) take Thee out of the Tabernacles?  (Before the great persecution.)”
Our Lord:
“Yes, some will do so, but not all of them:  they will prefer to save their own lives and leave me unprotected.” (NOTE:  This seems to indicate that today’s New Mass bad though it may be, has a valid Consecration.  ) 
“As soon as France is freed, I shall make My way towards Rome where another Cross is awaiting Me.  But, after the Cross, (will come) the victory.
“I shall call My servant Henry to the help of France.  When all these things begin, your eyelids will be closed: you will see only the first spark.”
(REMARKS:  [by Dupont]  Marie-Julie died in 1941.  She did see the “first spark,”  for World War II began in the fall of 1939.  World War II, which caused the death of over 50 million people, was but a “spark” in comparison with World War III, for that war and revolution will wipe out three quarters of the human race – several billion.  [NOTE:  Dupont did not know that World War III would be withdrawn from the Chastisements because of prayer and sacrifice as revealed at Medjugorje.  But, of course we can still expect the prophesied “CIVIL WARS & REVOLUTIONS EVERYWHERE AT ONCE” and attempted takeover by Communists and “Mohammadens.”  This will be bad enough!  Jeanne]
But both wars are related (just as World War I was related to World War II), because it was World War II that enabled Communism to spread all over the world, and it is Communism that will be responsible for World War III.  Hence, World War II was the “first spark” of the great holocaust.)
Our Lord says:
“The Holy Father will call upon young people to fight for the salvation of the Church.  The French and the Spaniards will save him.” 
Notes from Fr. Cailleton and Fr. Barille:
“For ten or eleven months, the works of God will no longer be mentioned...  Entombment of the Church:  for four months her voice will no longer be heard.  Our Lord says that the land of the Arabs will overcome the pitiful French armies.”  (After the civil war.) 
“The Lord will work in many places miracles that are greater than those of His mortal life;  never on earth has there been a greater opposition than will be against these miracles. 
“All French soldiers will be deported from France.  (Apparently by order of the Leftist government of France.) Then, the fighting will begin in earnest;  France will have no support, no one to defend her; all troops will have been exiled.” 
(REMARKS:  [by Dupont]  The French army is traditionally anticommunist, although, lately efforts have been made to infiltrate it.  Under some pretext, the troops will be sent abroad.  (For instance, they may be sent to Germany under the pretext of forestalling an alleged Russian aggression.  In this respect, a Socialist Government could yield to the pressures of the Communists, - who know how to be ‘patriots’ when it serves their purpose.)  The army being out of the way, the Communists will probably make a coup d’etat, thus triggering the civil war.
Finally, the Mohammedans will land and overcome the ‘pitiful French armies,’ – probably units hastily formed with very young men, untrained and lacking equipment and weaponry.)
“France, formerly so beautiful, will lose her honour and dignity.  She will be overrun by foreign peoples, - heartless and pitiless.  They will tear apart her babies, they will shoot expectant mothers.” 
Our Lord says:
“Disciples who are not of My Gospel will work very hard with their minds to recast the Mass according to their ideas and under the influence of the Enemy.  This Mass will contain words which are odious to My eyes.” 
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  This could be the New Mass which we have now, in 1976;  indeed, the New Mass was composed with the participation of Protestants “who are not of My Gospel,” and the Enemy is Freemasonry.  Yet, somehow, I feel that this passage refers to another New Mass, more radical and more anthropocentric than Pope Paul’s Mass.  Today’s New Mass, in my opinion, was the first necessary step in order to arrive at a fully humanistic and completely heretical Mass.  What follows seems to confirm this. 
It is now known that the so-called “Pope Paul’s Mass” was the work of Bugnini;  known also that he is a Freemason, and that it took him over a full year to get Pope Paul to ratify his Mass.) 
Marie-Julie says:
“Oh! my good sister, we shall have a State Religion.  They will send their agents to every house.  People will have to sign the abjuration or face death.  Half of the French population will die.  In some villages not a soul will be left.  Four towns will be wiped out.” 
(REMARKS:  [by Dupont]  The death toll will be caused by other factors too; certainly not by the refusal to sign an abjuration, since practicing Catholics are a minority in France, and few of these will choose martyrdom rather than signing.  (Martyrs are always a minority within a minority!) 
Our Lord Says:
“I shall shorten the duration of the chastisements having regard to My victims, because of My Sacred Heart, and also in order to give you more promptly the chosen King, the Elect of My Heart.
 “Only I, through a miracle, can save France and My people.   No one knows the man who is to save her.” 
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  The contradiction here is only apparent:  Our Lord, alone, will save France and the rest of mankind.  But apart from the great cosmic miracle, Our Lord will choose a man, and through his human work, Our Lord will save France. 
There has been a great deal of speculation as to who the Great Monarch will be.  No doubt he is already on this earth, for the events will come to pass within just a few years from now.  But the prophecies are emphatic that he cannot be known;  it is God’s secret.  Marie-Julie confirms this.) 
“Let men on the earth look for their scepter.  He who is to have it is hidden in the secret of the Eternal.” 
(COMMENTS: [by Dupont]  As St. Paul says, prophecies have an essential purpose to fulfill, but they tend to influence some emotions people to unbalanced ideas.  Since I wrote my first book of prophecies, in 1959, I have received a very large number of letters.  Three came from readers who claimed to be the Great Monarch:  one from France, another from Italy, and the third from the U.S.A.!  The French and Italian claimants were particularly insistent:  they plagued me with their letters. 
Prophecies exist for our spiritual guidance and edification, not to gratify our curiosity.  Details such as who is to be the Great Monarch are unimportant.  
What really matters is the understanding of the issues at stake, the fact that Communism will be defeated and that the Church and the whole world will be renovated.  The fact, also that prayer and penance are necessary, and the truths of yesterday do not need “updating,” for Truth does not change.  And finally, the fact that we currently live in a welter of errors...  

(Researched and written by YVES DUPONT (1922-1979) in French, then translated by Dupont, himself, into English. Published in his own periodical, World Trends, published by TENET BOOKS, P.O. BOX 180, HAWTHORN, VIC. 3122, AUSTRALIA) I transcribed my issues of the World Trends, three part, July 1976,“Exclusive Edition” #47, #48, #49, word for word because it is practically impossible to obtain them now. It was evidently a miracle that I was able to purchase it several years ago, and I really feel an obligation to pass it on to you. So an unaltered version follows here. Any text in brackets [like this] is added by me to help with clarity. Jeanne)

These prophecies were compiled by Yves Dupont as excerpts from three French books :
1.“Le Ciel en Colloque avec Marie-Julie Jahenny” (December 1973)
2.“Marie-Julie Jahenny, la Stigmatisée de Blain” (September 1974)
3.“Les Prophéties de La Fraudais” (November 1974)

The prophecies were originally compiled by Fr. P. Roberdel from notes kept by various persons attending the ecstasies of Marie-Julie of Fraudais. The three books are available from: Editions Résiac, B.P.6, 53150, Montsurs, FRANCE.


Love, Jeanne