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Disasters to befall the Church, France, Europe, and the World
Below is a continuation of a transcription of Yves Dupont’s presentation of the Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny of Fraudais, Brittany, France, “Part II of Part II,” pp 26 - 46.
The Prophecies of La Fraudais by Yves Dupont_Part  II of Part II
St. Michael says:  (September 1879)
“I come in the Name of the Lord.  He is sending me, and what I will say are His own words:  ‘I shall lead the Catholics in two close ranks; they shall march against the Red enemies, against those men who are full of pride and an infernal ambition.’
“’I shall remain above the ranks of the Catholic friends, like a prince; and, from time to time, I shall convey to them orders from Heaven that will make them invincible against Satan.  Be ready.
“’Let us march against these infernal enemies...  In this Chamber of Hell they work at all trades, they come from all races, are of all categories.  I will not say of what categories because I do not wish to offend anyone.  Just now, they are preparing their nets...  They work unceasingly but without peace;  I mean they do not even agree with one another...  It is truly a howling...
“’In this furnace of every venom of every vermin, I will make an exception, for a moment, for what is respectable:  for those who have the faith.  But these will be opposed, contradicted, hemmed in;  they are taking measures to turn them away if possible.  These measures will be successful.’”
(Dupont notes: In 1879, the Freemasons were just about to take complete control of the French parliament, but there were still quite a few Catholic and Monarchist members.)
[St. Michael continues message from Jesus] “’And all those present are only too delighted to hear the words of the infernal President.  He is sitting on the Throne of Hell; he is roasting, but he does not feel fire.
(Dupont notes: The “Infernal President” was probably Gambetta.)
“’A great loss was sustained not long ago.  It has caused much regret.  Many had intended for the throne a descendant of the murderer and desecrator...  But the Lord had no designs on the descendant of that family...  He did not want him to close his eyes on your fatherland.  The Lord sent him to a foreign land, and his name will be forgotten.  He had formed some plans against the Vicar of Jesus-Christ.  In his expectation of being the Emperor of the French, he was preparing various alliances.  Suddenly, God recalled him.’”
(REMARKS: The “great loss” was probably the failure of the Count of Chambord to become King in 1873.  The “murderer and desecrator: is Napoleon I who, among other things, forcibly removed two successive popes from Rome and imprisoned them.  His descendant was the Imperial Prince who went to Africa and died there in 1879.  The “various alliances” he was preparing were probably alliances with the Freemasons.  None of the Napoleons was favourably disposed towards the Church.)
[St. Michael continues message from Jesus] “’Yet there is another left...  to whom, undoubtedly, they wish to give a crown.  But the family of the traitors to the Vicar of Jesus-Christ shall not have the throne.  There is something in that family which, out of respect for God and for your faith, I do not wish to disclose today.  You cannot so much as imagine what this things is.’”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont] The Pretender mentioned here was the heir of the Orleans Branch of the Royal family.  His ancestor, as mentioned earlier, was the Great Master of the Masonic Order of the Grand-Orient, and his vote was the determining one in the securing the death sentence against his own cousin, King Louis XVI, of holy memory.  Today, the Orléans Branch is still in existence:  the current Pretender is the Count of Paris, a shadowy character like his ancestors.  It is he, or one of his descendants, who according to many prophecies, will occupy the throne of France for a very short time before relinquishing it to the Great Monarch, the God-chosen one.  What is striking in these revelations is the fact that Marie-Julie, as an illiterate peasant woman, knew very little of what was going on outside her own village, let alone of political events of which she would have had not understanding at all if it had not been revealed to her by God Himself.)
Now to continue quoting Marie-Julie Jahenny’s apparition of Saint Michael who is quoting God, Himself:
“Another word about this Chamber:  he who had almost promised to retain and support the reign which is now without a King, he whose name is well-known, and who had made flattering and hopeful promises throughout our countryside, he, this man, has yielded rather than persevere whilst he had a powerful entourage.  He would have overcome if he had shown a little more determination.
“It must not be thought that he is more worthy than the others, because he was employed by the one who treacherously betrayed the Vicar of Christ.  He who is now leading the way is even worse, more tainted, more corrupt.  Oh!  that foul Freemasonry... “
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  We are now deep in the French politics of that time, and a few words of explanation are necessary to clarify a passage which may seem to have no relevance to prophecy itself.  But it has because the role of Freemasonry, its growth and eventual control of French politics and education, the part it played at the Treaty of Versailles after World War One, are determining factors which have led the whole world to the brink of the abyss where it now stands.  The same is true of Church affairs:  Liberal Catholicism was born in France;  so was Modernism and, today, the French hierarchy is incontestably apostatic and is ably represented at the Vatican by Cardinal Villot, the Secretary of State of Pope Paul.  As such, he practically rules the whole Church.
The un-named man “who had made many promises” was probably Marshall MacMahon, who was President of the provisional Republic and a staunch Monarchist.  But, in October 1878 , the Republican Party won a majority in the Lower House.  The Monarchist Upper House had the power to dissolve the Lower House (which it had done earlier on another issue,)  but it did not dare to do so again.  Then, early in 1879,  the Republicans won a majority in the Upper House also.  Marshall MacMahon resigned.  He enjoyed the support of the Army, and his entourage was powerful; he was urged to make a Coup d’Etat in the interests of France, but he declined.
Why was he not “more worthy than the other?”  The verdict, in my opinion, sees severe.  Yet Marie-Julie knew nothing about politics, and what she said must, indeed, have come from Saint Michael.  True, MacMahon was once “employed” by Napoleon III, but he was above all an army man, and he had bravely fought for France under Napoleon as he would have done under any other government.  Perhaps, there are factors which we do not know, and which may justify so stern a judgement.
He was replaced by Jules Grevy, and the Lower House took Gambetta as its President.  Another minister, Jules Ferry, was twice President of the Council of Ministers during the following years.  Both were anti-clerical, especially Gambetta, whose uppermost objective and paramount policy was to crush the Church in France.  Many laws were enacted, first to reduce and suppress Catholic schools, then to dispossess the religious orders, confiscate their houses, and drive them out of France.  He was rabidly anti-Christian.  At the same time, he ensured that State Schools would teach the new Masonic creed, and many text books were “doctored.” even classical literature, so that the Name of God would be deleted wherever and whenever possible.  He was truly “sitting on the throne of Hell”  -  (see previously.)
Thus, it was in 1879 that the persecutions against the Church really began, and Freemasonry gradually took hold of the country.  The repercussions were world-wide:  Freemasonry was committed to destroy Monarchies everywhere.  It was a Freemason who assassinated the heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1914, thus sparking World War One.
It was Freemasonry which imposed drastic reprisals against Germany at Versailles, and set up the Wiemar Republic.  From the chaos of the Wiemar Republic arose Adolph Hitler, and then came World War Two.  World War Two, in turn, caused the expansion of Communism, decolonisation, and the steady decline of the Western Powers, all due to the spirit of Liberalism professed by Freemasons.
This was made possible by the rise of Freemasonry in 1879, when all major European countries, save France, were still ruled by Kings.  France was the syringe that was to inject poison into the body of Europe, for Freemasons were not idle in other countries also, and the success and example of their French colleagues was an incentive and encouragement to them.)    [END OF DUPONT’S REMARK]
Here is now the continuation of St. Michael’s message of September 1879: 
“Nothing in Freemasonry is worth anything, - absolutely nothing.  It gives grounds for no hope at all.
“Ministers of God will be forced against their will to don ordinary clothing like the man-in-the-street, but not everywhere as yet.
“A time will come when they will be obliged to dress like ordinary men to escape from the hellish cruelty of their enemies.”
(REMARK: [by Dupont]   Priests are already dressing like ordinary men if they wish to, but not yet forced to do so.  This will come about during the Coming Chastisement.)
“It is the wish of these (enemies) to obtain this as a starting point.  They have already drawn a broad programme of action.  They want the Church to be the venue for satanic dances.  This is what they are aiming at and, unfortunately, this will come to pass, especially in those towns where the Faith has grown cold.” 
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  This is a reference to the liberation of Rome by the Great Monarch;  yet only a miracle will enable him to free the Pontiff then reigning.  As said previously, this Pontiff, in my opinion, will be the Pope known as “De Labore Solis.”  [This turned out to be John Paul II.  As we now know, Dupont’s guess was inaccurate.  As we know, in 2013, Rome has not yet been destroyed and John Paul II has been succeeded by Benedict XVI and then, Pope Francis.] )
The Holy Ghost says:  (March 1882)
“Let the people of the Centre hasten to consecrate themselves to the Sacred Heart (in the Basilica) raised on this land.  This Temple, in which so many prayers have been said, will be turned into a Council Chamber.  There the enemies, (that is) some of them, will decide in the last instance to publish the announcement (of the law) of terror and death (to apply) to the whole kingdom.”
REMARKS: [by Dupont]  The “Centre,” in Marie-Julie’s speech, always means Paris.  The Basilica of the Sacred Heart was erected in Paris on the morrow of the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 as an act of thanksgiving and reparation, by a decision of the National Assembly which was then Monarchist.  The Basilica was already desecrated a few years ago when a political demonstration took place within its walls.  But this is not the event Marie-Julie is referring to.)
“All the souls who have consecrated themselves to the Lord in (imparting) a Christian education will be deprived of everything.  Their bread and support will come solely from the Lord who never abandons anyone.
“You must not look at the schools of today in which Satan reigns.  His work and his power will increase even more the iniquities which have already begun.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  This refers to 1882 when the anti-Church policy had already started, and State schools were made to conform to the Masonic plan of de-christianisation.  The passage below refers partly to that period, and partly to the future when all Catholic schools will be “completely emptied.”  This must be viewed as a chastisement for what is currently taking place:  not only is heresy being taught in some schools, but non-Christian teachers are also recruited to teach in our schools.  Now, the Popes have many times insisted that the whole curriculum should be permeated with Catholic thinking, be it History or Natural Sciences.  How can a Jewish teacher diffuse Catholic thinking?  Pius XI also forbade the principle of mixed schools.  All these instructions have been ignored, - even long before the Vatican II Council.  Then what can we expect but a chastisement?  NOTE:  The Papal Encyclicals dealing with the above questions are available from TENET BOOKS.)
“In these days, when the completion of a great victory is in sight, the souls who have devoted themselves to Catholic Education shall no longer dwell in the houses in which they are still living today.  All those who are at the mercy of the great and perfidious authority will be completely emptied.
“The wicked enemies of God our Saviour, who meet in the Lodges to capacity, feel that their time is coming.  They will rise, full of expectations, to throw mud and scandal at the Apostles of God and at His Church.  Through them, young people will finally forget their Creator and Saviour.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont] The educational plan of de-christianisation has indeed been successful:  in 1882, (the date of this message) France was still a devoutly Catholic country.  By 1960, only a minority of French Catholics went to church regularly on Sunday, and Grace before meals was a completely forgotten practice.  The plan of de-christianisation has gathered speed since 1962 with the infiltration of the Church herself by Freemasons.  In fact, Masonic decisions and instructions for the whole Church to observe are issued in the name of the Pope [Paul VI ?] by the Mafia whom he ill-advisedly appointed himself on account of their liberal ideas which he favoured.)
“The whole earth, except Brittany, will be like a lifeless grave.  The Church will endure such cruel persecutions that Hell itself could not contrive them.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  When Marie-Julie says “the whole earth” she probably means the French territory.  True, we know that the whole earth will be devastated, but it is difficult to conceive that no region over the whole world will be spared apart from Brittany.)
“The Centre (Paris) will be a blood-soaked place.  The last flow of blood will be that of the man whom Heaven will curse on account of his crimes.
“Heaven will allow the signs of its justice to pass over the earth.  The foreign land shall not harvest any food.  A rain of fire shall reduce to ashes the harvest of those peoples which are a blend of non-Catholic Christians and of Mohammedans.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  This seems to refer to the Middle East and East Africa, Egypt and Ethiopia in particular.)
“The land of France also shall feel the justice of God.  For three years potatoes will rot as soon as planted; wheat will not grow or will wilt half-way up; fruit will turn black even before it reaches the size of a finger.
“The Centre (Paris) and its dwellings will be pulverised by the force of the thunder of God.  Earth tremors and earthquakes will increase night and day unceasingly for forty-three days.  The seas will be churned up and never in all past centuries will the waves have assumed such a force.
“The earth must perish, yet not entirely; but more than half of one half.” (Emphasis added).
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  “More than half of  one half” means over 25% of the human race.  But elsewhere it is said “A half and more than a half of one half.”  This means over 75% of the human race, and this tallies with what many other prophecies announce.  So, in this particular passage, there must be an error of transcription.  Marie-Julie was illiterate: her messages were taken down by friends during her ecstasies.  She probably said: “More than half and one half” (of the first half).
“The earth will be like a desert, but God shall re-populate it in peace and tranquility.”
Our Lord says:  (October 1877)
“Oh! guilty France.  Can you not see the grave that is opening up to swallow the victims of your crimes?  Can you not see that the hour of reckoning is approaching?
“Let Me warn you, My children:  Satan will satisfy his rage which is all the fiercer because he knows that his legions will be defeated.  I will humble My people because they have not listened to Me.  Later, I will give (them) a complete victory.
“Now is the time when the white Lily and the white banner shall be once more trodden underfoot.  But this will be only for a time.  The white banner will rise over France.
(REMARKS:  [by Dupont]  The first sentence refers to the abortive attempt to restore the Monarchy in France in the time of Marie-Julie.  But this will be only for a “time” – probably one century approximately, which seems to indicate that the Great Monarch will come before the end of our century, possibly , in the eighties.)
Saint Michael says:  (September 1877)
“The triumph of the living will be great when Our Holy Church, now crowned with thorns, sees herself crowned with golden lilies.  The defenders of the Faith will be covered by protection from Heaven.”
Our Lord says:
“I shall give France new flowers when the deluge of My just chastisements has passed (away).  (He gives His blessing to France).  I shall send St. Michael, the Prince of victory, to bring the Lily to thy forehead.  I shall make peace with thee as it (the Lily) gradually blossoms.  I shall come to visit thee and I shall set thee on thy feet again Myself.” 
Our Lord says: (October 1877)
“I shall be trodden underfoot:  My prison of love (i.e., the Tabernacle) will be violated, but I shall no longer be there:  My ministers will take Me away and they will carry Me, hidden in their hearts.  My Temple will be defiled and full of horrors, but that moment will be short.  My sanctuary will be closed to you, but I shall be with you, and those days will pass rapidly.”
DIALOGUE BETWEEN THE BLESSED MOTHER AND FRANCE PERSONIFIED:  (The Immaculate Mother of God comes near to France, the guilty one, and tells her three times:)  “France, give me your heart!”  (But France turns a deaf ear.)
“Do you remember, O ungrateful France, now covered with horrible sores, that you promised My Divine Son that you would give Him your heart?”
(France does not answer, her eyes proudly looking at Mary.  She [France] exudes pride from every pore.)
“O perfidious and guilty France!  Are you not satisfied at having made so many victims?  The blood that has been poured through your own fault has flowed like streams.  If you only knew what chastisements My Son has in store for you, Oh, how eagerly you would come back to Him!”
(France has nothing to say but, slowly, she uncovers her heart.)
“O, My Son!  How black her heart is!  It is only a pit of vices, iniquities and unbelief.
“France, follow me!”
“I shall follow thee, Mary, but on the condition that my companions will also follow me.”
“No, France, you shall follow me all alone.”
(But France declines to comply.  The Blessed Virgin reminds her of her glorious past:  the Lily of Saint Louis, the courage of Louis XVI, but to no avail – nothing can move the heart of France.)
(The Holy Mother takes a chain from under her mantle, and encircles the chest of France below the armpits.)
“Follow me now!  Woe to you if you resist!  You will perish entirely.”
(France, forced to follow Mary against her will, is led like a criminal before her judge.  Saint Michael offers her the banner of the Sacred Heart several times, but France rejects it.)
“Let us make a pause,” France asks, “this march is too long;  I am exhausted”
“France, you shall march on even with bleeding feet!  They marched in ingratitude.  You are corrupt from head to foot.  Heaven is your only hope.”
“I am waiting, and still hoping on this earth.”
“What hope do you have on earth?”
“Mary, faith is still alive in France.”
“Who has preserved it?  Surely not you!”
“I did spread the Faith throughout the world.”
“How have you spread it?  If you were able to rise and reach my Son, you would rise only to put out His Light.”
(They come to Jesus.  France drops exhausted at the feet of Jesus.  Mary helps her up and introduces her as the Eldest Daughter of the Church.  Jesus receives her like a wretched creature.)
“I shall not recognize her as the Eldest Daughter of the Church,”  Jesus says, “until she has emptied her heart of her iniquities.”
(France is clothed only with a few rags.)
“Why, O France,”  Jesus asks, “have you allowed yourself to be led to unfaithfulness?  Why do you blush at the thought of calling to Heaven for help?  You knew that you were breaking My Law!”
“I have been deceived by men.”
“Why did you let them deceive you?”
“They blindfolded me and I followed them.”
“Why, O guilty one, have you despised My Church?  Why did you rebel against her?”
“Lord, I did not care much about Religion; I pushed it aside.”
“How could you not fear My chastisements?”
“My intelligence failed me; I no longer have any.”
“Yes, you still possess your intelligence, but you put it to evil uses.”
(France lowers her eyes.  The Lord orders that she be placed in a grave on a mound of thorns.)  END OF DIALOGUE
(COMMENTS: [by Dupont]  Why is France so guilty?  As I said previously – and I speak as a French-born – the sin of France started in 1789 with the great anti-christian Revolution and the execution of her King, (which would be more aptly called a murder).  Napoleon put an end to the violence of the Revolution, but he took over its leading principles which, through his victories in the field, he spread throughout Europe.  The consequence of all this was an unending series of wars and revolutions in Europe during the 19th century.  Prussian nationalism was intensified, and France was first punished by her defeat in 1871.
A short-lived revival of Faith then took place, but the Freemasons soon took full control, and the school-children of France were methodically indoctrinated against the Faith.
In 1914, the much-maligned German Kaiser tried to avoid war following the murder of the Austrian heir by a Mason.  Documents exist to show that the aim of Freemasonry was the destruction of all monarchies through a world war.  France, at that time, was dominated by Freemasons.  They whipped up national feeling against Germany, and the French patriots themselves were only too inclined to repair the defeat of 1871.  “la Revanche” became a password.  It is a gross inaccuracy, - even an outright lie to say that France was the innocent victim of German Imperialism, but it is also true that the Prussian military clique wanted war as much as the French did.  The German Kaiser yielded to pressure and war was declared.
I have already explained how World War I led to World War II, and how World War II will lead to World War III.  [Yves Dupont died in 1979, so did not live to witness the apparitions and messages of Medjugorje that began in 1981.  The seers at Medjugorje say that Our Lady now says that there will not be a World War III thanks to Christians all over the world who have prayed and sacrificed against it.   I will try to find the quote for you......... 
Monday, July 12th 1982: Will there be a Third World War? "The Third World War will not take place." (CP 68). “CP” is abbreviation for “Parish Chronicle,”  the careful records kept from the very first at the Parish of Saint James in Medjugorje. MEDJUGORJE MESSAGES 1982  Anyway, this is typical of our wonderful, merciful God who loves His children and finds every means to save and comfort them and responds to earnest conversion and prayer.   JEANNE]
[COMMENTS by Dupont, continued] 
Before 1789, all armies were composed of professional soldiers.  It was Napoleon who first instituted the general conscription of all able men, which incidentally, was a contributing factor to his victories.  The loss of French lives was enormous. but the other European nations were overwhelmed by their numbers for France was the most populous European country at that time.
Soon, the other European countries had to adopt conscription also.  This was the end of small professional armies, and the beginning of national armies, - a harbinger of the holocausts to come.
That is why Our Lady said France was responsible for blood “flowing like streams.”
Admittedly, French history text-books give an entirely different picture of these developments, but they are, to this day, controlled by Freemasons, - a fact that all too many Frenchmen tend to overlook.
At the same time as Freemasons took control, circa 1880 , France embarked upon a colonial policy, and her revolutionary principles influenced the native populations, thus paving the way for the troubles we witnessed after World War II.  Leading natives came to French universities to study, and they imbibed the Masonic Ideas (of which Marxism is but a development).  This was the case with Chou-En-Lai, of China;  Ho Chi Minh, of North Vietnam, Khieu Samphan, the Khmer Rouge leader of Cambodia, and many others.  We know the consequences that the Godless teaching of these universities has produced.
Let me mention here, lest I be misunderstood, that Masonry as such was not taught anywhere;  Masonry is above all a secret society.  What Masons did was to instill the false Liberal and revolutionary concepts of their creed.
The same is true of the U.S.A.:  the Founding  Fathers, though believers they may have been, produced a Constitution which was based partly on Protestant Liberalism, and partly on the ideas of the French philosophers – who were Masons.  Thus the concept of “government by the people,” which is anti-Christian (this bears repeating), was bound to produce the chaos and corruption which are the hallmark of American politics.
But, whilst France as a nation is indeed guilty, what are we to say of the French people at large?  At time of writing, it does not appear to me that they are more guilty or corrupt than other peoples.  Comparisons are difficult to make but, if we think  of Denmark, Sweden, Germany, or England, it makes one wonder which is the most morally corrupt.
What of the U.S.A.?  Moral corruption is widespread there also, yet there is a difference worth noting.  In the U.S.A. the man-in-the-street can speak of God and religion without blushing.  In France, there is a sort of human respect that makes these words almost taboo among a large section of the people.  And if, perchance, the subject is raised at all, the man-in-the-street feels uneasy about it, or thinks that you are a religious fanatic, or almost out of your mind.  In the most favourable cases, you are regarded as “very devout.”  (Our Lord said:  “O France, why do you blush at the thought of calling to Heaven?”
Even the minority of believers seldom recite their daily Rosary, or say Grace before meals, or, again, their morning and evening prayers at the foot of their beds.  As for the Angelus, it is completely forgotten; yet these practices are the very minimum that can be expected from a Catholic.
Such are the results of de-christianisation which began circa 1880.
Yet a great many French people lead quite decent lives, but God is forgotten, and it must be remembered that our primary duty is to know, love, and serve God.  To be kind and helpful to other people as French people often are, is not enough.  God must have pride of place and, in France, He has not.
Add to this that French Catholicism is now all but completely decayed due to the leadership of an apostatic hierarchy.  Even many practising Catholics are blind to this fact.
Further, Our Lady does not say “Frenchmen;” she says “France.”  The many will be punished for the sins of the leading few, just as the whole human race was punished for the sin of Adam and Eve.  Such is the relationship between collective and individual guilt, and therein lies the mystery.)  [END OF DUPONT’S COMMENT]
Our Lord says:  (October 1875)
“France, listen to Me!  You will have to suffer much during fourteen days of terrible fighting.  During these fourteen days of fighting, the chastisement will come.
“Ah!  If My people knew that they are on the eve of their great victory, they could not contain their joy.  They would pray every day and, through these prayers, they would receive much consolation.
“France!  during these days of fighting you will not give way to despair, you will not lose your courage.
“When the foreigner swoops down on you, he will be driven back and scattered by a prayer that will be revealed.  He will charge like a demented lion, with great fury, and with all the weapons of his godlessness in order to break the people of France and immolate them.
“My invisible hand shall smite him.
“O France! if it had not been for My Mother, you would never have risen above your heinous crimes.  If victory is given to you so rapidly, it is thanks to Mary, to her entreaties, to her tears.
“France! you will sustain a terrible battle for the King (Henry) who is to bring peace and harmony to your land.  You will have less difficulties in your defence of the Church.  Bear in mind, however, that the liberation of the Holy Father will cause terrible fighting too, but less terrible than for the King.  France will need a powerful hand (to help her.)  The first day, Heaven itself shall wage war.  The second day, it will be men.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  All this will take place after the resurrection of France.  The last sentence confirms what has been said before:  “Heaven shall wage war,” that is the Act of God, the Cosmic miracle; but men will complete the clean-up under the Great Monarch.  The Communist forces, shaken by the Cosmic Miracle, will lose their dash and, instead of crossing over to the left bank of the Rhine as planned, they will be confronted by French troops of the right bank of the Rhine, and will sustain a crushing defeat.
This great war and revolution will probably last four years, the last year of which will be a leap year.  It seems that the Foreigner will come twice:  first, during the civil war when he will be called in by the traitorous faction (i.e., the Communists.)  The second time, to fight the Prince who will become the Great Monarch.  The last battle will last fourteen days.  But “chastisement will come, the “invisible hand,  “Heaven itself waging war.”
The second part will be that of the great Birch-Tree battle on the right bank of the Rhine river, in West Germany.  The Communists forces, coming from three nations, will not be able to cross over to the left bank of the Rhine because it is at this very moment that the cosmic miracle will take place.  After this, the Great Monarch will not wait for the Communist forces to recuperate from the shock; he will cross the Rhine himself with his own army which, although very small, will inflict the crushing defeat, as already mentioned.
The Communist forces will be completely routed and scattered, and few of their soldiers will see their homeland again.  All these details can be gathered from the 300 or so prophecies which I have read, examined, and studied over the last 30 years. 
Their concordance is astounding, all the more so because they were made in many different countries, and at all times of the Church’s history from the fourth century onwards, but especially in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Mankind has been warned, but who listens to the prophets today?   

Love, Jeanne