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Disasters to befall the Church, France, Europe, and the World 
Below is a continuation of a transcription of Yves Dupont’s presentation of the Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny of Fraudais, Brittany, France, “Part I of Part II,” pp 5 - 26.
The Prophecies of La Fraudais by Yves Dupont_Part I of Part II  
The Cherubim closes his book on the order of Our Lord, and the Lord now says:
“My children, do rest in My Peace.  I will prepare your shelter.  It is now time.  I will protect you under a clear and pure sky, but the sun rays will soon grow dim.  The signs of My Justice will put to death the plants of the earth.  The green meadows will no longer produce any fruit;  streams will dry out, - not a drop of water.  The sand will be burning hot.  This chastisement will strike the South, near the “Place of the Cross.”
February 1882.  Bishop Fournier is now dead.  He was a firm believer in the apparitions of Marie-Julie... Here he appears to Marie-Julie and speaks to her:
“I shall weep,” says Mgr. Fournier, “over the Eternal City and over the chains of the Holy Pontiff which will grow heavier and heavier.  I shall shed with him the last tears of the living Church, because sorrow will extinguish her for a certain time, and that time is written in Heaven.”
The Lord writes: (July 1882)
“Evil approaches inevitably.  Soon, the earth in its entirety will be under a shower of terrible chastisements sent by My Justice.  Righteousness will be in the grave, and evil will be exalted even onto the peak of mountains in order to display its triumph.”
The Blessed Virgin Mary appears, dressed in black, She says: (November 1880)
“I am in mourning for what is left of the houses of virgins.  A time has been set which will break their peaceful rest and cause tears of regret to flow.  These houses (i.e., convents) will be all destroyed, and sooner than any of you who have the faith, can imagine.
“All of a sudden, hell will roar.  This roaring will not cease...  The ministers of My Son will be sent away from their dwellings and scattered among My people.
“When the perfidious man lays his hand for the third time on the last of these houses of graces, which by their prayers have held back the anger of My Divine Son, he will go to the bitter end, making no exception of persons, not even the faithful families which will stay in their homes, praying.  Their dwellings will be defiled by the entry of fearsome men.
“Only My Son and I know the rest of their schemes.  These schemes will lead to the complete and perfected overthrow of everything.”
(The Blessed Virgin Mary lifts a little the hem of her black dress and uncovers her feet to show me a large and black crown which has only a few white spots on it.  She picks it up and holds it in her pure hands.)
“Here is this unhappy Crown, formerly so white, so much admired by all foreign kings, and renowned all over the world.  Today, in its sorrowful aspect, it is the Crown of France.  It will keep this heart rending colour until the Man of God, My Son, comes to raise France from her ruins...  In this Crown, My children, the whole of France is there, except thee, O Brittany!
“I would have liked not to place this black Crown even at the far end of thy soil, O Brittany that I love, but My Son has set aside an area to be tried most dolorously.  I shall intercede as much as I can.”
(The Blessed Mother, holding the Crown with both hands, lifts it heavenwards and says:)
“My Son, since all My people are threatened, except Brittany which is watched over by My Mother (St. Anne), and protected by My kindness, oh, at least, dost Thou preserve the rest of Thy houses which have been consecrated to Thee.  Protect Thy faithful apostles in peace;  allow them to rest.
Jesus is heard to answer:
“My Mother, yet a little time and there will no longer be any peace and rest;  yet a little time, and there will no longer be any freedom except for evil, arson and bloodshed.”
Our Lady says:
“O France!  I have wept and interceded for thee so many times!  I am asking thee for only one act of charity:  spare the innocent in the cradle;  allow the angels of the earth to live, so that they may draw upon thee the beginning of divine mercy.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  Abortion is now legal in France.  [Dec. 1976] President Giscard d’Estaing possesses the doubtful privilege of having allowed French babies to be murdered.)
Our Lady says:
“My children, you will see deadly diseases fall upon the world, diseases which do not even leave time for preparation, before appearing before My Son.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  Here again, many prophecies announce unknown diseases of the utmost severity which, very probably are the consequence of man’s interference with his environment, thus giving birth to new strains of viruses.)
“Thunderbolts from the sky will follow each other with violence and rapidity.  The heavenly fire will run over a frightening breadth of the earth.  This avenging lightning will sear every twig that produces fruit.  The soil under cultivation will be burnt and reduced to a dust that is completely stripped.  No fruit will come.  The limbs of all the trees will be dried up down to the trunk.
“Children of Brittany, to preserve your harvest, you will make use of what My Son, in His mercy, has revealed to you:  this is the only way to save your food supply.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  For the moment, it is not known what this “only way” is.)
“My children, for three days the sky will be ablaze, with streaks of terror (unleashed) by Diving Wrath.  What saddens me is that this anger will not stop the forces of hell.  They fear neither My Son nor hell.  That time must come to pass.  The peril of France is written in the sky by the Eternal Power.  I can no longer intercede;  I am only a powerless mother.
“For several years the land will not produce.  France will be in sorrow even after her triumph.  For two or three years she will feel (the effects of) these ruins and of these profound miseries.  Shortages will be grave even though My people has been thinned out.  Prayer will bring back blessings.  My Son and I will take pity on this long penance.
“My children, pray for the Church; pray for all her ministers; pray for the pope for they will make an attempt against his life.
“France will perish – not entirely, but many will perish.  She will be saved by a very small number.  O France! they will bring even on thy very soil the dust from foreign lands.  Thou wilt not be able to drive off these foreigners... “
Our Lord says:  (Sept. 1879)
“My people seem to sink into unbelief...  What rends My Divine Heart is the war that is being waged against the Holy Temple in which I have made My residence to comfort and strengthen souls.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont] This would seem to be a reference to the suppression or displacement of tabernacles all over the world.)
“With each passing day, religion is weakening.  Soon it will be deserted over almost the entire earth; but it will remain in the lone souls of a few who will be harassed, and cruelly and pitilessly struck.
“Soon, in vast expanses of this earth of the dead, all sanctuaries will be gone.  The apostles (priests) will have taken to flight.  Holy souls shall weep over the ruins and desertions.  The road that is now opening will lead to that stage within a short time... “
St. Michael says:
“This Freemasonry... everything that is in it is worthless, completely worthless.  Do not expect anything from it.
“The ministers of God will be pursued.  According to the wishes of the ungodly in this Chamber, they will be robbed and deprived of everything they absolutely need.”
(NOTE:  [by Dupont]   “Chamber” means Parliament.)
“Some ministers of God will be forced, to their sorrow, to put on the clothes of ordinary men, but not yet everywhere.  A time will come when they will be obliged to dress like ordinary men in order to elude the diabolical cruelty of their enemies.
“These want to see infernal dances in the churches.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  In many places priests dress like ordinary men already, and without being forced.  Infernal dances have also taken place in some churches, e.g., in the Cathedral of Reims and in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Mexico.)
“Some priests will not have even the courage to defend their religion.  This is the greatest sorrow inflicted on God.  Yet this will take place under the very eyes of the faithful.  It will be a time of scandals that will progress very rapidly, a time of the greatest sorrows.
“The celebration of the mysteries of our holy religion is what enrages most the enemies of God.  They think that, if it were not for the Mass, the people who live in remote country places would be easy to change.  They hope to lead them into their schemes with money...  This will come to pass shortly before the terrible fighting.  Such is the idea the enemies of religion will come up with:  They will send out pedlars (agents) with the wages of hell.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  In other places it is said that unemployment will be artificially engineered so that the workers, being idle and in need, will all the more easily be induced to join the Revolution.  Here, the people in need will be induced to give up their religion for money.  Elsewhere, these pedlars are called “impious-runners.”)
St. Michael continues:  (A dialogue with Marie-Julie)
“The heart of the Church is but a gaping wound today, they carry their crimes even to the foot of the alter...
“I have understood, Holy Archangel, but I cannot repeat this... “
“The Lord wants you to... “
“I cannot repeat, St. Michael... “
“I shall not insist since you are afraid of sinning... “
“Yes, I am afraid of lacking charity... “
“I am speaking on the order of the Lord... “
“But I cannot repeat, St. Michael, if you say things like this... “
“Dear friends of God, the Lord is being offended by those who ought to serve Him... “
“Do not say that, St. Michael, I will not repeat it... “
“The friends of God have been forewarned; they only have to wait in silence and with a generous faith now.”
The Immaculate Mother intervenes:
“Be reassured:  it is My Dear Son who dictated all the words spoken by St. Michael... “
“Good Mother, my mind is fully at rest concerning this.”
Marie-Julie says:  (April 1880)
“Today, faith lives on in its radiant beauty.  But the reign of godlessness will be so fearsome that God, in His mercy, will keep the lamp of our hearts supplied with holy oil.  This lamp of faith and courage will be much needed.
“Many times, those who belong to the Party of false freedom, will attempt to impose a denial of Our Lord, of our faith in His existence, and a denial of the Church.
“I see in the Sun the Mountain of Calvary being ascended every morning to obtain the descent of the spotless Lamb from Heaven.  (i.e., Holy Mass.)  (The Mountain of Calvary is the Altar.)  But I see this Mountain is being climbed with the foulest of sacrileges.  It will become the Mountain of Sacrilege.
“God lives in His works.  These are the means by which He gives us His Divine Words.  But I see that many of these works will be destroyed, yet not down to their last roots.  These roots will remain in the hearts of the faithful.  During these dark times, all this work which I might call human (although it is divine since God lives in it), will have to stop.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  All church work will stop, but the Church will live on in the hearts of the faithful.  This will be the Passion and Good Friday of the Catholic Church:  complete destruction and death, - but only as a structural organization, for the Church will continue in the catacombs.)
“But God will not stop.  Whilst a suspension will be apparent, God’s work will not be suspended.  All God’s good works will flourish again after the deluge (of blood).  But this will not be the last deluge, for there is one more to come:  the one that will finish up the earth and its inhabitants.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  The last deluge of blood is that of the wars of Antichrist, which will come to pass after the reign of the Great Monarch.  This passage confirms quite clearly what I inferred from the other prophecies, namely that the war which is coming is not the last one;  but the following one will indeed be the last one.  Evidence of this can be found in my first book (in French), called “Les Derniers Jours des Derniers Temps,” published in 1960;  Also in my book (in English) “Catholic Prophecy,” which was published in 1970.  I must confess, however, that, in my French book, I made the error of setting definite dates, - and they proved wrong; also, some of my thinking reflected what is now known as “Progressivism,” which I totally reject now.  But the book was composed in 1956, - twenty years ago, and a man’s thinking necessarily evolves in that span of time.)
Madame Grégoire reports:  (She was one of Marie-Julie’s writers.)
“Marie-Julie sees, in her Sun, desperate attempts against the works of God...  These works will be suspended, and the places in which the Divine Presence dwells will become places of scandal.  Blasphemy shall reign therein, and horrible decisions will be made there...
“Marie-Julie sees that no one will speak about these works for a duration of 10 or 11 months.  Christians will speak with grief among themselves of the profanations which will turn the places visited by Our Lord into places of horror.”
Our Lord says:  (June 1881) 
“When the fatal hour strikes for testing My eternal Priesthood during the last period, it will be written sheets which they will be given to celebrate.
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  Literally “traced sheets.”  Perhaps, she meant that Missals would no longer be used, but simply printed sheets for each Sunday.  This has already come to pass in many French churches, and the contents of these “printed sheets” can only worsen as time goes on.)
Our Lord says:
“I mean to say that the first period is that of My Priesthood which has existed since My time.  The second period is that of the persecution when the enemies of the Faith will formulate these sheets as the book of the second celebration – and they will apply themselves to it strenuously.
“I mean to refer to those perverted minds who have crucified Me anew and who are awaiting the advent of a new Messiah to make them happy.  Many holy priests will refuse this book sealed with the words of the Abyss.  Unfortunately, some will accept it, and it will be used.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  This prophecy seems to refer to the adoption of a New Mass which will be the logical outcome of the New Mass that was introduced in 1969.  The process has to be gradual or no priest would accept the New Mass of the future.  Concerning the second passage, only the Jews are waiting for a new Messiah.  The influence of the Jews on Vatican II is now undeniable, and their influence will probably grow even more as time goes on.)
Our Lord says:  (June 1881)
“Soon, over vast expanses of this land of the dead, no sanctuaries will be found any longer.  Priests will have taken to flight.  Holy souls will weep over the ruins and the desertions.  The road that is now opening will lead there.  See how much insulted I am, and much offended, too! 
“Religion is getting weaker with every passing day.  Within a short time it will be deserted over most of the world, but it will continue to dwell in lonely souls, though these will be harassed and struck pitilessly.”
The Holy Ghost says:
“Within a short time, all the laws of the Church will fall under the blow of a most unjust and culpable violation.  When reports of a threatening order reach their ears, many priests will not be last in breaking the laws (of the Church.)  I grieve at the laxity of such a number that it makes me shudder.  I grieve at the little faith that abides in them.  They are very guilty; not all of them, but many.
“In their aberration, they will break their oaths.  The Book of Life contains a list of names that rends the heart.
“Because of the little respect it has for the apostles of God, the flock grows careless and ceases to observe the laws.  The priest himself is responsible for this lack of respect because he does not respect enough his holy ministry, and the place which he occupies in his sacred functions.  The flock follows in the footsteps of its pastors;  this is a great tragedy.” (emphasis added)
“The clergy will be severely punished on account of their inconceivable fickleness and great cowardice which is incompatible with their functions.
“A terrible chastisement has been provided for those who ascend every morning the steps of the Holy Sacrifice.  I have not come on your altars to be tortured.  I suffer a hundredfold more from such hearts than any of the others.  I absolve you from your great sins, My children, but I cannot grant any pardon to these priests.”
The Blessed Virgin says:  (May 1896)
“One of my sorrows is that many will deny the King they have served (when the day of the shake-up comes).  The unfaithful priest will not recoil at denying his Father, like Judas, and at disgracing his priesthood forever.  We shall witness acts of treason; they will take place when terror is everywhere.  In order to save the life of their bodies, they will lose the life of their souls.
“I do not include all the Pastors (i.e. bishops), nor all the priesthood, but the number of those who are not included is very small.  They allow the souls of the faithful to drift away; they care very little for their salvation.  They are indifferent to the Holy Tribunal of (Penance).  They go to the Holy Altar only because they are obliged to accomplish this act.”
The Blessed Virgin Mary says:  (September 1901)
“I see pastors (i.e. bishops) at the head of Holy Church...  When I see the irreparable work done and the tragic example which it sets to My dear people, and when I see the Bond (i.e., the Pope), break down and the heart of the Pontiff crushed, My grief is extreme: heaven is filled with wrath and sorrow.”  (Emphasis added)
“When all the crosses are thrown to the ground, when they impose the most diabolical laws on the clergy and the faithful, then I shall arise... The earth will be cleansed, and better days will return.”

The Lord says:  (January 1878)
“My temples and My Altars will be defiled.  My crucifixes will be trampled underfoot by apostates.  The statues of My Saints will be thrown to the ground.  My beloved servants, for pity’s sake, take Me with you on your breasts before you take to flight away from the storm.  Do not abandon Me to the fury of the godless ones.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  If the New Mass of today, despite its many defects, was completely invalid, Jesus would no longer be in the Tabernacles, and He would not ask to be taken away.)
“My children, what will be the greatest sorrow and the most heartrending thing for Me is that some of My servants and apostles (i.e. priests), will not have the courage to preserve their faith and the dignity of their calling.
“You will see some – but not you personally – you will see some take up weapons after desecrating their dignity.  They will mingle with the Godless.  They will be the first to disgrace My holy Temple.  My children, My temple will be destroyed, but it will be rebuilt.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont] Already some priests are openly professing their Communist “faith” and preaching the Revolution.  They will join forces with Communists.  This will be the prelude to the complete destruction of the Church... )
Our Lord introduces Pius IX, who says: (March 1878) [reigned as pope 16 June 1846 to his death in 7 February 1878, was the longest reigning pope in history]
“Pray much for my successor [Leo XIII reigned as pope 20 February 1878 to his death in July 20, 1903] who will witness the upheaval in this great Roman city.  His enemies will strenuously attempt to force him into apostasy, but his faith will be unshakable.
“O Rome!  Where are the first walls which St. Peter built for his successors?  These walls have collapsed.  New ones were built, but these will collapse also.
“I saw the blood of the martyrs.  I saw the cobblestones reddened with this streaming blood when I came back from my captivity.  My successor will see the blood of the defenders of the Church flow like rivers with even more violence.
“This will come to pass when a zealous and devout King will be the delight of France.  A decisive battle will be waged in France and in Rome.  This storm will bring back in triumph the predestined King whom men reject, but he is well loved in heaven.  (The suffrages of men seldom represent the will of God, for man is weak, fallible and given to evil.)
“I do love that King, and I bequeath to my successor the thought of this noble Prince who will come to his assistance.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  The sequence of events in Rome is not absolutely clear.  One thing is certain:  the great persecutions, the slaughter, and the total destruction of the Church will take place towards the end of the war, probably at the hands of the Mohammedans, when France is reborn again.  It seems that, in the early stages of the war, Rome will be controlled by the Communists, not the Mohammedans; and the Communists will not attempt, at least at first, to destroy the Church.  Rather, they will enact drastic laws and force the clergy into apostasy in the hope of using the Church to further their revolutionary aims.  The true pope will take to flight, and it is possible that, it is at this stage that an anti-pope will be seated in Rome.  The vast majority of bishops and priests, as will be seen elsewhere, will obey the anti-pope and accept the “New Mass” that will be dictated by the Communists.  This “New Mass” is not the New Mass that was introduced in 1969; it is a more radical construction, a truly diabolical invention.  The New Mass of today must be viewed as a first stage.  It was composed by Bugnini who has, since then, been ousted by Pope Paul, but the New Mass remains.  Let me add the Bugnini is known in Rome as being a Freemason (the same is said of Cardinal Villot who arranges all private audiences for the Pope.  This may explain why the Pope freely receives Communists and Revolutionaries, and never Traditionalists.)
Pius IX (Continued) April 1880
“To get rid of the Catholics more quickly it would be desirable to cut off the root that feeds the Church, that is, the Pope.  But here he who can hardly be said to be on the side of the Faith, thinks twice at such a demand;  This would require assistance given from here, and then, the foreigners could help us also in return.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont] This refers to the early stage of the war when France is under Communist rule.  The Communist dictator is not over anxious to kill the Pope; apparently, the Revolutionaries have still much to do in France alone.  The next passage confirms that the Communists will eventually take Rome.)
Pius IX (continued)
“This time, if the promised miracle does not come, it is impossible for the Church to escape.  Hundreds of Red armies are swooping down on her.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont] Who could have known in 1880 that there would be Red armies in Europe  – if not God Himself?)
The Lord says:  (September 1878)
“My children, I am carrying the Church on My wounded shoulder.  I will now take her away with her walls and ornaments.  I will take her away from the fury of her enemies.  It will be a red fury, and even one degree up.”
St. Michael says:  (September 1878)
“The new and holy Pontiff will be even more exposed and more threatened than he whom God will have recalled when he carried on his shoulders His Holy Temple.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  This passage refers to the second Pope, who will, presumably, succeed the anti-pope.  He will be saved by the French Monarch.  The first Pope, presumably before the anti-pope, will die in exile.  France itself will be in the throes of a bitter civil war and revolution.  It is likely that all this will happen within the space of four years.)
The Lord says:  (March 1878)
“Sorrow, torture, contempt, he will receive everything... even being spat upon.  He will be taken to the stone of the first Pontiff.  He will be told:  ‘Deny your faith, give us freedom.’  But his faith will be firm and steadfast.  It is I who will give you this Pontiff.  Pray for him who will have to see with his own eyes a frenzied revolution.  Until his death, his hand will hold the Cross and will not let it go.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont] Here again, this must be the second Pope, who is called De Labore Solis [John Paul II was De Labore Solis].
Until the early seventies, only a few manuscripts on the ecstasies of Marie-Julie had been deciphered.  Fr. Roberdel took on the task of deciphering manuscripts that had been hitherto unknown or unused.  Some of these manuscripts were indeed very hard to read:  they were written down as Marie-Julie spoke, and, in order to keep up with the verbal delivery of the messages, the writer had to use many abbreviations, and many words were written in Latin, or were latinised for brevity’s sake, as Latin is much more concise than French.  In addition to this, the hand-writing was not the best.  In fact, Fr. Roberdel tells us in one of his books that he gave up trying to decipher some of the ecstasies.  It goes without saying that Marie-Julie’s writer was completely at home with Latin, and this enabled him to transcribe Marie Julie’s messages on the spot.)
Our Lord says;  (August 1879)
“Let us think only of the day that is about to dawn, the day of the first triumph.  In this triumph My adorable hand will take a golden sickle... the earth will already be covered with putrid vapours and My true children will have the greatest difficulty to endure the infection.
“You, My victim (i.e. Marie-Julie), as soon as I have sharpened the edge of My golden sickle, I shall do the harvesting quickly and promptly.  Here is the reason:  when I begin harvesting, the earth will live in the anguish of My justice, but also in the peace of My mercy.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  This is a reference to the natural disasters, an Act of God, which will follow the wars and revolutions of the first three or four years.  It will be swift, and will cause Communism to collapse immediately.  This phenomenon will probably be of cosmic origin, but it must not be confused with the droughts, floods and earthquakes which, on a lesser scale, will begin long before the final Act of God.  This is to be the final wave of droughts, floods, and earthquakes with their resulting shortages of food and epidemics, and it will be more than that.)
Our Lord says:  (August 1879)
“My children, do not expect anything good from these men who have an appearance of power to govern.  Let Me warn you that a frightening assault will soon issue from this Chamber of Hell, as I have already named it.  Here is the great moment.  Already, these corrupt  men have entered the infernal corridor which leads to the hour of the frightful crime.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont] Every time Marie-Julie mentions the “Chamber of Hell,” she means “Parliament.”  But note that a parliament is not necessarily evil:  A parliament that has a consultative function only, and which represents natural organisms, and is not corrupted by the curse which political parties are, can play an essential part in the life of a nation.  Indeed, nations should be ruled by Kings, nor parliaments.  The decadence of western nations and their weakness  in the face of the Communist threat, must be imputed to our modern ideas on Democracy.  I have studied several hundred prophecies: not one has a good word to say in favour of Republics and Democracies, and a large number explicitly name these regimes as things of the devil.  But Marie-Julie was concerned above all with French affairs:  when she says that these corrupt men have already entered the infernal corridor, she very probably has in mind the Freemasons who began to infiltrate the French parliament which, only four years earlier, had a very strong Monarchist majority.  A division between Monarchists, however, resulted in the Republic being proclaimed by one vote.  Gradually, the Monarchists lost their influence whilst that of the Freemasons increased:  the Republic was soon to become Masonic and anti-clerical.  This is what Marie-Julie predicts in the following passage when she repeats the words of Jesus:  “The good Catholics who fight in this Chamber of Satan shall not win the victory which they desire.  They will be opposed and smeared by the greater number.  Let not their defeat weaken your resolve!  Everything has been written in My Heart.  The Lily shall resurrect in France after many evils.”  (The Lily [Fleur-de-Lis] is the French Monarchy.)
Our Lord says:  (August 1879)
“In some places, the earth shall look like a red sea.  Blood shall flow like a torrent.  The earth will soon be drenched with the blood of its children...  But do not lose heart, and wait.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  Many Catholics who do not know the prophecies will, indeed, lose heart;  But you, the reader of these pages must never forget what the Lord said:  ‘Do not lose heart.’  Victory will be ours.) [My emphasis :) cj.]

(Researched and written by YVES DUPONT (1922-1979) in French, then translated by Dupont, himself, into English. Published in his own periodical, World Trends, published by TENET BOOKS, P.O. BOX 180, HAWTHORN, VIC. 3122, AUSTRALIA) I transcribed my issues of the World Trends, three part, July 1976,“Exclusive Edition” #47, #48, #49, word for word because it is practically impossible to obtain them now. It was evidently a miracle that I was able to purchase it several years ago, and I really feel an obligation to pass it on to you. So an unaltered version follows here. Any text in brackets [like this] is added by me to help with clarity. Jeanne) 

These prophecies were compiled by Yves Dupont as excerpts from three French books :
1.“Le Ciel en Colloque avec Marie-Julie Jahenny”(December 1973)
2.“Marie-Julie Jahenny, la Stigmatisée de Blain” (September 1974)
3.“Les Prophéties de La Fraudais” (November 1974)
The prophecies were originally compiled by Fr. P. Roberdel from notes kept by various persons attending the ecstasies of Marie-Julie of Fraudais. The three books are available from: Editions Résiac, B.P.6, 53150, Montsurs, FRANCE.

Love, Jeanne