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Disasters to befall the Church, France, Europe, and the World 

Below is a transcription of Yves Dupont’s presentation of the Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny of Fraudais, Brittany, France, “Part III,” pp 20 - 35. 

The Prophecies of La Fraudais by Yves Dupont_Part  II of Part III

...CONCERNING BRITTANY:  Messages of Our Lord through St. Raphael, the Archangel
“Brittany!  You have been faithful to Me...  You were not afraid to say: ‘I am Christian; I shall adhere to my faith even to the last drop of my blood if need be!
“Brittany!  You have been marked with three secrets which I gave to My Immaculate Mother;  be ready to receive them.  You will rise like a powerful army as soon as the unclean feet of the impious come to desecrate your faith.  You will be strong enough to protect your boundaries.”
(REMARKS:  [by Dupont]  Brittany already rose during the French Revolution to defend the Church and the King.  But the Breton peasants were poorly equipped.  However, they scored a few victories before being defeated by the ‘infernal columns’ of the Revolution.  No less than 6,000 Bretons died from wounds, starvation and disease on their trek back home.)
“Brittany! It is you whom I have chosen.  You are, so to speak, predestined.  You alone will uphold the faith.  You will support yourself unaided.  You will be, as it were, protected by an iron grating:  no one will be able to cross over your boundaries.
“Brittany!  It is you who will show bravery when the appeal from the King will be heard.  You will march like a victorious army to meet him whom I have miraculously given to save her who is perishing from shame (i.e. France).
“Brittany!  The alliance which I have made with you is still unknown.  Soon I shall reveal it.  I am the Voice of Truth and Life.
“Before the King who is chosen and destined by God may return, all those who are currently (in power) must be wiped out.
“I contemplate the Heart of France which is held in the middle by red fetters.
“I see unknown and hideous men rushing forward with fury, full of a terrible revenge.  ‘For a long time,’ they exclaim, ‘we were subjected to France.  They want to crown her with lillies, but we will give her a red ribbon as a diadem.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont] This could aptly apply to North Africa, and Algeria in particular which is already “red.”  By that time the King of Morocco will have been killed (so other prophecies say) and Morocco, under the domination of Algeria, may join in the fray.  For some time now, Morocco and Algeria have been at loggerheads.  Marie-Julie calls them “unknown and hideous men” because they do not look like Europeans.)
At this moment, the Blessed Virgin arises and shows the Crown of Lillies to these furious people:
“Here,” she says, “is the Crown which has been reserved for France.  He who will possess it will not appear in France, his cradle, when the terrible fighting starts, but half-way through these momentsous events.  A Voice from Heaven shall summon the Saviour of France.  He will go through these terrible weapons unscathed, and he will be crowned even before the end of the fighting.
“As soon as we have shot down the one who is reigning,” the furious people say, “as soon as we are victorious, we shall turn against our own brethren who have not kept the faith.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  This may refer to the large number of Algerians who sought asylum in France after fighting with the French against the Revolution in Algeria.  This was in the 60’s when France, under General de Gaulle, finally give up Algeria.  Many more of these ‘harkis’ – (this was the name given to the pro-French Algerians) who could not find accommodation in the departing French ships, were left behind, and constrated or killed by their own brethren.)
The First Appeal of France to Heaven: 
“Why should I have fallen into these barbarous hands?  Who can possibly help me out of my plight if Heaven does not come to my assistance?”
(REMARKS:  [by Dupont]  There will be at least two different crises in France.  Marie-Julie goes on to describe a tall, thin man, with grey hair and large eyes with a ferocious look in them.  He was a member of the previous government, and is now in sole charge.  He wants to wipe out religion.  But France has now come back to God and she answers this man:
“I respect God;  I respect His Temple;  I respect all French Christians.”
REMARK:  There are now two contending factions in France, and France says:
“Yes, I did join this secret society (i.e. Freemasonry), and I cannot free myself.  But there are still some faithful Christians who extend to me their helping hands in this trial of mine.  I do not want to lose those good ones:  I now abjure with all my heart and in the presence of God and the Blessed Virgin, and I renounce this fatal Society which has dragged me into the abyss.”
(REMARKS:  [by Dupont]  Marie-Julie now relates how France, with great difficulty, gets to her feet again in spite of the “tall, then man.”  But another man comes up and the “red fetters” grow even redder.  This man is short, but sturdily built.  His hair recedes back from his forehead, but his hair is not grey like that of the “tall, then man.”  He has a pointed beard and a ruddy complexion.  His eyes are so large that they seem to pop out.  He Looks ferocious.  He speaks to France and tells her how he will uproot all religion.  Then, looking towards the place where the sun shines at 10 a.m. (i.e. Rome), he says:
“Why!  You who wait for help from the French in your prison you are greatly mistaken if you think to recover your possessions.
“Oh!  If I could only enter this city with my followers, I would all dance as at a great feast.”
Marie-Julie implores:  (December 1877)
“O, my good Mother, let me leave this place (the place she was brought to in her ecstasy).  Those ugly men frighten me.”
“Listen, my child,”  the Blessed Virgin says, “It is very necessary, not for you, but for my two servants, that these things be known...”
A Warning to the Whole World (from the Blessed Virgin)
“My children, yet a little time, and the Tree of Salvation, the Cross, will no longer be seen on earth.  Already, some men who have desecrated and offended my Divine Son are plotting and making fatal and deadly plans against this Adorable Cross.
“The world is destined to receive the most terrible heavenly curse.  Soon the Adorable Cross will receive only outrages and blasphemies, especially in several of those great cities  of which my Son and myself have so often spoken with great anguish and with Our Hearts torn. 
“My children, the world will not enjure these indignities for very long.  Before the Great Sorrow reaches the earth, the evil which has already started, but has yet to come to pass, will spread very rapidly.” 
(REMARKS:  [by Dupont]  The “Great Sorrow” is the Act of God, or natural disasters which will follow the victory of Communism.  I have mentioned this fairly often already, but it seems opportune to stress it every time a particular passage refers to it.  Indeed, there is no doublt at all that God Himself will destroy Communism, and it is the Cosmic Miracle, and not the preceding war and revolution, that will wipe out three-quarters of the human race.  However, even before the Cosmic Miracle, there will be much flooding and severe droughts which will cause which will cause widespread famine.  No one knows how he or she will be able to cope with such terrible things, but one should not be unduly frightened at this stage:  the mercy of God is infinite; the faithful will be helped; no one will suffer more than he can bear, and many will be protected.  Those who die in the faith, will enjoy the Beatific Vision forever.  Our life on this earth is, after all but a preparation for the Hereafter.
I have mentioned earlier that the war will last about four years:  that is what many prophecies say.  However, Marie-Julie says that Our Lord told her that the war would last a little under 5 years, or perhaps a little more, but not much.  Our Llady is also reported as saying that three-quarters of the faithful Catholics will survive the war.  This confirms what I have just said:  many will be protected even though three-quarters of the human race will perish.
One hears much about ‘Freedom’ and ‘liberation’ these days.  Our Lady announces that freedom will be complete at the beginning:  all criminals will be released from their jails, and everyone will do as he/she pleases.  Law and order will break down completely.  But this will not last:  the iron grip of Communism will soon be felt, and from total freedom people will experience total enslavement.  Does this mean that Communism will have first to contend with the prevailing anarchy?  Not at all!  It simply means that those who were responsible for the prevailing anarchy will impose their will on the rest of the population, take over the Government, and set up a Communist dictatorship.)
“Within a very short time”,  the Holy Ghost says, this evil freedom will spread over the whole world and everyone will shake and shudder to death. 
“Pray!  Yet another effort!  This effort will not stop the great decision.  If this has not hyet come to pass, you must thank the Lord for it, not those wretched men (who are in power).  Your efforts and your prayers will appease the justice of God;  they will prevent His justice from bearing heavily on the righteous ones;  they will be spared through the fighting of the civil war.”
The Persecutions.
As mentioned earlier, Marie-Julie, like many other privileged souls, had a ‘Sun’ in which she saw future events through the power of the Holy Ghost.
“The Church will be deprived of her supreme chief who is now governing her.  For a fairly long time the Church will be deprived of prayer and offices.  She will be exiled by God and from His chosen ones...  The footmarks of the Holy Pontiff, on the steps of the Altar, will be reduced to ashes and dust by the fire of Hell...  In deep mourning the Church will no longer hear the ringing of her bells.  From the eyes of the Church I see tears of distress flowing down.  She will be delivered up to every scandal, to every profanation.  In some of her temples, infernal decisions will be made as if they (the churches or temples)  were ordinary houses where the Lord can be insulted.
“I see that the enemies of the Church...  want to take out Saints Peter and Paul from all the sanctuaries where they are venerated.  They also want to remove all the crucifixes and all the statues of the Saints, and to throw them away in unholy places, or break them up in the most heinous manner.”
(REMARKS: [by Dupont]  This has already come to pass, partly at least.  Even in Australia, crucifixes and statues could be bought from second-hand dealers a few years ago.  As for Saints Peter and Paul, their names have already been deleted in the new Credo and in the ‘Libera nos.’ 
This is only the first stage: the Enemy, who is within the Church, will do far worse things. 
Let us make no mistake about it, what is happening in the Church today is more than just a series of Modernist Aberrations.  I say “just” because Modernism, which St. Pius X rightly defined as the “synthesis of all heresies,” has been dwarfed by the magnitude and viciousness of the conspiracy which is now conducted from within.  All the forces of Evil have converged to the Vatican:  Freemasonry, Judaism, Communism.  This is not a gratuitous assertion:  it is a statement supported by incontrovertible evidence.  Some cardinals are Masons, and some are Communists, - and they occupy the highest positions in the Vatican.  As for bishops and priests who have sepoused the Communist ideology, their number is so large that no approximate figure can be given.  This was predicted in many prophecies, not excluding those of Marie-Julie: 
“When I see the enemies come forward with their seductive promises to many of those who belong to the priesthood, and when I see these souls fall into the depths of the abyss, then I say:  ‘I am surprised, as the Mother of God Almighty, that My Son does not bring down immediately the whole heavens upon the earth to punish with the blows of His wrath His own children who insult and offend Him.’”
Our Lord now says:
“O My children, My temples and My altars will be desecrated;  My crucifixes trodden underfoot by apostates;  all My Saints will be thrown to the ground...
“O My children, what is most painful and most heart-rending to Me, is the fact that many of My servants and apostles will not have enough courage to keep the Faith and the dignity of their station...”
(REMARKS:  [by Dupont]  This has already come to pass but it will get worse.  It is common now for Bishops and priests to be called by their Christian names.)
“You will see some of them, although not you persanally, take up arms after losing their dignity.  They will mingle with the Impious, and they will be the first to desecrate My Holy Temple.”
(REMARKS:  [by Dupont]  My regular readers are well aware of what is coming:  they know of the general apostasy, the persecutions, the revolutionary priests, the collapse of the Church and other calamitous events.  But think of the millions of Catholics who do not know!  Think of the thousands of priests who do not know!  Think of our Bishops who live in the illusion of the current ‘renewal!’  They are all blissfully unaware that a terrible chastisement is about to fall upon the world.  What can we do?  One feels overwhelmed by a sense of utter powerlessness.
To be sure, we must not entertain for a moment the illusion that WE could save the Church,  - even if more Catholics were aware of what is coming; the salvation of the Church will be the work of God alone.  But there is something we can do, something which we should all regard as our duty:  to spread the word, warn as many people as possible, get them prepared, and help save those souls currently endangered by the reforms of Vatican II.
And since I have just mentioned the Vatican II Council, a further question arises:  how can one reject an ecumenic Council without, bu that very fact, becoming a schismatic?  The answer to this question presents no problem:  Vatican II was essentially a pastoral Council;  this was reasserted several times by both Pope John and Pope Paul.  To the best of my knowledge, it was the only non-doctrinal Council in the shole history of the Church.  For this reason its decisions are not binding.  But, although it was officially described as non-doctrinal , it contains, in fact, many doctrinal deviations, and it has been cunningly used to inject heresy into the Church.  This is an additional reason that justifies our refusal.  Certainly, the Conciliar Fathers did not follow the inspiration from the Holy Ghost:  their own free will said “non-serviam.”  But’ the Holy Ghost was still at work to protect the Church:  bby inspiring Pope John and Pope Paul to declare it as ‘non-doctrinal’,  this Council cannot commit the Church doctrinally.  Thus, it will never be said that one of the Catholic Church’s Councils taught heresy, for this Council was deprived of its suthority to teach by the very declarations of the two popes.)
The Holy Ghost says:
“All those whose faith in God will grow lukewarm and who will follow other Movements that are far remote from the Faith and not pleasing to God, that is, Movements of our modern times, all those will receive great and terrible tribulations from the just and perfect Divine Freedom. 
“The wath of Heaven will pursue those who left the faith in order to follow the Movements of our modern times.”
(REMARKS:  (by Dupont)  What are these “Movements of Modern times?”  Undoubtedly, all political parties for a start, even those who call themselves “Christian Democrats,” for Christian Delmocracy was condemned in no uncertain terms by Leo XIII and St. Pius X.  Then, the legions of “liberation” movements which are proliferating all over the world.)
Marie-Julie says:
I would rather go to prison than say everything I know about priests;  I would rather be dragged by the neck than reveal these things.”
(REMARKS:  [by Dupont]  The respect that Marie-Julie had for priests was such that she could not in conscience repeat the warning of St. Michael concerning the treasons and sacrileges which are now common at the foot of the Altars.  The guilt of these priests, admittedly, is not for us to judge:  many young priests are now exercising thwir ministry according to the norms of their Vatican II training;  “They know not what they do.”  The older priests, who were trained before Vatican II, however, have only one excuse:  their own cowardice.)
“Our Lord says that the weakness of the priest is great, and that hardly will the fatal hour have struck than a large number (of priests) will be in the forefront of the Godless to distort and desecrate His Name.”
(REMARKS:  [by Dupont]  Marie-Julie gives many such messages from Heaven.  Being French, she mentions France in particular, but she also mentions Belgium and other countries.  Does this allow us, here, in Australia to be complacent?  Let us not forget that the subversion comes mainly from France, and that the novelties that have been introduced into Australian churches, have come from France via Rome.  Communion in the hand is a case in point.  So, also the other horrible things which Marie-Julie mentions, will come to pass in our own country.
She says that “those who govern the Flock,” will be responsible for the coming crisis.  Apparently, Communism would not have triumphed if the Church had remained faithful.  She mentions the growing freedom enjoyed by priests and bishops and how badly they will use it.  She mentions a pope who, at the last moment, will reverse his policies and make a solemn appeal to the Clergy.  But he will not be obeyed;  on the contrary, an Assembly of bishops will demand even greater freedom, declaring that they will not longer obey the Pope.  Marie-Julie then goes on to say that the RED REVOLUTION will then break out.  She speaks of a “horrible religion” which is to replace the Catholic Faith, and she sees “many, many bishops” embracing this “sacrilegious, infamous religion.”  She relates many more events which would fill a whole book:  civil wars and revolutions everywhere.  A dictatorship in Italy which will last about a year, to be followed by another dictatorship which will see the rise of an Asian leader (probably Moslem).  He will rule in Rome for about 18 months, and he will destroy all the churches.  She gives dates but does not say what century.  Thus, she indicates 80, 81, 82, 83.  Are these dates reliable?  Only the future will tell.  And if they are reliable, will it be 1980 or 2080?  I leave it to every reader to draw his own conclusions in the light of what has been said elasewhere in this booklet.
All prophecies are conditional.  However, concerning the Great Chastisement, both Our Lard and Our Lady have said that it is now “to late” and that it must come to pass.  But Our Lord and Our Lady have added that the chastisements can be mitigated and postponed (or delayed) by prayer and penance.  It follows from this that, whilst and Great Chastisement is now a certainty, the date of its occurrence is still conditional.)  

Love, Jeanne