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Disasters to befall the Church, France, Europe, and the World
The below is a transcription of Yves Dupont’s presentation of the Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny of Fraudais, Brittany, France, 3rd part of “Part I,” pp 25 – 35.

The Prophecies of La Fraudais by Yves Dupont_Part  III of Part I  
The Flame of the Holy Ghost says: (May 1882) 
“Great things will take place in brilliant display which cannot be stopped.  This terrible blow has been set by the Hand of God to rise towards the middle of the end of the century, especially the years which have begun in the eighties.
“Before reaching the third of these years, all the earth will have passed through the crucible of the heavenly fire and through the trials which are the scourges of God.
“A massacre will take place during three days in the land of Naples. The Flame forms (Marie-Julie speaking) in large letters, well-shaped, this name which I can read without erring.  I see it outside the Sun, the better to understand.  It is ARCHEL DE LA TORRE.  It is repeated:  “ARCHEL DE LA TORRE.
“This is the name of the prince who will have carried out this great massacre against the religious, priest, and nuns of this region.
“At the end of the year 82, the prisoner in the Vatican shall receive, in two different ways, a fatal and inexcusable verdict from this prince.
(REMARKS: [by Dupont] This passage confirms what countless other prophecies say:  the clergy and religious orders will be mercilessly persecuted.  The Church will be destroyed.  The Pope, of that time, will die a martyr.  Thus will come to an end the “optimism” and “joy” of the Church of Vatican II! - Or, shall I say, the blindness and wishful thinking of our Pastors.  The Church still possesses the power to defeat Communism, but not through compromise and silence.  The current Vatican policy of “negotiating” with Communist States is nothing short of insanity.  No negotiations are possible with an enemy whose basic principle, creed, and ideology is Atheism.  From a pragmatic point of view, too, the facts of contemporary history since 1945 show clearly that the Communists always get the better deal out of any negotiations. 
Communism is diabolical; the Church is divine;  God does not “negotiate” with the devil.  By what abysmal aberration can the Vatican embark on such a policy!
The issue at stake is not Democracy versus Communism, for Communism is much more than just a political system, and Democracy, at any rate, always ends sooner or later in anarchy, to be followed by Totalitarianism.  It is useless, therefore, for Catholics to seek co-existence through a so-called “Christian Democracy.”  The real issue is God vs. Satan.  There can be no compromise, no co-existence, no detente.  Either the Church or Communism must perish and, of course despite the temporary Communist victory which is yet to come, it will not be the Church that will perish.
But the tragedy of it all is that the Church of today leaves it to Christ to put things right again.  This is a tragedy because Christ, when the time has come to straighten things out, will not do so without first chastising the guilty ones.  Hence the persecutions and terrible massacres that the prophecies announce.
The guilt of our Pastors is best exemplified by the Council of Vatican II, (the Council of “doublespeak”): no mention of Communism, let alone a condemnation of it, is made in the documents of Vatican II!  There is a long chapter on “THE CHURCH IN THE MODERN WORLD,” but nothing about Communism.  In other words, Communism counts for nothing in THE MODERN WORLD according to Vatican II!
In the current political set-up, as is found in every western Democracy, Political Parties play a prominent part.  Political Parties are divisive, yes!  But since we have them, we must use them to the best advantage of Christian interests (that is what St. Pius X said.)  It is, therefore, the duty of our Pastors to direct Catholics how to vote.  They do nothing of the sort!  They allowed Labor  (i.e., Socialism) to rise to power a few years ago, and they allowed the D.L.P. to become moribund.  Now, the D.L.P. (despite its obvious limitations) , was the only Party capable of injecting some Christian principles into parliamentary proceedings and legislation.  If all Catholics had voted D.L.P. as a block, this Party would have a handsome representation in Parliament, and it would hold the balance of power quite decisively, thus gaining the respect of both major Parties. 
This would have been achieved if our Pastors had constantly reminded the faithful since 1953 that it was their absolute duty to vote for the D.L.P.  If this had been done, quite possibly our Bishops would not have to bemoan today that abortion has been legalised, and divorce made easier.
But ignoring the Counsels of St. Pius X, our Pastors contented themselves with giving some vague guidelines such as “not to vote for a Party that is anti-Christian,” – leaving the evaluation of what is “anti-Christian” to the subjective impressions of each Catholic.
It is this non-committal and timorous attitude, or, shall I say, this distorted notion of personal freedom of choice taught by the Liberal Philosophers, that will trigger off, here and all over the world, the terrible persecutions that are to come.)
(A FURTHER REMARK: note also (top paragraph of page 26), that before the year 83, the earth in its entirety (not only France), will have passed through the crucible of the heavenly fire.  Whether this means 1983, or some other year, is a matter for speculation.  But it is fairly certain that the Church of Vatican II is the Church of Laodicea as described in the book of Apocalypse, that is the Church that is “neither cold nor hot,” the Church that the Lord will “vomit out of His mouth,”  until it is “refined by fire.”  I shall have the occasion to discuss this in the next issue of “World Trends.”)
Speaking in the mystical Sun, the Flame says
“Not only here do these terrible sorrows succeed in losing God and all hope, but everywhere, and including those who serve as the fathers of the faithful and who are the closest to God.
“Before the first half of the year 83 is over, distinguished and (hitherto) honourable names, shall sign articles and abase their dignity, and turn, in order to save their lives, towards the murderer and executioner of the poor martyr whose strength is ebbing at the sight of the ills befalling Rome, which will shorten even more his martyrdom.  His suffering grows more intense, and now he perceives and feels the blow against the Church, against himself, and against the land of his residence.
“You [he?] will not see the end of the persecution.  He who will replace him will not see it either.  The third will live a long time, but it will be difficult to find him amidst so many ruins.  (June 1882).
(REMARKS:  The opening “you” makes no sense in view of the “him” of the second sentence.  Perhaps this was an error of transcription: “you” instead of “he”.  If so, the sense of this passage would be in accord with the many prophecies which say that the first Pope would die a martyr;  the second Pope would live only a short time, whilst the third would reign a long time.  According to the prophecy of St. Malachy, the next Pope to come after Paul VI will have as motto “De Medietate Lunae.”  Then, the Pope called “De Labore Solis” will come, to be followed by “De Gloria Olivae” and, finally, Petrus Romanus (Peter II), the last Pope.  It cannot be taken for granted that the martyr Pope will be Paul VI, but, in my opinion, this is quite possible.  Paul VI’s motto is “Flos Florum,” (The Flower of Flowers).  Not only has this Pope a lily on his coat of arms (The Royal Flower), but martyrdom is indeed the Flower of Flowers as far as salvation is concerned.  Martyrdom automatically wipes out all past sins and errors.  Anti-Pope Hippolytus is now a Saint because he died a martyr.  Moreover, concerning the next motto in line, namely “De Medietate Lunae,” I regard it as likely that this will be the anti-pope so many prophecies announce.  St. Malachy usually designates anti-popes with mottoes containing the word “Luna.”  Again, the “half moon” or crescent is the symbol of Islamism, and we know that there will be an invasion of western Europe by Mohammedans. 
We now come to “De Labore Solis: (The Work of the Sun), a motto which can be interpreted in two different, yet congruent ways, (as is the case with “Flos Florum” and “De Medietate Lunae”).  The work of the sun refers to the solar phenomena announced by the prophecies, which will cause natural disasters and bring about the collapse of Communism.  But it is also the work of the Great Monarch, the Chosen One, who, like the sun, will cast his warm rays on a distraught human race and rekindle hope in men’s hearts.  According to this interpretation, the Pope called “De Labore Solis” will not live long, but his successor, “De Gloria Olivae” will reign until the last period before the End of Time.  Again, we have here two congruent interpretations for the meaning of this motto.  The Olive Branch is the symbol of peace:  this Pope will live during the wonderful age of peace which will follow the Great Chastisement.  But the Olive is also a Jewish symbol:  during this period many Jews, on the one hand, will be converted:  and the Jewish nation, on the other hand, will be very prosperous.  Hence, the “Glory of the Olive.”
All this falls nicely into place, but if I have learnt anything from experience, it is that logical interpretations may sometimes be quite wrong;  prophecies come from God, interpretations from man.  This logic of man is not always the logic of God.  Do not take the above as Gospel truth, therefore, but only as a possibility.) 
[FROM JEANNE:  Looking at the Prophecies of Malachy (Lignum vitae) we can now identify all the Popes, including Pope Francis, the present [and last?] pope.  When Dupont was writing, Pope Paul VI was still Pope, and those that followed were still unknown.  The following is the list as given in WIKIPEDIA of popes up to now and including their motto by Malachy:

108. Flos florum. (Flower of flowers)
Paul VI (1963–1978) Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini  (Proponents of the prophecies have attempted to link this motto to Paul VI by interpreting it as a reference to the fleurs-de-lis on his arms.)  (Some think that the very conservative Cardinal Siri was elected by both the 1958 and 1963 conclaves of cardinals and  immediately forced into submission by a change-bent group of cardinals and replaced by Cardinal Roncalli (John XXIII) in 1958 and Cardinal Montini (Paul VI) in 1963, resulting in the calling and completion of Vatian II.  Cardinal Siri never made this claim and continued in obedience to the Church and decisions of Vatican II to his death in 1989).

109.  De medietate lunæ.  (Of the half moon) 
John Paul I (33 days in 1978) Albino Luciani [Some think that he was murdered]

110.  De labore solis.  (From the labour of the sun / Of the eclipse of the sun) 
Bl. John Paul II (1978–2005) Karol Wojtyła (Proponents of the prophecies find significance in the occurrence of solar eclipses (elsewhere in the world) on the dates of John Paul II's birth (18 May 1920) and funeral (8 April 2005). Other attempts to link the pope to the motto have been "more forced," included drawing a connection to Copernicus (who formulated a comprehensive heliocentric model of the solar system), as both were Polish and lived in Kraków for parts of their lives.)

111.  Gloria oliuæ.  (Glory of the olive.) 
Benedict XVI (2005–2013) Joseph Ratzinger (Proponents of the prophecies generally try to draw a connection between Benedict and the Olivetan order to explain this motto: Benedict's choice of papal name is after Saint Benedict of Nursia, founder of the Benedictine Order, of which the Olivetans are one branch. Other explanations make reference to him as being a pope dedicated to peace and reconciliations of which the olive branch is the symbol.)

In p[er]secutione. extrema S.R.E. sedebit. (In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit.)  In the Lignum Vitae, the line "In persecutione extrema S.R.E. sedebit." forms a separate sentence and paragraph of its own. While often read as part of the "Peter the Roman" prophecy, other interpreters view it as a separate, incomplete sentence explicitly referring to additional popes between "glory of the olive" and "Peter the Roman".

112.  Petrus Romanus, qui paſcet oues in multis tribulationibus: quibus tranſactis ciuitas ſepticollis diruetur, & Iudex tremẽdus iudicabit populum ſuum. Finis. (Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e.
Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.) Francis (2013 f ) Jorge Mario Bergoglio  (Many analyses of the prophecy note that it is open to the interpretation that additional popes would come between the "glory of the olive" and Peter the Roman. Popular speculation by proponents of the prophecy attach this prediction to Benedict XVI's successor. Since Francis' election as Pope, proponents in Internet forums have been striving to link him to the prophecy. Theories include a vague connection with Francis of Assisi, whose father was named Pietro (Peter).

 I don’t think I will comment on this more than to say that God has the popes figured out and WE DO NOT!  We had better be ready for whatever comes, trusting that God cares for us, every one, and in every detail.  As He said to France through Marie Julie, “I love you so much!”  and “Pray, pray, pray; be converted and do penance.  Do not fall asleep like My disciples in the Garden of Olives, for I am Coming.”  (Circa 1930 – 1937 to Marie Julie Jahenny).  The contents of Prophecy serves as a WARNING FOR THE CARELESS and a COMFORT TO THOSE WHO IN FAITH AND HOPE AND DIVINE LOVE, DO CARE.  Jeanne ] 

In the Sun, a resounding Voice says:
“The earth will have received the great dew, or rather the immense sea of the Christian blood, mingled with the blood of many of those foreigners who came to this country to lend their support to those who destroy everything, and leave behind a most total ruin. 

“At that time, the French will no longer be unaware of their unhappiness.  They will not even regret any more their having delivered their country to the barbarian dominion...  for the greater part of the French people will no longer be.  This kingdom will have been subjected, all over its territory, to a bloody fighting that nothing can stop. 

“At that time, the world, and hell, will have consumed all their rage.  There is not much time to wait for the overthrow and fatal chastisement of France or, to be more accurate, not long to wait for the hour of the Great and worldwide Revolution.  It will begin in France;  she will be the first to fall into the abyss, but the first also to resurrect.” 

The Voice says in the  Sun:
“Not long ago, the Lord fixed the fatal and terrible chastisements at three months, (the first crisis); but He will shorten this considerably – (for the sake of the Elect?) 

“The beginning of the deadly revolutionary crisis, (says the voice) – will last four weeks, not a day less, not a day more.  But the extent of it will be very great.  The number of those who are called murderers of the people will be of an inconceivable immensity. 

“During this terrible period, the foreigners, whose purpose is filled with an uncontrollable violence, will be masters in France... 

“During the first struggle, over the whole territory of France, there will be freedom for all.  There will no longer be any prisoners locked up for crimes:  freedom will be complete.  A respite will follow this great opening, into an evil that will be total, especially in the Centre (Paris) and around.” 

(REMARKS [by Yves Dupont]:  There will be three crises.  The first crisis, as described here, seems to involve the presence of Russian Communists, yet not necessarily Russian troops:  they may be “volunteers,” and they will be called in by the French Communists themselves.  It is not certain, therefore, that there will be a foreign war at this stage.  But the Revolution will be fierce, law and order will break down completely and criminals will be released from prisons.  Hence, complete liberty for all.  It seems that the invasion of France will come during the second crisis, after the respite.) 

The Voice says:
“The second and violent crisis will begin.  France will be invaded up to the diocese where Brittany commences.  (The Voice adds:)  your diocese (Nantes). 

“The second crisis will bring everything to its highest pitch, and no one will escape unless he ‘finds a hidden refuge.’ 

“During this second period, the men in power, after having delivered the kingdom (i.e. the country) to bloodshed, will meet in a peaceful place and formulate definite and decisive projects.  They will look for a saviour in order to place him on the throne of France.”  

(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  It seems incredible, at first, that those wicked men in power should wish to restore monarchy in France, but the pressure of events must be taken into account;  things like this do happen:  in 1940, the Masonic government of France duly appointed Marshall Petain with full powers,  even though Petain was a Catholic, anti-revolutionary, anti republican, and an anti-Democrat.) 

“Many of the great commanders of the kingdom will retire to a corner of the French land that had been stolen... (The Voice says:) Alsace and Lorraine.  Thus  retired in secret, they will prepare their king, he who is against the designs of Providence.  They will actually decide – and nothing will be able to cause them to change their minds – to let the guilty one ascend a throne that will never belong to him.” 

(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  The guilty one is the heir of the Orléans Branch whose Head voted the death of  King Louis XVI during the Revolution of 1789.  For this reason, this Branch is discredited forever.  It is also possible that the heir himself is guilty of some offence of which we are not yet aware such as, for instance, being a Mason like his ancestor.) 

The second period will last more than a month.  It will stretch, without respite or breathing spell, up to the 37th or 45th day.  This period will complete everything.  Nothing will be spared but what God has promised to protect ; the places named in His words and preserved by His gratuitous mercy. 

As the persecutions spread all over France, they will be abetted from the neighbouring countries by those who resemble those who will deliver everything to fire and bloodshed in France.  (The Communists). 

“Concerning the duration of the third crisis, the Voice says that it is not in this passage of the Sun.” 

(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  The third crisis will be crowned by the return of the true King, the chosen one, whose fight will probably last seven months.  But more about this later.) 

The three crises will take place during two periods.  

“The first period,” so the Lord says, “is the spreading of evil over the Eldest Daughter of the Church [France].  The second period, of the invasion of the Church and the beginning of a terrible fight in the Eternal City.  This fighting in the Eternal city will last five months without any worsening of the consequences of it, which will be sad even unto death.”  

(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  It is likely that the second period and the terrible fighting in Rome will coincide with the Mohammedan invasion.  The sense of the last sentence is this:  the fighting will last 5 months but, terrible though it will be, it will also be indecisive, and the end will be no worse than the beginning.  As I said earlier, some passages would be much clearer if they were expressed in a different way, but I am adhering to the French phraseology as much as possible.) 

(The Arabs would have no chance to invade Europe  if Europe had not been first brought to its knees by civil war and revolution.) 

The Cherubim opens a golden book whose rays cast their beams upon the earth.  I read: (Jan. 1882). 
“My Divine Will will cast its brilliance upon the world.  This brilliance is My Appeal that everyone may come to seek refuge in the gaping wound of My Heart...” 

(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  This seems to be the Warning.) [END NOTE: by Dupont:  It is not clear whether the Warning will come before the man-made holocaust (war, revolution, massacres), or before the Act of God to destroy Communism, - which should be 3 years later.] 

“My Divine Will is that, within a short time the Roman Church should know the form of her sepulchre, a grave of silence and abandon. 

“Faithful friends, be ready to attend the funeral of France.  Be ready to attend the funeral of the Church, the funeral of Calvary.” 

(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  Other prophecies, which I quoted in my book “Catholic Prophecy”
and other writings, make the same point:  the Church will be completely destroyed, and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will cease (i.e., “The funeral of Calvary”). 

“Be ready to attend the funeral of him who is the mainstay of  the whole Church, of him who possess in his power all the lights thanks to his authority as the Holy Father. 

“My People, I am only waring you:  the Apostle of the Church will take the route of exile, harassed by hatred and revengefulness of those who have put to death the kingdom of France.  They will dip their hands in the blood of the victims who immolate Me every morning. 

[REMARKS: BY DUPONT]  (By implication, this seems to mean that the New Mass is valid despite its ambiguousness.) 

“Blessed are those who will have enough faith and courage to die rather than lose their baptism.”


These prophecies are excerpts from three French books :
1.  “Le Ciel en Colloque avec Marie-Julie Jahenny”  December 1973 

2.  “Marie-Julie Jahenny, la Stigmatisée de Blain”  (September 1974) 

3.  “Les Prophéties de La Fraudais” (November 1974)
The prophecies were compiled by Fr. P. Roberdel.  The three books are available from:  Editions Résiac, B.P.6, 53150, Montsurs, FRANCE.
I have transcribed the text of Yves Dupont's magazine "World Trends" #47 because I cannot find it anywhere besides my own copy which I have had several years.  I present the entire text "for your discernment."  As with all Catholic or other Prophecy, we have to judge for ourselves whether or not to take it for exact truth.  But you cannot do that if the text is not available.   So, here it is, as exactly as I could copy it.   Pray over it!  Any text in brackets [like this] was added by me to add clarity.

There are two more editions of Dupont's "World Trends" which I intend to transcribe as soon as possible.  Jeanne
Love, Jeanne